World Record Chapter 37

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37. Sequel -Creator Gun-

About one hour later, the Special Forces lead by the Minister of Defence arrived.

However, what’s left on the spot was the bodiless corpse of the Sacred Beast class, and the remains that’s considered to be the destruction of the Unknown.
The remains was particularly terrible. From the training facility to the wall’s vicinity, and even several mountains were blown away without a trace. Such news are circulating in the media.
As expected, there’s no damage to the wall.
When the Special Forces ask the students who happen to be present on the spot, they will always talk about the fear of the Unknown, and–

[Yo, hero. You’re popular today]
[It’s because it’s today, idiot!]


Eita’s popularity rose explosively.
The students who were considered to have confronted the Unknown, were busy for the thorough checkup. Because most of the first years were involved in that, the school resumed today in the weekend.

[Why am I being the one who defeated that polar bear!? I will be scouted by the Special Forces! Sorry, but thank you!]


That’s right. After that,
『Everyone, if my information is out in the media……when that happens, please be prepared because your house’s surroundings will be like that』
After Iwato threatened and left, Eita’s impressive efforts came to the students’ mind, and they said “Hiragishi Eita defeated the Unknown”.
Well, because of that, Eita went for thorough checkup and in addition to that, he was interviewed by the media. His popularity began to rise even among the first year students who knew that Iwato was the one who defeated the Unknown.
That’s why, Eita apologized and thanked Iwato, but……

[Well, I can defeat such weakling whenever I want…… I also don’t want such achievement. Because I can just go out of the wall and hunt a large amount of it]


Eita dropped his shoulders upon hearing those words with a very large scale.

[You…… Do you know how much I tried against that polar bear……]
[By the way, there’s two of them that are stronger that the polar bear in the laboratory. Furthermore, one of them even managed to attack me]
[Thank god the other one didn’t come]


Eita said so strongly.
To be precise, it’s because Iwato was careless and the Demon Elephant’s sneaking skill. Eita who didn’t know that, honestly thanked his luck.


The chime rings on the right timing, and Nakajima-sensei enters the classroom.
The students stayed overnight for the thorough checkup, but Iwato and Tsumugu have not meet those two since the incident. Whether they are late or absent.
Both sides of the seat are vacant.

(Well, I used the restore bullet, so they should be alright)


Iwato thought so while looking at the energetic Eita.




[[Welcome home, Master(Goshujin-sama)!]]
[……What are you doing?]


After returning home, Iwato was perplexed.
Iwato was waiting for Karen and Ayame to come to school, but they didn’t come for some reason. Then, he returned home while thinking about it, but–what awaits him was this.
In front of him are Karen and Ayame wearing a mini-skirt maid attire.
And–Tsumugu who looks at Karen’s chest unpleasantly.
Iwato’s reaction is probably obvious if he sees this the first after returning home.
In contrast with that, the two

[Well, as a result, Master saved us, so we thought of repaying with this]
[And, because it took some time before you saved us and you never visit me during the thorough checkup, I thought of getting pampered a lot by Iwato-sama]


What a unreasonable excuse. Especially, the latter.
Therefore, Iwato had a shady smile, and refused reservedly.

[Well, you don’t have to repay me. The opponent was a Sacred Beast class, right? I can see it from that hole. Then, you did well to hold him up]
[Yes, certainly he is. When I received a direct hit, I felt like I’m dying just by using my superpower even once. That’s why, as an apology……]
[No, not at all……]
[No no……]


At an instant, the two’s smiles froze.

[I won’t let you get away! We’re seperated for nearly one week! Please pamper me more!]
[No way! L-Let me go, you Loli! Wha-, don’t remove my belt while pretending to grab my pants!?]
[……D-Dear me, I wonder what are you saying?]
[S-Save me, Tsumu! I’m being assaulted by a perverted girl!]


Tsumugu gets down to Iwato.
She came close to Ayame in a speed that can’t be seen, and when Ayame realized it, she was already held down by her.

