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28 Responses to Ziru’s Musings

  1. Nia says:

    I love you, Translator-san!

  2. Mahashiro :P says:

    Oh my god, the cave of obsinety is so dreadfully good! I really hope that you will do more on it, and wondering if you have a set posting schedule I could know about? But really, good job! I’ve read two of your translations so far it seems and I really can’t think of anything other than extremely tiny errors to complain about.

    • Ziru says:

      Mmm, please definitely complain about my ‘tiny errors’! I’d really love to fix any and all that exist haha.

      My release schedule for ICO is somewhat sporadic, which is why I don’t accept donations for it. I picked up the series as a change of pace—something to translate when I want something different. ^^

      If you’re interested in my posting schedule, make sure to check out my weekly schedules that are now being linked to in each release’s announcement post!

  3. Akumatsu says:

    Thank you for translating dragon bloodline and cave of obscenity very good translations and good stories I hope you continue to translate. I also hope you will eventually have a regulat scheduled release for both translations thank you for translating them once again.

  4. mike says:

    thank you for translating the lazy dungeon master

  5. “I love you” once a day!

  6. NeoUsui says:

    I love you!

  7. CarlecBen says:

    I love you, thanks for all your translations, especially Lazy Dungeon Master

  8. Legil says:

    I love you !

  9. vince says:

    Love your translations! Lazy Dungeon Master in particular.

    • Ziru says:

      Thanks for reading! Please continue commenting, it means a lot to me and helps fuel my desire to continue translating!

  10. NeoUsui says:

    I love you~! I need Moaar of LDMs~~!

  11. NZPIEFACE says:

    I love you, no homo.

    It’s on the side, cmon man.

  12. Whisper says:

    i love you! if i reincarnate as certain elf girl receptionist in another world, i would confess xD

  13. Watny Abellard says:

    Hello Ziru I see that you read Dungeon Defense, What volume and chapter does the Prologue takes place?

    • Watny Abellard says:

      What I meant in the Prologue after he sentence Christiane to be killed, the author never went back to her thoughts. I never what she was thinking after his sentence. I wonder if there was a chapter that went into more detail then that Prologue

  14. Schrodingers Cat says:

    love you Ziru <3 keep up the good work 😀

  15. Maya says:

    love you bb <3

  16. Andy says:

    I love you! Looking forward to some more LDM!

  17. Anonymous says:

    You got any other genderbent lightnovel that are good to read?

  18. Sonsuka says:

    You got any good genderbent light novels to recommend?

  19. Sonsuka says:

    Is Obscene Cave dead?

  20. Lazy reader says:

    need to either fix chapter 25 or 35
    in chapter 25 u say 100 Dp is worth 1 gold
    then in 35 you say 100 Dp is worth 1 sliver
    lazy Dungeon master

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