Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 3.1

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Chen Li ran and ran down the street, reaching the same one where she was peddled. Then, she looked back carefully for Xing Yun before sighing. That man is far too mysterious; knowing her identity and power, yet not having the slightest fear of her… She’s heavily injured, not to mention that the Demon Emperors pursuers are still chasing after her as well, with no sprit power to defend herself with and so on….

Wait…heavily injured? Chen Li raised her wings, confused. Clearly, yesterday she could hardly do anything with them, yet now it takes almost no effort for them to support her escape, even making her faster!
Think carefully, Chen Li! Waking up yesterday, she had also realized that her bodily self-recovery was extremely fast… That means…. Could Xing Yun have done something to her? What problems… could it be due to the food? Remembering the other day’s delicious mantou and very fragrant risotto, Chen Li started salivating before swallowing strongly.

“Oh? Why what a weird chicken!” From behind her, sounded a hoarse voice. “Don’t go any further down the street, come with me and let me make a delicious meal out of you!’

Chen Li quickly turned around, only to see a man who was reaching out to grab her by the wings. However, with so many similar experiences, how could Chen Li let him? She immediately twisted her neck and pecked him viciously on the outstretched hand! The immensely large man cursed angrily. “Just wait and see if I don’t dare to break your neck when I catch you!!”

Chen Li swiftly ran away to the street stalls, weaving in between them as the largely statured man chased her, which in his anger, knocked down many street stalls. Suddenly, Chen Li was forced to stop to a halt, a large piece of food blocking her way to escape. Within that moment, her neck was suddenly grabbed as her body lifted into the air. “Knock it off! Calm down, the chicken is here.” A different peddler carried Chen Li as he walked away from the crowd.

Seeing the situation, Chen Li held her breath, lifted up her claws(/paws) and pulled it down roughly on the man’s skin, leaving 3 long, bloody scratches on the man’s arm. He shouted in pain, “My god, what a crazy chicken!” Before letting Chen Li go, leaving her to fall roughly to the floor, and rolled before running like an arrow until she was sure no one was chasing her, did she come to a halt and stumbled onto
the floor, gasping for breath.

What t0 do, being a chicken is really not easy!

As she was thinking of these difficulties, the courtyard door suddenly opened with a loud squeak, slamming against the walls as a mixture of sand, sludge, and rotting leaves fell on Chen Li.

“Ai, today the streets were really crazy.”

A women’s voice sounded as a muddy leaf slid off Chen Li’s head, landing on the floor with a “pata” noise. Chen Li was stunned as anger gathered to erupt, turning her head slightly to glare at the young women.

Those things…. Unknown filthy things, pouring down her body…

Really… Really so presumptuous!

When her eyes met the young lady’s, Chen Li realized the height difference, suddenly remembering that she was still only a chicken, and not the powerful, godly being she once was. Combined with the past few days of experience, Chen Li could only hang her head in bad sprits. During her self-pity, the women picked her up, “Ah! Whose chicken is this, letting it run around when it’s already been plucked?”
Chen Li struggled desperately, her legs kicking out wildly, when she was surprised to see a man come out of the house.

“It’s no neighbor’s chicken, I do not know where it comes from. Today, I worked hard with many jobs, why not make a delicious stew with it?”

[Stew your uncle!!] Chen Li was very angry, wanting to scold loudly, [You see a chicken, you want to eat it! Chickens are lives too, how could you all not care a single bit, ah!]

The man walked to the exit, the women sending him to the door. He grabbed the woman’s hand before touching her head gently. “Today, lady has worked hard.”

The women blushed crimson, her hand loosening. Not wasting this opportunity, Chen Li bit her, causing the women to gasp in pain. Freeing herself, she fell heavily to the ground before fleeing away desperately, leaving the couple to do their own things.

Chen Li didn’t stop running until it had already become noon. Since she fell into the mortal world, she had met at least 10 people who wanted to eat her! Far too tired and hungry, she fell butt first into the river, swallowing 2 gulps of water in the process. She looked quietly upon the cloudy sky, looking like it was going to rain and sighed.
“Why it seems you wish to play me to death…” A sense of desolation and loneliness spread from her….

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  1. Fundle says:

    A slow chicken is a slow roasted chicken.

    You have a typo in the sentence What t0 do being a chicken is not easy! t0->to.

    If you want an editor I wouldn’t mind helping out for a while. I’ve beta read and edited before.

    • Kittykiki says:

      Thanks for the help! If you want to discuss further details, do you mind contacting me through the “Contact Us” page? That way I can get back to you privately

  2. Dayong says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
    I Think she should return to the xing yun’s place

  3. midori says:

    -puts hand to face- chen li. hm, wonder if she will ever remember that she is not the great person she once was? even if she wants to be strong, she isn’t. tsk tsk, always needing rescue. well, it’s good that she’s beem escaping by herself by pecking people!

  4. Candied Skull says:

    “What a crazy chicken!”
    Not crazy, desperate. She should just stick with the guy til she recovers a bit more.

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