World Record Chapter 78

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78. Battles in every place

During the time when Tsumugu reached the Nagumo house.
Karen slammed the large body with a huge hammer.
The sound of metals collide resounded, and because of that, Ayame plugged her ears.
However, she won’t stop with just that.


The next moment, the ground under the large body sinks, and the large body falls down.
By that, Karen poses triumphantly.

「Karen! Don’t chase too far! This opponent is a higher rank. There’s no one to protect unlike the Ultimate Polar Bear, and it doesn’t seem to be fast! Let’s stall him until Iwato-sama comes!」

Karen who reacted to Ayame’s voice, retreats back to where Ayame is.
The large body that’s lying down on the ground, trembled his shoulders.

『Ku, kukuku, are you trying to fight me with only that much power? Looks like I’m being underestimated』

Karen opened her eyes wide upon hearing the words of the large body–Machine King Goleem.

「Y-Your tone is a little weird!」
『W-What are you saying all of the sudden…… I don’t understand』
「Look! It became like that because you didn’t set your character properly! Choose either 『yansu』 or 『〜ssu』」
『Err……, then, 『yansu』–What are you talking about!?』

The conversation just now stalled about 10 seconds.
Karen who thinks that they should wait until Iwato comes if things go well, mutters 「Mu」softly, and Ayame looks down at her status application.

「Why there’s no contact from Iwato-sama!? 20 minutes have passed since I sent it!」

Iwato must be thinking 『When hearing a speech, it’s a good manner to turn off your status application』 but……Ayame doesn’t know of such thing.

「P-Perhaps……he’s fighting against a Divine Beast class somewhere!?」

For her to think that, is inevitable.
While thinking of such thing, even the Machine King Goleem started to feel irritated. Gugaraaaaa! He swung his hands down to the ground.
The next moment, the asphalt road smashes with Goleem at the center. Karen who reacted quickly, clings to Ayame’s body, and Ayame floats up into the sky.
By that, they managed to endured the absurd destructive power without any injuries, but–

「Thank you for creating new weapons」

The next moment, Ayame faces her hand towards Goleem, and the broken pieces of the ground starts to float around him.
Goleem prepared in cautious by that, but

「Target locked–Concentrated fire」

The next moment, almost all of it attacks Goleem at the same time, and an absurd destruction sound resounded.


As expected of the youngest A rank who drank Tsumugu’s blood.
Not only that the power can even make you think optimistically against a Sacred Beast class, but Goleem steps back slowly.
Ayame who saw that, felt that it’s working, and continues to shoot the rubbles.

『Hmph, Uoaaaaaaaaa!!』

The next moment, Goleem turned his body one round.
Only that, only one rotation.
However, with that only, the rubbles were destroyed completely, and the two clenched their teeth by the wind pressure that reached them.
Below them, there’s the figure of Goleem grabbing a nearby broken building with his legs still buried in the ground.

『You’re not the only one…who can attack from a distance!』

The next moment, the broken building flew towards the two.




About the same time.
She–Nakajima Tomomi lowered her eyes to her own body–and raised her voice.

「I-Incredible! This is incredible, Manabu! My body returned back to how it was three years ago! Look at this young skin! This is the first time I feel gratitude towards an Unknown!」
「Get a hold on yourself, Senpai!」

He–Isakai Manabu raises his voice to her words.
In his eyes is the figure of Nakajima Tomomi who have the same appearance and attire as three year ago.
Black suit with a katana on her waist. She even regained the intense glint in her eyes.
Upon seeing that, Manabu turned to the opponent.

「Fufufu……I didn’t expect someone will get stronger after receiving my superpower–『Reverse Playback』. At that age, you’re not in your golden age?」
「Nn? Ah, thanks to you, my body and weapon during my golden age returned! I’ll thank you from the bottom of my heart for this one!」

Upon hearing that, the pseudo-human that has cameras and clocks buried in his body–Regret King Reload, showed a troubled smile. (TL note: The author changed his appearance?)

