World Record Chapter 80

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80. Indomitable

Tsumugu mowed down the hand, and ward it off with the katana while clenching her teeth.

「Ki, kihihi, kihihi! O-Oh, it’s not as strong as I thought!」

Otaku King Fujiwara screams while twitching.
Tsumugu who was offended by those words, muttered 「Hmph」 and clad the katana in white flame.
Fujiwara starts to panic upon seeing the flame.

「H-Hiiiiiii!? T-That flame! It’s 『Divine Flame』! You’re really the Shutendouji’s daughter!」

The next moment, the katana moves horizontally.
An attack that can not reach at their current distance.
However, the flame that coiled around the blade, flies in a straight line, and Fujiwara quickly crosses his arms in front of him.

「『Sweat Guard』!」

The next moment, a large amount of sweat which are peculiar to a fat person, gushes out of his body, and collides with the flame slash.
Originally, it’s not an attack that can be guarded.
However, Tsumugu’s Battle Rank is in the 90s while Fujiwara’s Battle Rank is 120.
In this situation, the difference becomes apparent.

「Nu-Nuhahahaha! No damage!」

Fujiwara said that and laughed loudly.


Tsumugu slashed at him from the back mercilessly.
Fresh blood scattered to the surroundings, and Tsumugu who saw the red blood–jumped back in a hurry.
The next moment, the place where Tsumugu was a while ago, is covered with blood, and the ground melts at the speed faster than his sweats.

「I see……Disgusting otaku…your blood is more toxic…than your sweat. This is dangerous」

Of course the impression of it also.
Fujiwara who heard that, groans while enduring the pain at his back.


A roar resounded in the surroundings.
It seems to be a Fujiwara who unleashed the roar, and Tsumugu plugs her ears with her hands while clenching her teeth.

「Ku…W-What is……」

Bones creak by the thunderous roar.
Organs will tremble just by being on the spot, and a dull pain runs in her head.
By that, even she had to close one of her eyes–

「Looks like I have no choice but to kill you」

The next moment, such voice can be heard from the back, and Tsumugu quickly looked behind.
Then, before she knew it, Fujiwara has already moved to her back and swung his arm–

「Checkmate, it is」

His arm hits her body directly, and her body was blown off.




Going back a little in time.
AR Tower at Sapporo station.
When Iwato exits, he stood still for a while while chuckling.

「I can’t believe I received this! Mr. Shampa Rinswin’s best made shampoo, 『Divine Shampoo』……! Once you use it, you can never stop using it anymore! A real feeling of every hair being washed moderately. The smooth sensation as if being washed by a hand. And above all……this fantastic ability of making the hair 10 years younger!」

To be more precise, it’s God’s shampoo.
Iwato took out the shampoo from the paper bag.
Inside the transparent and gorgeous container is the shining gold shampoo liquid.
Of course, it’s a rinse in shampoo.

「Haa……, with just this, I can eat hundreds of meal. Kuku, with this, those three girls will become the shampoo’s slaves……」

Iwato muttered such thing.



The ground in front of him explodes suddenly, and the Divine Shampoo was blown away from Iwato’s hand by the rock that flew towards him.
Iwato raises his voice in panic by that–

『Fuhahahaha……Human, looks like you are still here. Upon being invaded to this extent, not running is foolish』

The one that appeared from the ground along with those words, is a huge earth dragon.
Against such monster, as expected, Iwato would–

「Aaaaah!? My shampoo!?」

–not even look towards him.
By that, he–Earth Dragon King Gaius was baffled, but he immediately raised his voice in an angry manner.

『Y-You bastard! You must have some nerve to ignore me!』
「……He? Eh, who? Since when were you there?」

And, Iwato who just realized him after hearing those words.
He stops as if he’s surprised, and looks up at the body.
–But that’s fatal.

『You fool! Enough! I will destroy this thing that you cherish without leaving any trace!』

The next moment, he swung his claw aiming at the shampoo.




Fujiwara opened his eyes wide–upon seeing Tsumugu’s appearance.


Tsumugu who supposedly received a direct hit, stands with her usual expressionless face.
–Completely unhurt.

「What!? Impossible! What the hell is……」

The Battle Rank difference between them is a little more than 20.
When there’s that much of difference, the stronger one’s attack is fatal just by grazing it, while the weaker one’s attack is just like a being hit by a child.
–It was suppose to be like that.
However, the girl standing there, even if her clothes have some damage, there’s no damage dealt to her body.