[Ku……as expected, Tsumu-san is the biggest wall]
[It’s a sister’s duty…to protect…Nii-san’s…chastity]


A younger sister protecting the brother’s chastity. What a disgrace for the brother.
Iwato fixes the belt back to normal, and crouches down in front of Ayame.

[Well, if it’s something that I can do, then it’s fine. I prefer that you don’t use tough measures]


Iwato said so, and smiles wryly.
Ayame who sees that……

[Okay! I want to take a bath with you!]


Tsumugu and Karen’s voice echoed.




[Why it became like this……]


Iwato was greatly perplexed in the bathroom.
After that, when he realized, Ayame’s opinion, 『Because you were late, you should grant at least one request』, starts to make sense, and by the time he thought that he need to stop her, it has been decided.
By that, even Tsumugu shed tears of blood, and cursed the conversation prodigy from the bottom of her heart.
However, nothing will change no matter what is done.

[Iwato-sama~, I’ll wash your back]


Two palms touch Iwato’s back and such sound resounds.
Even if he asked her 『Why you’re not using the towel?』, she would probably reply 『Because I don’t use towel』.
Iwato looks at her through the mirror.
Then, his eyes met with Ayame’s wearing a bathrobe through the mirror.
That’s right–in a bathrobe.

[Iwato-sama……you want to see it that much?]


Ayame muttered so with flushed cheeks.
Upon seeing that, Iwato instinctively shouted to deny it.

[No……ah, no, it’s not that I don’t want to see, but I don’t mean it just now! Absolutely no!]
[I-I see……]


When Iwato realized it, his cheeks are dyed in red, and Ayame who saw that, blushes too.
–What is this rom-com?
A development that anyone will ask such question.
The embarrassing silence with only the sound of the hands washing the back echoing.
Iwato couldn’t stand the current mood, so he reads the situation and speaks.

[C-Come to think of it, how’s the thorough checkup?]


His voice squeaked. The greatest embarrassment.
But Ayame speaks without touching on it probably because she’s also nervous.

[Um…… Thanks to Iwato-sama’s gun, there’s nothing abnormal. Or rather, the serious injury that I received in the past, also disappeared……. What on earth is that gun?]


Ayame said so, and tries to probe on it.
Then, Iwato showed a wry smile, and said this word.

[『Creator Gun』]


–Creator Gun.
Just by hearing the name, it’s a gun that controls creation and destruction.
However, her intuition told her that it’s wrong, and she decided to try investigating the information gained so far.

Iwato’s 『Coffin Cloak』 that has the superpower of 『Nullify any attacks other than physical attacks』.
Therefore, the King of Black Coffin’s superpower might be that, but Tsumugu herself, denied it.
Saying it’s 『not to that extent』.
That’s why, Ayame is perplexed, and after seeing and receiving that heal the other day, she became more perplexed.

(A vanishing ability? Then, it makes sense that Iwato-sama himself doesn’t have a superpower…… But that was a healing ability…… Then, he has both vanishing and healing abilities……? There’s no way a superpower like that exists, and even if it exists, that means he has two superpowers…… As expected, that is impossible……)


Having more than two superpowers.
Although there’s a little girl close to her who has similar number of superpowers, Ayame who don’t know about it, continued to be perplexed.
That’s why, she was flustered by Iwato’s words.

[Now that you mention it, where’s the said injury?]
[He!? Ah, yes, it’s at my stomach!]


The words said to Ayame through the mirror.
The flustered Ayame who was immersed in thinking–stood up, and showed her abdomen to Iwato.



Iwato spouts out.
Ayame who saw his action, feels doubt about it, and she lowers her sight to her abdomen which Iwato saw through the mirror–



She saw her naked body.
At the next moment, Ayame freezes by the present situation, and a few seconds later.




She blushes, and ran out of the bathroom.

After that, it took about one week for them to be able to talk to each other.

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