Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 101

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Chapter 101

“At that time, I was very young so although I’ve heard about it, I had never really cared about it. That’s why I don’t really know much of the details.”

Dibei Chen sighed slightly, “I’ll send some people to search for news about what happened.”

Baili Hongzhuang nodded a little, not refusing Dibei Chen’s help.

“Thank you.”

Right now, she didn’t have enough strength to even touch that level. If Dibei Chen helped, then she could learn a lot more.

But Dibei Chen’s heart was actually very heavy.

If that was really Baili Hongzhuang’s identity, than wouldn’t she become the entire Lan Family’s enemy?

Although he and Baili Hongzhuang haven’t known each other for long, he was very clear about her temper. Once Baili Hongzhuang confirms the face, she’ll definitely choose to take revenge!

By that time, he could only fear something tragic waiting to happen.

The night passed without any more words.

Baili Hongzhuang was immersed in the information about the Lan Family’s jade pendant. Although she wasn’t completely certain about the news, after hearing what happened in the Lan Family, there was a small premonition in her heart. This was her origins!

She believed that Lan Yunxiao would never turn his back on the Lan Family for no reason whatsoever. Something must’ve happened that he couldn’t bear patiently, making him choose to take his wife and daughter to leave the Lan Family.

Originally, she had thought that her parents were ordinary people. Even if they were being chased, there was still a chance of survival if they were lucky.

Now she knew her parents were being chased by the Lan Family. With how powerful the Lan Family was, once they went all-out, the possibility of them living is…… close to none.

Even though she wasn’t clear what happened so long ago, she could clearly imagine just how tragic it was.

Dibei Chen also had a sleepless night. The shock of finding Baili Hongzhuang’s undeniable identity was simply too great.

The surprise he had gotten when she told him he wasn’t Baili Zhentao’s biological daughter was nothing compared to the shock he felt from her actually being a Lan Family daughter. The reason couldn’t be simple.

They got up early the next morning. Today, they needed to enter the royal palace to thank the Emperor and Empress’s grace.

Meanwhile, news about Prince Chen’s marriage was circulated in the streets and Baili Zhentao’s bout of anger made everyone sigh with emotion.

“So it was General Baili who chose to cut off all father-daughter ties to Princess Chen first, no wonder Baili Hongzhuang had married from Qinzhuang Garden.”

“I’m afraid that General Baili’s intestines are probably turning green from regret right now. He probably never thought that Princess Chen would be so amazing.”

“In comparison, Baili Yuyan simply can’t even be compared to Princess Chen. What outstanding cultivational talent? She’s just running a scam!”

The General’s Household became the juiciest gossip in the Imperial City. From the start, many people were concerned for Baili Hongzhuang’s existence in the General’s Household. Now that the Baili Hongzhuang’s so powerful, the General’s Household naturally became the centre of attention.

“I heard my young master say that Princess Chen’s beauty was fully worthy of being the most beautiful woman in the Imperial City. When Prince Chen was married yesterday, my family’s young master got to attend the ceremony!”

“Right, I also heard that Princess Chen was actually even more beautiful than the Prime Minister’s daughter, Li Yuyue.”

“It’s reasonable to call Princess Chen the most beautiful woman in the Imperial City!”


By the time Baili Hongzhuang returned from the royal palace, the title of ‘most beautiful lady of the Imperial City’ was already pinned to her body. But Baili Hongzhuang only wanted to sleep.

“I’ll return to my room to rest.”

Baili Hongzhuang didn’t get a wink of sleep with Dibei Chen. From yesterday until now, she was more tired than she’d be after fighting a troop of people.

“Wifey, I also want to go back to the room and rest.” Dibei Chen smiled brilliantly.

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