「Well…it was…quite painful」

Tsumugu muttered.
It was quite.
That attack was Fujiwara’s full power attack.
However, the lower ranked Tsumugu who received such attack, said such words.


Some kind of crack sound can be heard inside Fujiwara’s body, and at the same time, he roared even louder.

「I got used…to that」

Tsumugu starts to walk briskly as if she’s not feeling anything.
She shortens the distance between them with every step, and Fujiwara starts to feel fear.

「H-Hii!? Don’t come here!」

Fujiwara who saw her appearance, sees her similar to the man who walked towards him before, and backs off while shaking his head.
However, she immediately caught up with Fujiwara, and he who look down at the little girl–felt fear from the bottom of his heart.


If there’s an ordinary person who’s a third party here, he/she can know who’s advantageous with just a look.
However, if the third party is a strong person–such thought will change completely.


The next moment, Fujiwara swings his fist.
–Adrenaline rush.
Just like there’s such words, he who felt the fear of death, removed the limiter from his fist, and the power changed into a similar blow of Tamamo Gozen.




The next moment, such words can be heard, and then, a sound of putting the katana into its scabbard resounded.
–At his back.


When he realized it, Tsumugu has already moved to his back, and he somehow turned around slowly.
There’s a figure of a girl wearing a white cloak, and her limbs that peeping from the cloak, have completely transformed into an Oni’s.

「This cloak’s name is 『Cloak of Indomitability』. The strongest armor in the world…that has Otou-san‘s superpower endowed in it」

The 『Otou-san』 for her is–in short, Nagumo Youji, and his superpower’s name is 『Indomitable』.
The ability is simple and clear.
As long as your heart doesn’t break, you will neither faint–nor get wounded. The strongest survival ability.
Therefore, up until now, he was countlessly assassinated, burned by Tsumugu, and punched by Iwato.
And yet, Youji still haven’t die.
Such superpower is endowed in the cloak.
Although it’s not complete, if it’s Fujiwara’s attacks, it would still hurt but there will be no wound.

「And, this is Tou-san‘s technique」

The Tou-san for her.
That’s the Shutendouji who was killed three years ago.
Because her mother passed away before she gained awareness of things around her, she only continued to chase after her father’s back.

–Therefore, she learned every techniques from him.


「『Hell Fire Slash』」


The next moment, a straight line runs down from Fujiwara’s head to his crotch, and from there, a super-hot divine flame is summoned.
The flame burns his outer body and his inner body in an instant. He convulses–and a few seconds later, he sinks to the ground.
Upon seeing that, Tsumugu exhales.


Saying that, her expression relaxed a little.




Once again, the point of view changes.
The location is in front of the AR Tower.
It’s also because Earth Dragon King Gaius was irritated, so he definitely gave the shampoo his serious attack.
And of course the shampoo should be in small pieces–
People would thought so, but.

「Oi, shitty lizard……that’s dangerous」

By the voice, Gaius opened his eyes wide.
When he looked at the direction of the voice, there’s the figure of Iwato stopping Gaius’s attack with one hand, and Gaius who saw that, steps back as he felt fear climbing up his spine.

『What!? You bastard, who are you!?』

Gaius shouts.
While Iwato–

「Come on, can you stop asking that question? Every time the Unknowns ask me that. Even I’m sick of that question already」

said such thing.
Although Gaius was bewildered by that, looking on by an outsider, Iwato looked pleased with himself.

「Well, never mind. I’ll forgive you for today. The shampoo is safe after all……」

Iwato who turned around while saying that.
However, after those words, Gaius became interested to it, and stretched himself and look at Iwato’s back.


Unusually, Gaius raises such sympathizing voice.

『No, sorry to interrupt, but it is not my fault. I only attacked it and it didn’t hit. Therefore, um.You reap what you sow』

Gaius starts to make an excuse.
Iwato’s body gradually starts to tremble.
What reflected in his eyes is–the crushed shampoo.
And, the one who crushed it is–

「You bastard! I’ll kill you!」
『Oi! You are the one who crushed it!』

That’s right, it’s Iwato.
At the time when Iwato stopped Gaius’s attack, he accidentally stepped the shampoo.
Iwato clenched his fist, and shouted this after wiping his tears.


「How dare you do this to my shampoo! You deserve a certain death!」


A few seconds later.

Around the AR Tower, blood rains incessantly.

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