World Record Chapter 36

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36. Indomitable mind

Hiragishi Eita’s father was a Self Defence Force member.
Because he grew up seeing his back since childhood, he loves justice and hates injustice. Above all, he admired heroes.
He was fortunate to have a S rank superpower. Even if he’s a little bad at studying, he somehow advance on the path he chose, and several months ago, he managed to enroll in the Force Academy.

『Nice to meet you. I am Nagumo Iwato. My hobby is shampoo and I like shampoo. I know everything about shampoo, so you can ask me anything about it』


he somehow had a relation of front and back seat with such a weird man.
Eita had a hunch that–it could turn out to be troublesome if I gets involve with this man.
In fact, that’s right because he has black hair, and above all, he fought against many students in the first day of enrollment.
Even Eita was amazed by that.
If he knows that he’s powerless, then he should do what suits his status. As a powerless, he shouldn’t have do such thing that will make him stand out.
Eita thought so in his mind–and the common sense was crushed.

『Well, you guys are good at acting』


It was the powerless who said so after defeating all the students with physical strength.
And when he saw that figure, he felt something was burning in his heart.

He admired heroes.
Heroes are people who have the courage to appear in that kind of scene without hesitation.
Strength is just secondary. Don’t care about themselves no matter what’s the result.
Even if they’re weak. Even if they’re lame. Even if they’re wounded. They will risk their lives to keep on standing in front of people, and the back figure brings encouragement and hope to everyone. That’s–the hero he wanted to be.

Since then, Eita decided that he should try talking to the boy.
Then, he found that he’s unexpectedly an interesting guy. On top of acquiring a second name in the first day of enrollment, even his junior high school is unknown, but still, Eita doesn’t hesitate to be friends with that boy.

『If I’m with this guy, I feel that……I can surely call myself a hero』


He continued putting efforts in raising his Battle Rank and mastering the superpower with such expectations, and also continued to be with him.
As a result, he witnessed the battle with the Sacred Beast class, and also witnessing his steadily growing harem life.


[This time is……surely outrageous]


Eita muttered so when looked at the Ultimate Polar Bear.
Up until now, Iwato is always by his side whenever there’s a pinch.
He managed to act variously because there’s a lifeline called Iwato, but–regarding this time, it’s like challenging a bungee jump without a lifeline.
If he’s lucky, he would be saved by Iwato. If he’s unlucky, he would crash into the rocks down the cliff.
This is certainly–a turning point of live or death.

『What……are you laughing at?』


The Ultimate Polar Bear looked down at the wounded Eita, and said so with curiosity and irritation.
On the other hand, Eita stands up using the Killing Bat as a support.
And, he said this to encourage himself.

[This is my life’s turning point. Live as a hero or die as an ordinary person…… Come on, show some guts, Hiragishi Eita!]


Today, for the first time in his life–he challenges to be a hero.






Before Eita can finish yelling, he was blown off with one swing by the Ultimate Polar Bear.

『How weak~』


Those words and scene.
The students who saw that opened their eyes wide in fear, and Karen and Ayame who saw that while trembling in pain, gnashed their teeth.
If not, faint.
Eita certainly has the talent. But at the present time, the talent has not bloom yet. What would happen if he received that kind of attack many times?……Such a thing is obvious.
That’s why, the Ultimate Polar Bear turns back,

[Gaha…….ha…Hey……what’s with…that weak punch…… What the hell are you? Perhaps, are you a bull’s shit?]


A sound of something broken can be heard from the Ultimate Polar Bear.



Turned around.
And there’s the figure of Eita–still standing with the body covered in blood.
Upon seeing that, the students opened their eyes wide, and the Ultimate Polar Bear sneered.

『Ku, Fuhahahaha! What’s that!? Trying to be cool just by standing up with such wounded body!? Interesting! And, you’re the type–that I hate the most』


At the next moment, he moves to Eita’s back in an instant, and at the same time as that, he unleashes punches aiming at him.
If one were to listen carefully, the sound of breaking bones and crushing flesh can be heard from Eita’s body. Eita was launched to midair without even capable of screaming.
And, upon seeing that, the Ultimate Polar Bear inhales.

『Come to think of it, I haven’t show you my superpower』


Ayame had a bad feeling upon hearing those words and actions.

(T-This is bad!)


She desperately reach out her hand towards Eita and activates her superpower.
And–at the same time as that, his superpower activates.

『Arctic Breath!!』


At the next moment, a super-powerful breath was fired.




Expanding cold air.
The cloud of dust ends, and the students who finally realized it, opened their eyes and became speechless by the sight.
Originally, this training facility is located inside, so sunlight can never enter, but now, it shines brightly.
In other words–what is this?

[T-The wall……]


Someone muttered.
Looking at one of the wall which has a huge hole.
That’s definitely caused by the 『Arctic Breath』, and the mountain surface was hollowed and froze.

–Sacred Beast class.

An existence that has the power to destroy a country.
That definition is for sure not a mistake. Chain Dragon, Demon King Crabster, Demon Elephant, and Albert.
They are the country’s danger that can’t be eliminated if there’s no 『World Recorders』.
And, this Ultimate Polar Bear also.
Upon seeing the remains of the Arctic Breath, the Ultimate Polar Bear muttered this.

『Why are you alive?』


In his sight was Eita who barely dodged the Arctic Breath that was fired a little upward, and his body is covered in red light.
–Red light.
Upon seeing that, the Ultimate Polar Bear remembered the rock attacks in the beginning, and now, he turns his sight towards the girl.

