World Record Chapter 42

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42. Love letter



About 10 minutes later, Iwato who managed to finish changing clothes, sat on the floor shivering.
After Iwato came out of the haunted house, the happy mother who found her daughter and the pale class rep were waiting for him.
According to her,

『Um……Just when I heard the noise……I heard a-a woman’s v-v-voice…… S-Something……happened……right?』


Actually, the voice of the woman and the noise was also heard by the people nearby, and her expression became worst when she heard Iwato’s testimony.
As a result–

[Eeeeh!? This haunted house is closed already!]
[Seriously? Even though I heard that this haunted house is extremely scary]


Such customers’ voices reached Iwato and the others.
That’s right. They chickened out and ended the operation completely.
And so, it lead to now……

[W-What was that……There’s no way I can win…… More scarier than a Divine Beast class. More scarier than the Shutendouji. What exactly was that……]
[N-Nii-san…so poor……and cute]
[What do you mean that it’s much more scarier than a Battle Rank 200……]
[I had a look from the outside, but there’s nothing there…… Also Karen, what do you mean by Battle Rank 200?]


Shivering Iwato.
And Tsumugu who strokes his head.
Karen who looks at them in amaze.
And, Ayame who finished looking around the haunted house using Divine Hearing and Clairvoyance.
Four people with four different state.

[Ooi, Nagumo-kun. This dropped at the exit……Perhaps, you brought it out?]


The class rep said so while bringing 『the Mother』–no, one of the traps, the buried face in the book.



Iwato raised a surprised voice full of fear.
The class rep brings the opened book, and upon looking at the face that he saw at his back just a while ago, Iwato somehow felt that his eyes met with it.
–Petrified for several seconds.
Sweats appearing on Iwato’s face.

[Nn? Looking at it with such passionate eyes…… Should I specially give it to you?]


Iwato shouted so by the time he realized it.




[What was that face buried in the book? It definitely don’t have any connections with the princess or the butler]


15 minutes later.
Iwato got out to the schoolyard and bought a takoyaki from the stall. And he sat on the nearby bench.

[Hoi, say aah]
[No, Nii-san……i-it’s embarrassing]


Although Tsumugu refused, she ate the takoyaki happily. Seeing from the side, they look like a fine couple with an age gap.
However, the time for them to be together don’t last long.

[How env……no, why are you doing such shameless thing in public……? Enough, somehow I have got used to it]
[Well it’s those two after all…… By the way, that face in the book is the ruin of 『the maid who the butler secretly loves』. It is such setting]
[No wonder it looks familiar……]


That’s right. The next room where the book of that face was placed.
The first thing the video showed was the maid appearing from the mansion. That person’s face look just as the face in the book–Though Iwato don’t know where they manage to find such a capable person.
Iwato and Tsumugu took the canned juice from Karen and yakisoba from Ayame, and they moved a little to the side to make some space for the two to sit.

[Oh, thanks!]
[Thank you]


The two said so and sat.
The order is Iwato, Tsumugu, Karen and Ayame.
In this situation, Iwato is different than other harem protagonists.
And, Karen and Ayame who let Tsumugu have him, are not looking like a heroine.

[But still, school festival, huh?]


Iwato said so, and opens the pamphlet.

Because it’s made by some student, the bright green colored pamphlet has the details of every classes programs and the time of the events taking place at the gym and outside. In the pamphlet’s 『This Year’s Recommendation』, the class 1-3’s haunted house was written there. How many people will be going there…… Just by thinking that, makes Iwato feel sorry.

[Well, enough about that]
[Is it okay?]


Iwato ignored Karen’s retort, and showed the pamphlet to the three.

[I’m going to the fireworks display with Karen at the evening, right? So I won’t be going to the campfire. I don’t think I want to go look around the stalls, checking the other classes programs and even the events……Nn? Beauty contest……? If you girls are not entering, then it’s pointless……. So, what should we do now?]


Iwato said so and turned his eyes to the three.
However, there’s no one there.

[Nn……just now was…bad. It made me skipped a beat]
[…It really was bad. What was that? Is he trying to praise us indirectly?]
[I wonder…… Then, if I confess, it might realize……]
[……You losers]


Of course, Iwato didn’t hear the conversation.
Iwato has combat mode and regular mode, but the difference is too extreme.

[Oi, what are you doing?]


Iwato calls out to the three who talked in secret while crouching behind the bench.
Then, the girls stand up while looking prepared.


[[[Beauty contest]]]


The girls’ opinion matched without discussing.




『Then…come back…after 30 minutes』


Saying that, Iwato was freed.
Because the clothes selecting and the registration took a long time, and the beauty contest starts after 30 minutes.
Iwato didn’t think that the three of them would enter the beauty contest, and he’s troubled on how to kill time.

[Oh! Iwato! Nice timing!]


Eita who passed by by chance.
He looked glad when he saw Iwato’s face, and yet he raised a voice as if being saved. He grabbed Iwato’s arm and brought him to a place with no people.
It sounds indecent just by hearing the latter half, but such thing is impossible between these two.
One is a pervert who only has interest in shampoo.
Another one is a lewd person who only has interest in girls.
If these two were to cross the line, the world is probably full of gays hundred years ago.

Returning to the subject.

Although Iwato was perplexed by the sudden action, he looked at the letter with a heart mark that Eita took out from his pocket–

[D-Don’t tell me……]
[O-Oh. Actually……]
[Sorry. My future wife has been decided]
[That’s not it! It’s not a love letter from me to you! Wait, what did you say just now!?]


Eita received a lot of information from Iwato’s words, and he placed his hand on his forehead.

[W-Well, I’ll leave that aside for now]


Eita said so and showed the letter to Iwato.
Lovely writings of 『To Hiragishi Eita-kun』 was written there, and Iwato was shocked upon seeing that.

[That’s right. This is my love……]
[Don’t cry……even if it’s fake]
[It’s not what you think it is! Don’t make fun of me!]


His shout resounded.
However, Iwato don’t intend to mess around any further.

[In other words, it’s the one that’s often used in shoujo manga. A female student who got excited and sent a love letter in the school festival. Now, how to deal with it?]
[……You even read shoujo manga, huh?]


Eita leaked such voice unintentionally upon knowing Iwato’s unexpected side, and Iwato laughed. Then, he took a chuunibyou-like pose and spoke.

[Hmph, don’t take me lightly, servant. This me, Nagumo Iwato is a man who read every single shoujo manga to search for 『youth』! There’s no one who rivals me in terms of the knowledge in youth!]


Although the pose and what he said is terrible, Eita was inspired by Iwato’s confidence, and tears appeared in his eyes.

[I-I’m saved! I-I…..don’t know what to do in this kind of situation……As expected, it’s the difference in love experience……]


Eita who said so in an unusual and timid attitude.
Although Eita looked like this, he’s a complete virgin. Although he thought that 『she’s cute』 when looking at girls, he had neither confessed nor being confessed before.
That’s why, he said so to Iwato who’s full of confidence, but


[Don’t worry, I have never loved anyone before!]


Eita who heard that, started to feel uneasy for some reason.

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