World Record Chapter 35

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35. Mahou Shoujo(Physical)

The students who’re running about trying to escape.
The defeated B rank member.
And, a far superior enemy.
In front of that, the three–

[Let’s go! Show your guts as a man!]
[[It’s woman(right)!]]


–have prepared.

They said so, and starts running.
Eita and Karen run to the sides as if drawing an arc, while Ayame stands at the center using Clairvoyance to enhance her eyesight to the limit as she shaves off the ground, and starts firing rocks.



At the same time as Ayame’s yell, several rocks fly.
It’s an attack that can hurt an ordinary person just by scraping it.

『Huh? Just throwing rocks』


One blow.
The method Karen used before. The Ultimate Polar Bear swings his arm lightly. And, the rocks break into pieces by the wind pressure.
However, Ayame who have thought of such option after fighting against Karen, showed no impatience and unleashed her next move.

[『Gravity Manipulation』]


That’s the technique used on Karen on the other day.
Gravity Manipulation following after the rock throwing.
Although it’s probably more effective if the order is reversed–this time, Ayame has allies.



A barrage by Karen’s tonfas.
And, a brutal blow by Eita’s Killing Bat.
The Ultimate Polar Bear that became sluggish by the gravity, receives those attacks completely on his head and neck.

『Argh, that bat. It hurts unexpectedly.』


As if the attacks didn’t work at all, he brushed off the two lightly.
Lightly–he really brushed them off as if brushing off a fly.
However, the two who received that, flew in a considerable speed. Although they somehow managed to land, they probably will be knocked out if they receive that attack a few more times.
Eita wipes his sweats due to that unexpected power.
And Karen–

[Hmph, you’re not as strong and fast as Master. About a little slower than Tsumu-san, I guess]


That’s right. She thoughtlessly declared.
What she said is certainly true, but if someone were to ask that “Can you still say it upon experiencing the current battle?”, almost everyone will say “No”.
That also applies to Ayame and Eita, and the Ultimate Polar Bear himself, was stunned by those words.
While receiving their attentions, Karen confirms that almost all of the students are not looking at her now, and she takes a breath.

[Macbeth-sensei told me to never use 『Transform』 in front of people, but I guess it’s inevitable this time]


Upon hearing those words, Ayame and Eita recalls.
Why Iwato calls Karen a 『Mahou Shoujo』 sometimes?
And, why she can summon weapons like it’s natural?
People who saw that, ends up thinking that 『It’s because she’s that man’s pupil』. That’s why, no one asked her about the truth…

[Fufun! The best stage for a Mahou Shoujo introduction!]


At an instant, Karen’s body glows.
–No, even the scenery around her, changes to glittery things.
And, magic words come out from her mouth.



Upon hearing that, Ayame shuddered.
After all, those words are all different languages. If it’s translated, it means 『Erase』『Kill』『Hit』『Kick』.
Her limbs are covered with light as if watching an anime, and gradually, her clothes is replaced with a blue dress.
And–a few seconds later.

[Mahou Shoujo, Komauchi Karen! I’ll punish you in the place of Master!]


A genuine Mahou Shoujo wearing a blue frilly dress was there.




Only the screams of the running students didn’t change, but this time, even the Ultimate Polar Bear was left speechless.
That’s natural. During training, even Iwato froze when he saw her Mahou Shoujo form. It’s impressive to that extent–and above all, it’s unrealistic.
Karen who saw that while turning around, nodded in satisfaction, and placed her hands on her waist and puffed up with pride.

[Fufun! Since it became like this, it’s already alright!]


Upon hearing those words, Ayame finally recovered from petrification.

[K-Karen!? T-That attire……I’ll leave that aside for now, but do you have some kind of power-up upon transforming!?]
[Of course~]


An immediate reply.
Although Karen is an idiot, she’s not foolish.
That Karen said so in this serious matter. So it’s probably right……

[My Battle Rank and superpower are still far lower than him though……]


–If it’s only taijustu, I can take him on perfectly.

At an instant, Karen disappears, and the Ultimate Polar Bear moves to urgent evasion in a hurry.
Immediately after that, a crater was created by super huge hammer at the spot where he was just now.
Ayame and Eita who saw that, and also the Ultimate Polar Bear, had a hunch–that this girl is definitely 『strong』.

The level of strength is basically decided by the Battle Rank.
That applies in any kind of situation.
However, regarding Karen, she’s not limited to it.
Her superpower is extremely weak.
If it’s only her taijutsu, she can even take on an A rank member easily. With the 『magic』 called weapon summoning, she probably can make a living as a B rank member.
That’s why–her existence is very irregular. As if she’s the same as Nagumo Iwato.

