World Record Chapter 81

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81. Man-eating Fiend

Changed Stone Life → Core Life

Meanwhile, when Gaius turned into blood.

「W-What is happening ever since a while ago!」

Tsukie said so.
At first, the sound of destruction of several buildings was heard.
After that, a huge dragon’s figure was confirmed from that direction, and the dragon walked towards Sapporo station.
And lastly, after hearing a loud sound, a ridiculously loud destruction sound resounded.
Upon hearing the sound, let alone Tsukie and the others, even Goleem were paralyzed.

「There’s only one person who can produce such sound!」

Karen said it while smiling.
Ayame smiled upon hearing those words, and Tsukie who saw them, smiled wryly.

(Well, I know who did it…very well……)

Saying that, she sighed and looked at Goleem.
in front of her is the Goleem who has cuts all around his body–however.

『Hmph. No matter how many times you do it, that kind of attack will never be able to defeat me! Although that surprise attack was effective, it will never work for the second time!』

At the same time as those words, all of the cuts gradually recover.
His superpower–『Core Life』 creates a core in his body, and he will not die until the core is destroyed.
In addition, as long as the core is not destroyed, his body will never decay, and wounds will recover.
And the most troublesome one is that his body is made of alloy.
He can’t be wounded with ordinary attacks.
However, the girls are not people who would give up easily.

「Time to get serious!」

The next moment, light wrapped Karen’s body, and changes her appearance along with various sound effects.


The light flickers along with those words, and Karen wearing a blue fluffy dress, comes out from there.
Goleem opened his eyes wide by that–

「This is what they call, unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy」

Immediately following, 『Soueiga』 thrusts into his legs.
When he looks at her, there are two Tsukie standing with the same smile, and he quickly swing his arm.
However, the two figures disappear without any resistance as his fist dances in the air.
And–Karen didn’t overlook that.

「Here I come! Miracle☆Miracle! Appear, my magic weapon!」

The next moment, an enormous great sword appeared.
The black great sword shines dimly as it reflects the sunlight, and after that–it’s inserted into Goleem’s neck in a straight line.


The great sword piercing deeply.
The sword penetrated from his neck until his back as the point of the sword appeared from his back.

「Kuuuu! Somehow, I don’t feel like I defeated him!」

Karen shouts.
The proof is that even though Goleem raised a surprised voice, he didn’t look like he’s going to die. On the contrary, he started to reach out to the great sword.
But Ayame started to move here.

「O Great Sword! Vibrate!」

The next moment, Karen’s great sword starts to vibrate, and Goleem raised a flustered voice.


He quickly takes out the sword from his body, and throws it away.
He fell to his knees, and at the same, a crack ran through his body.
It’s just a small crack.
But Goleem who received that, clearly falls to his knees by the damage received, and Ayame who saw that, was convinced of Golem’s identity.

「As I thought! Karen, Mother-in-law! That Unknown’s true identity is the rubbishes that gathered at the center, acting as a core inside him! As long as you don’t attack it, he won’t receive any damage!」

Goleem raised his face in surprise by that, and upon seeing that, Tsukie smiled.

「I see…… No wonder he was weak against the vibration inside him. Because he received that much damage by that……the core is probably quite fragile」

Goleem stands up in frustration upon hearing those words.
The wound made by the great sword a while ago, has already start to recover, and Goleem who confirmed it, moved one step–backwards.

『Just because you realized my true identity, you still can’t win…… Even if you aim at this wound, I will not lose if I concentrate in defending!』

It’s no wonder that he thinks like that.
Goleem is originally an Unknown specialized in defense.
Certainly, his forte is to make use of his defensive ability to attack, but it only shows its function during defending.

「Looks like it’s better to end this with one hit」

Tsukie muttered such thing.
She took out a dagger from her waist, and stabbed it onto the ground.
The dagger pierced the ground halfway.
She then joins her hands in front of it, and looks at Karen and Ayame.

