World Record Chapter 83

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83. Fate

Iwato realized their presences after calming down.

「……Nn? Why are they gathered at one place?」

Before his eyes is the figures of his acquaintance bringing out an indescribable atmosphere inside the bush, and while he’s looking at their figures, Iwato opened his eyes wide.

「……Oi oi, I know that it’s a state of emergency due to the wall being pierced, but……Tsumu fully equipped? Or rather, that Nakajima-sensei’s appearance…… As if–」

Iwato tries to say the words after that–


「As if 3 years ago? King of Black Coffin(Black Pandora)」


The next moment, by the voice that suddenly resounded, Iwato took a battle stance after a long time.
Following that, the space in the air in front of Iwato cracks, and Iwato raised his voice to the girls after seeing that.

「Oi! Escape or come her? Pick either one! Otherwise, you’ll die!」

The girls realized that the current situation is kind of 『bad』 upon seeing his cornered look, and among them, Tsumugu and Teshikaga sensed the danger first.

「T-This is bad…… Number Three!」
「Ah! Looks like it’s impossible to escape……!」

He says that and holds his hands out behind, and uses his superpower without hesitation.
At the same time as that, Tsumugu pulls Karen and Ayame by the hand and runs towards Iwato. Tomomi, Tsukie and Manabu who grasped the current situation at this point, carry Teshikaga and run towards Iwato.

「……Oh my! Just when I saw someone hiding……aren’t you the boy who’s defeated by Gaius?」
「You again! Shitty drag queen!」

The one who came out from the range-focused『Instant Death Declaration』 is the disgusting Heartbroken King Makao.

「Oh my! Looks like you will regret over the past. ……Especially, you and you……and you」

Saying that, the one that appeared is the Unknown that rewind Tomomi and Manabu’s time–Regret King Reload.
He pointed his fingers at Tsukie, Tsumugu and Iwato in order, and grinned in satisfaction.

『Ku, kukuku…… Don’t tell me that you thought you killed me with just that?』

Such voice can be heard, and Karen, Ayame and Tsukie opened her eyes wide.
When they looked at the direction, there’s a red gem floating in the air. After the rubbles gathered at it, a golem bigger than its previous size appeared.
Machine King Goleem. His superpower is 『Core Life』. Just before he was pierced by the sword possessed by Akki Rasetsu, the red core left the body and used the rubbles of buildings in the surroundings to form a bigger and brutal body that before.
His Battle Rank has already surpassed the Divine Beast class.

「Uofu…… 2 Divine Beast class, and a high ranked Sacred Beast class…… There’s something more worse than those」

Iwato said that, and cold sweat starts to drip after a long time.
Iwato guessed that if it’s Tsumugu, she can barely defeat that drag queen.
Next is the high ranked Sacred Beast class–that Unknown with clocks buried in it. I can imagined that this is the Unknown that rewind Nakajima-sensei’s body time. That guy can probably be handled by the Number Three, Teshikaga, Tomomi with 『Mumei』, Tsukie and the rest.

「It’s been a long time, King of Black Coffin. No matter how far you stay from the front line, you can never conceal that intimidating air overflowing from your body」

The crack on the air starts to get bigger, and after a few seconds, there’s an 『opening』 big enough for a person to enter.

「……I have no idea what you’re talking about」
「Fu, as expected. There’s no way that the murderer who killed that much of my brethren would remember the person he failed to kill」

Just like that, the one who appeared from the opening is–a familiar Unknown to Iwato.
The white hair that one would be dazzled, and the sharp golden eyes like a cat peeping through the opening.
Upon seeing that figure, Iwato starts to feel flustered, and said this to Tsumugu who reached his back.

「Tsumugu, this time might be a little bad…… I’ll somehow take care of the golem and the white hair, so I want you to defeat the remaining two……and run away」

First time seeing such Iwato.
He shown a pathetic look to his sister. While thinking such thing, Iwato said this to the white hair.

「Of course I remember. Prison King Diable…… That annoying reflection ability Unknown, isn’t it?」

Upon hearing that, he–Prison King Diable, grinned.