「My superpower, 『Reverse Playback』 rewinds the target’s time. The scale of how much it can rewind depends on luck and the condition of the day, but……today was supposed to be perfect. I don’t know the precise number, but if I use it full power, I can rewind 3 years–Uoo!? What are you doing when I’m explaining my superpower!?」
「I don’t care. After all, Special Forces were taught to attack the enemies mercilessly when they are transforming」

Of course, the one who taught that was Tsukie.
Reload who heard Manabu’s words, landed on a slightly far place, and looked at him.

「I know you. Your name is Isakai Manabu. Your superpower is–Weapon Control. An excellent superpower for both offense and defense that controls every existing weapon in this world……」

Manabu frowned slightly by his words.
Manabu is the next person to be an Absolute at the present time for sure, but still, he didn’t expect that the opponent has his information.
Therefore, his body petrified slightly–

「Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy!」

The next moment, a wave-like beam from Reload’s palm attacks Manabu. At the speed that even Tomomi can’t dodge, he who have weaker physical ability, opened his eyes wide–


The next moment, Tomomi who jumped in front of him, slashes the beam.
Even Reload was shocked by her action, and Manabu who saw that, smiled dryly.

「I-Impossible!? My power was slashed!?」

His superpower rewinds anything that touched the beam for only once. That also includes inorganic substances. Although he was surprised by Nakajima’s absurd physical ability, he thought that her katana will return to metal.

「Uo, as expected of the katana that he tampered. Superpowers don’t work on it」

Tomomi said that while looking at the katana.
The shining katana reflecting the light coming from the sun.
The name is–Mumei (No name).
To be precise, the katana has no name, and just like that, it’s called 『Mumei』. This is the katana that her direct boss,『King of Black Coffin』 endowed a superpower in it.
The ability endowed in the katana is–cutting every superpower. Such simple yet powerful ability.
In addition to that, the katana’s durability ranks after his 『Onigiriengoku』. In terms of pure power, this katana is surely one of the strongest weapon in the world.
Tomomi places the katana on her shoulder.

「Sorry, but your superpower will not work on me anymore. On top of that, I’m specialized in taijutsu and I’m in my prime now. I have never met an opponent this easy to fight」

She mutters that and grins.


「Now, let’s start the giant killing」


Just like that, the battle of the Nakajima Tomomi in her prime–『Demon King』 started.




Iwato’s grinning broadly.

「That was wonderful! I’m really moved, Shampa-san!」
「No, not at all. I am impressed that you are reaching the deepest level of shampoo at your age. I only reached the essence at this age…… You are a genius once in a hundred years」

The white-haired man–Mr.Shampa Rinswin aka God of Shampoo who replied to Iwato with a baritone voice, held out his hand to Iwato.

「You will most likely reached my position one day. Although I have seen a lot of shampers so far, you are different……as if shamping with an unbendable resolution」

What is shamping?
Although you may want to ask them about it, there’s only 『good story』 between them.
Iwato grab his hand.

「You’re right. I never thought that I would do this much shamping at the beginning, but now, I’m proud that I’m a shamper while shamphleting」

New words keep popping up.
Mr.Shampa laughed upon hearing that, and said this while patting his shoulder.

「I do not know what kind of path will you follow. However, if possible, I wish that you continue walking on the shamproad. If it is you, I believe that you can even surpass this God of Shampoo」
「Y-Yes! I’ll devote myself from now on!」

Iwato replied so to his words–


The next moment, hearing such sound from a distance, the two looked at the direction.
However, there’s no one around. There’s a broadcast about something during the speech, but there’s no way that the two heard about it.
Iwato tilts his head.

「……I wonder what is it? Are they destroying a building over there?」
「Aah, a building destruction work, huh. Then, there’s no problem at all」

Just like that, in Sapporo station where everyone have evacuated from there, the loud laughter of the two resounded.

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