「I am now going to make a special weapon. Once made, I will create an opening–Then, I leave him to both of you, okay?」

Such incomprehensible words.
But the two tries to ask her to explain it in detail.
However, immediately following, intimidating air flows out of her body and they swallowed the words.
The intimidating air is–mana.

「『Hear my call, King of Demons』」

Mana surges to the surroundings, and Karen who frequently uses the concept called magic, was shocked by the amount of mana she’s using.

「『Exhaust tyranny in Heaven, and no one stands against you in Hell』」

The magic is the Kanekura’s shadow magic inherited for generations–a technique that can be call as a secret art.

「『The name is the strongest and the worst』」

Offering a large amount of mana, and calling down a certain Oni to a target.
The target is the 『body』 for the Oni to possess, and it’s possible to gain a tremendous power.

「『My name is Kanekura Tsukie』」

This time, the target is–this dagger.
This dagger is made mainly for its durability rather than sharpness. To be more precise, it’s for the single swing to use this magic.

「『Hear my summon and manifest』!」

She opens her eyes, and shouted to the Oni.

「Lend me strength! 『Akki Rasetsu』!!」
(TL note: Not sure what Oni is it, but I believe Rasetsu means Rakshasa. If it’s translated, it says Man-eating fiend)

The next moment, a huge intimidating air wraps the surroundings, and light wraps the dagger.





Before the sword, Karen produces such sound.
Painted in black, and the shape–and even the size became bigger. The dagger has changed into something that’s more suitable to be called as a long sword.
However, the intimidating air released from it is not comparable to the previous one.

「T-This is…magic……」

Ayame muttered.
The girls felt fear upon feeling the intimidating air from the sword that looks like it will destroy everything that touches its blade–

「B-Both of you! Now’s not the time for that!」

They immediately returned to sanity by the shout.

「While we are doing this, people are dying! The people that we are suppose to protect are dying! There’s no way that people will not die in such disaster!」

The truth–thrust at them.
Such disaster.
There are probably few hundreds of people have died.

「Therefore, we must defeat this guy as soon as possible and proceed! Understand?」

Tsukie’s expression relaxes by their words, but she then quickly thrust her palms to the ground.

「This thing won’t last long as it uses a lot of mana…… So let’s finish this quickly!」

The next moment, even if the mana is not as much as the previous one, it’s still a large amount of mana overflowing as a new magic is used.

「『Hell Prison』!」

At the same time as the chant, a huge swamp of shadow was created with the Goleem at the center.
Goleem looked at his feet in surprise by the sudden change of ground–and was convinced after seeing himself sinking gradually.

『T-This is bad!』

He bends his knees and–jumps up right away.
About 10 meters high.
Even with such large build and weight, it can move that much.
It’s obvious that he’s strong.

「Now! Both of you!」

Upon hearing Tsukie’s words, Goleem realized his blunder.
Now he’s in midair–in other words, he can’t dodge.
When looking downwards, Karen is already holding the long sword as if she’s going to throw it, and behind her, Ayame with her eyes closed, has a large red light wrapping her body.


A loud tongue click resounded, and immediately after that, Karen starts running.
The way she runs is as if an athlete in a javelin throw, and just before she throws it, she puts all her strength in it–and launches the long sword!


Karen’s roar resounded, and Ayame who heard it, opened her eyes.
When she reached out to the direction of the sword, the red aura is injected into it all at once.

「Here I go!『Super Acceleration』!」

Immediately after that, the sword accelerates right away while scattering red light.
The speed has already changed into the speed of sound, and Goleem who saw that, quickly crosses his arms in front of him.

『Fuhaha! It’s impossible for you to penetrate me when I’m in this state! There’s a limit of being reckle–』

Before he knew it, the sword has already moved far behind him, and when he looked downwards, he can see his own arms and body that was penetrated easily.


Red light disappears gradually from his eyes, and Tsukie who heard those words, grins and says this.


「What a fool. Kanekura’s secret art is not that weak……for you to stop it」


After that, Goleem who turned into junk, fell to the ground with a loud sound.

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