『I thought that you were the weakest, but looks like you have a pretty useful ability. I’m a little irritated~』


Just like that, he turns his body towards Ayame,

[Are you running away, you fucking polar bear!?]


At the same time as those words, the metal bat hits the cranium wound, and he turns his sight towards Eita by the pain.
Then, there’s the figure of Eita standing, and the Ultimate Polar Bear realized right away that he threw his bat towards him.

『You……You want me to kill you that much?』


Once again, the fist of the Ultimate Polar Bear pierces Eita’s body.



A blow without much power.
That’s simply because it was troublesome to go and kill him after blowing him away.
And the half-dead Eita tumbled down to his knees, and his forehead struck the ground. It looks like an unsightly figure of prostrating.

『You, seriously, even though you’re weak, what’s wrong with you since just now? Trying to be a hero? It’s really annoying, so why don’t you just die already?』


The Ultimate Polar Bear said so uninterestedly.
The pool of blood flows gradually around Eita, and his death is surely in front of him.
However–he laughed.

[I……know the best…that I’m……weak]


He put both his hands on the ground trying to stand up, but he slipped by the blood. But still, he doesn’t give up, and–he struck his head to the ground.

[I really am…… I really admire heroes. Standing in front of everyone, and eliminate the evil no matter how unreasonable it is…… I admired such cool…and shining hero!]


Just like that, he recalled his back figure.
The first hero he admired–he admired his back figure at that time.
It’s no use. I won’t be saved.
That back imparts hope to the weak ones, repelling despair as if ridiculing the pinch–That back.
I want to be like him someday.
I want to save everyone. I want to impart hope.
I want to repel–despair!


[My heart will never break! Justice will never disappear! Hope will never collapse! That’s me!]


He shouted.
His body has already surpassed his limit.
I know–that 『death』 is close.
However, my heart will never break.
Justice will never disappear.
Hope will never collapse.
I won’t–lose.

He stands up.
Bones throughout his body has already broken. He’s at his limit just by standing.
But still, he stands.
Be proud of the way of life, find hope, and burn justice.
He forced his body to move towards the opponent–and said this.


[I will not…lose to you!!]


At the next moment, he saw a revolving lantern.
His memories of his life up until now.
Entering high school, and the life with friends.
The fist that was unleashed towards him without any sign.

And–a familiar back figure.


[Sorry, I’m late]


A tremendous wind blows violently, and the Ultimate Polar Bear’s fist collides into something.
Cloud of dust blows violently, and at the same time as that, he starts to feel–an absolute existence.

『Wha……W-What!? Who are you!?』


The cloud of dust ends.
There’s the figure of the scared Ultimate Polar Bear, and a black-haired boy gripping the fist with one hand.



The boy–Iwato releases the fist and turns around upon hearing the voices.
And, upon seeing Karen’s arm, Eita’s appearance, and Ayame lying down on the ground–he took out the gun wore in his waist.

[Thank god, I brought this]


Dan, dan, dan!
He fired the bullets mercilessly.
Towards the three.



Everyone on the spot, opened their eyes wide by his action, and doubts Iwato’s sanity–but immediately after that, the three figures glow.



Blue light wraps up the three, and a few seconds later, every single wound from their bodies disappeared.
Although the people almost screamed upon looking at the unbelievable sight,


[Hey you. You look like you want to die very much]


At the next moment, they instinctively feel suffocating by the thick killing intent.
The killing intent that made breathing feel pain. It’s like this just by being around the area, and the fear of the Ultimate Polar Bear who received it, is immeasurable.

『I-I’m just following B-Boss’ order!』

[So what? I have killed your boss a while ago. While I’m at it, my acquaintance exterminated all the Unknowns in the laboratory. So you’re in full responsibility]


At an instant, the intimidating air rises up.
He unconsciously hallucinates that there’s a black coffin behind Iwato.
That’s a black coffin lavished with thick death aura.
It’s fatal just by touching the aura. Even if he knows that such thing is impossible, still, the hallucination is too scary.
When he realized, the Ultimate Polar Bear has a large amount of cold sweats throughout his body, and his body trembled.


[Die immediately or tormented to death. Pick the one you like]


By those words, his sanity collapsed.



What he did was–punching Iwato.
Upon seeing that, Iwato smiled.

[I see, you want me to kill you immediately]


His figure moved to the Ultimate Polar Bear’s back in an instant.
Why move to his back?
The people in here who thought so, guessed that it’s dangerous to be close to him. They can’t help but to guess it.
Eita ran away from the spot guided by Ayame, and upon seeing that, Iwato grinned and said this.

[Who am I?]


And he unleashed a yakuza kick.


[I’m just a friend who happen to pass by]


The loud sound echoed in the surroundings.




[Good grief. That guy’s monstrous strength is outrageous]


After Iwato left in a big hurry, Nakajima muttered so at the battle site.
In front of her eyes is the corpse of the 『Demon Elephant』 that was defeated with one blow, and the corpse of researcher Albert.
And–at the back.

[Come to think of it, it’s still noon, huh?]


Bright light shines through the unbelievable huge hole.
The room that’s clearly made of different materials up until now than this room, and in addition to that, he opened a larger hole than the one before in one blow.
『Monstrous strength』 is indeed a suitable word for it.
However, for her, she knows the most suitable word to express Iwato’s unreasonable strength.

[If I were to say, it’s exactly a 『Cataclysm』]


She said so, and scratched her head.

[Because he got mad similar to that time three years ago…… I hope that he doesn’t blow up several mountains]


She will know soon.
That unpleasant premonition is in fact, will come true.

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