As for Nagumo Iwato, he’s the strongest in taijutsu without having a superpower.
Hence, he’s a monster that has an extraordinary Battle Rank. Let’s express it like that.
As for Karen, she has the weakest superpower and second-rate taijutsu.
Hence, her Battle Rank drops to at most a third-rate. It probably can be expressed in that way.
The two resembles each other, but they don’t.
Whether it’s the superpower that made her weak or she has more strength in her while being held back by the superpower.



–Assuming that Karen has a technique that can improve her taijutsu further.
Then, no matter how weak her superpower is and how much her Battle Rank drops–only her taijutsu is top-notch.

Immediately after that, Karen transformed her hammer into a 『crowbar-like weapon』, and changed course aiming at the Ultimate Polar Bear. Holding up her weapon and charges.
However, the opponent is a Sacred Beast class. Furthermore, it’s a vanguard-type unlike the rearguard-type, Demon King Crabster. His taijustu rank should have reached S rank similar to Tsumugu.
He unleashes a large swing as if wanting to finish her in one blow.

[Nn? Perhaps, you’re not used to battles?]


For Karen who has always been training with the strongest taijutsu opponent, the attack was too easy to dodge.
She steps on his arm and runs up to his shoulder. And, swings down–



the weapon’s pointed edge aiming at his cranium.



Roaring scream. Bursting blood.
That attack don’t have any factor of magic in it, and Ayame and Eita who saw that from a distance, were shocked by her strength together with the merciless physical attack.
And, the perpetrator, Karen gets down from the Ultimate Polar Bear’s shoulder, and said this at him.

[The current me is on par with Tsumu-san if it’s only taijutsu, you know?]


By those words, Ayame and Eita get excited.
Although Ayame don’t know that Tsumugu is an Absolute, she knows that she’s strong.
Although Eita have never seen the person before, he had the opinion that if it’s Iwato’s sister, she should be strong.
That’s why, it caused such feeling.

However, because of that, the three overlooked

the Ultimate Polar Bear’s eyes–that blazes in insanity.




『I see. So you’re the only one who’s a little troublesome…… You probably have met a strong master』


The Ultimate Polar Bear said so.
Karen became a little pleased by those words, but

『Then, I should just……kill the rest』


because of that, she was late.
–This is bad!
By the time she thought of that, Karen has already run off, and ahead of her is the students who felt fear after failing to escape. They don’t think that the Ultimate Polar Bear is heading to their direction–No, their eyes couldn’t chase his speed.
That’s why, Karen is desperate to the extent of running to there with the power that can break the ground……

『Just joking』


Upon seeing the Ultimate Polar Bear saying so as he turned around, a loud warning rang in her head.



Karen guards right away with her arms.
Immediately after that, the large swing from the Ultimate Polar Bear hit Karen directly, and she bounced many times off the ground, and eventually, crashed into the inner wall.



She vomits all the air in her lungs, and at the same time as that, blood spews out from her mouth.
First, the bones of her both arms are broken for sure.
Perhaps, a few bones on her ribs might also be broken–there’s a possibility that it also affected her spine.
She managed to get out of the inner wall.
Due to the pain, she can’t even faint. The pain can be felt constantly throughout her body.
But still, she tries to stands up……

『Ha~i, one arm』


Her right arm–was crushed.



A silent scream echoed.
The Ultimate Polar Bear grinds his leg on her crushed arm even more as if her found a new joy–Adding more pain to Karen.
But there’s two people who don’t allow it.

[Get away from Karen!!]
[Uoraaaaaa!! Get away!]


The Ultimate Polar Bear suddenly was blown off a few meters to the side. The metal bat hit exactly on the wound received from Karen just now.



Adding more pain to the Ultimate Polar Bear. He held his head and he stumbles a step forward when trying to stop.
And, what the two who head towards Karen in that interval, saw is……

[T-This is terrible……]


The state of Karen having a crushed right arm that’s probably impossible to recover, and having wounds all over her body.

[Ah! Karen! This may hurt a little, but please endure it!]


Ayame who thought of the possibility of bleeding to death, quickly hold down her wounds forcibly with her superpower.

『You two also, execution』


At an instant, the two were blown off.
The two were blown off to the right and left until just before the inner wall. The two writhes in agony.
The pain is something that they had never felt before in their life. And, a shadow appeared–at him who’s writhing in agony.

『Your attack hurts. That’s why, I’ll kill you–first with respect and killing intent』


Upon hearing those words, he–Hiragishi Eita, had a stiff smile.

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