A few years ago.
Iwato got a sister, and a certain day after a year.
Today, although Iwato wants to create more shampoo, he doesn’t want to use much money on it, so he head outside the wall to search for some good materials.
Usually, Iwato beats up the Unknowns in the surroundings, and search for the materials with blood dyed hands, but apparently, the Unknowns in this town’s vicinity, they would run if they saw him. Nowadays, despite being outside of the wall, he always return without fighting an Unknown even once.
Such day–a humanoid Unknown appeared in front of Iwato.

「My name is Prison King Diable. You……You are the rumored King of Black Coffin, huh?」
「Ah? I’ll erase you」

Of course, Iwato denied it.
Iwato who hated the name 『King of Black Coffin』 very much since that day, was called that name and it flipped his switch.
Although he would eluded the topic when someone calls him that now, for the 14-year-old Iwato, controlling his own feelings was a little hard.
That’s why, he punched the man that grinned broadly–when he noticed it, his body was blown away to the back.


The pain that runs through his body for the first time in a while.
When he looked at his right hand, it’s reddish as if it received someone’s fist directly. With just the impact, Iwato managed to guess the man’s superpower.

「I see……reflect the opponent’s attack. Such ability, huh……」
「That’s very perceptive of you. As expected of King of Black Coffin. Our brethren’s murderer」

By those words, Iwato clenched his teeth.
Murderer–the man, Prison King Diable who called him that when he’s on his most delicate period, stepped on the sleeping lion’s tail.

「Yosh, I have decided to erase you」

The next moment, Iwato’s figure disappeared, and immediately after that, Diable felt a light impact at the back of his head.


It shouldn’t have worked originally.
Although the impact is a light one, it’s still the first time he received an impact.
When he turned around, Iwato was buried in the wall at the far side, and such Iwato frowned in frustration.

「Even a complete surprise attack won’t work…… Even if I hit him hard, it’s only a light knock…… What an annoying ability」

The next moment, Iwato’s figure disappeared and by the time Diable realized, he was thrown down to the ground.

「But, it’s not like there’s no way to deal with it」

A dull pain ran throughout his body, and Iwato who said such words, looked down at him.

「Do you know this, Prison King Diable. No matter how good your ability is, the guy who stay proud and don’t train his own body, is just an idiot」

Iwato who said that, swung down his fist without hesitating.

–He should have.

「……If I’m not mistaken, at that time, the air suddenly cracked and you ran away. Isn’t it, reflect guy?」
「Correct. Even though things may appear this way, I’m that person’s favorite. Though I feel ashamed to use him as a mean to travel」

Diable replied to Iwato.
In such situation, Diable squinted and looked at Iwato’s body, and his shoulder started to shake.

「Kuku, just as I expected, King of Black Coffin. You have become stronger than before. Even though I may appear this way, I believe that I have become stronger, but apparently, there’s a gap since then」
「……Then, isn’t it better to just return?」

Iwato said that and looked at the surroundings.
Everyone has already gathered behind him, and each of them are holding their weapons.
Earth Dragon King Gaius that was defeated by Iwato. Otaku King Fujiwara who was defeated by Tsumugu.
When considering their war potential, it’s better to think that these four who are still alive, are their best war potential.
Iwato thought to that far–

「……No, even if I consider that, there’s that crack guy and the one who destroyed the wall. There’s two more left」

And reach such conclusion.
Upon hearing that, Diable smiled pleasantly and muttered 「Correct」.

「However, both of them will only be spectating this time. It seems that they need to make sure whether……there’s a need to attack you lot by themselves」
「Hee…… Such information. Is it alright to give it to an enemy?」

In reply to Iwato’s words, 「No problem」. Diable replied.
However, in contrary to those kind words, he raised his hand, and Iwato looked at his hand.

「King of Black Coffin, we don’t care of the others as long as we kill you. Therefore–choose」

Saying that, the man with golden eyes jolting in joy


「Either fight us alone in exchange of the weaklings’ life, or fight us together with the weaklings…… Now, which one will you choose?」


presented him with two choices.


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