World Record Chapter 34

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34. Attack

TL Note: I changed Eita’s superpower from Killing Anger → Killing Bat

Going back in time about a few hours.
Karen, Ayame and Eita were taking breakfast in the inn.
Of course the topic is,

[Yesterday’s Hiragishi-kun was cool! Somehow, it felt refreshing!]
[Yeah, as expected of Eita]
[No honorific……well, never mind]


Eita’s heart hurt a little when Ayame spoke to him without honorific, but that was overwritten by the fact that he’s having breakfast with two girls.

[Well, it’s because I have seen Iwato’s strength close by. Because I knew that, I just can’t turn a blind eye to that man’s words]


Eita said so like it’s trifle.
That’s right. He’s the only person who happen to be present on the spot where Iwato defeated the Chain Dragon.
That’s the scene where he used most of his strength at the present time. For Eita who saw that, it’s not an exaggeration to say that he knows about Iwato’s strength the best in the class.
That’s why, he said so,

[Um……Can I?]


Upon hearing that familiar voice, the three showed unpleasant faces.
When they turned to the voice, there’s the figure of Ashibetsu Hayato with a haggard-looking face.

[Just what do you want, Ordinary Person C?]


Although Ashibetsu was shocked by Karen’s cruel way of calling, after he coughs a few times and sat on the seat–he bowed his head in silent.

[I’m sorry for yesterday! I also have my own complex…… So, I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for your dreams]


Those words were filled with sincerity.
Although Karen and Ayame don’t intent to forgive him, if he apologizes sincerely in this kind of public place, Iwato’s reputation might be lowered if they won’t forgive him.
Therefore, the two reluctantly nodded, and Eita who saw that from the side, spoke to Ashibetsu.

[Well, it’s that. We got mad because you made fun of our acquaintance. If you apologize, then it’s fine. I also……um, sorry for gripping your collar]


Eita stands up, and bows the same way as him.
Although Karen and Ayame were surprised by that, the one who’s the most surprised was none other than–Ashibetsu Hayato himself.

[Wha!? No no, not at all! I’m the one to blame! I’ll be in bind if you apologize to me……]
[……Is that so? Then]


Eita raised his head, and this time, he holds out his hand to him.
Although Ashibetsu was perplexed for a moment by that action, when he guessed what Eita wants, he showed a relieved smile and gripped his hand.

[We can’t keep on quarreling on this kind of thing. With this, this matter will end, okay?]
[Un, you’re right……. But still, your target, huh…….? I somehow want to meet him]


While exchanging words, the two shook their hands.
Although the two girls have some ill feeling remained, this matter has come to an end for the time being.

They still don’t know.
–That the footsteps of destruction are closing down steadily at this point of time.






Eita who let out his superpower 『Killing Bat』.
Facing Iwato’s number one pupil, Karen.
Karen fends off the bat with the tonfas on her hand, but every time she does that, she receives damage little by little.
–Killing Bat.
It’s an ability that creates a bat that grows with every possible damages. For this one, it’s the vibration and impact when she fends it off. Every time it fends off, the power increases by 2 times, and 3 times.
If it’s not the first time against it, one would try to finish the battle with quick attacks, but for a first timer, one would fall behind. And even if there’s the difference in Battle Rank, the superiority will fade gradually.
Upon thinking that it’s not good to continue, Karen stops exchanging blows and steps back.

[Mumumu……what a troublesome ability……]
[Don’t call it troublesome!? It’s still a fairly strong S rank superpower, you know!?]
[That’s why, it’s troublesome!]


Karen replied so instinctively,

『E-Everyone! Please stop training!』


The flustered voice of a teacher resounded.
Upon hearing those words, Karen and Eita felt that something is wrong, and similarly, Ayame gets closer.
The teacher wipes his sweats, and tells the truth with a nervous face.

『Please listen without being flustered. Just now, the school and the Special Forces received a contact from a certain A rank member. According to the person, a considerably strong Unknown is approaching here』


The students starts to make a commotion by those words.
But the commotion clamped down when the teacher continues speaking. That’s probably because they understood that they need more information.

『If I were to tell you a fake information, it might cause a panic. So, I will speak frankly. The opponent is probably a Sacred Beast class with over 70 Battle Rank. A meeting is being held in the Special Forces station, and it’s expected that Minister of Defence, Kanekura Tsukie, A rank Isakai Manabu, and B rank members will rush to here. But……』


The teacher didn’t say anything more after that.
That’s why, the students knew it already. The Sacred Beast class and the Special Forces. Which one will reach here first?
Hence, a dark atmosphere starts to flow from the students who felt despair, and some begin to cry.
Whether it’s better to say that they’re just students or the danger is still not clear yet. Whichever it is, there’s no one who rant and rave under this situation. Only silence.

In there, a sound of an email rang from Karen, Ayame and Eita’s watch-type status application.
The sound is too conspicuous in the silence.
The three opens the email while thinking 『Who on earth is it!?』–and they found a ray of hope upon seeing the sender.


Re: I’m coming now
I just defeated the Unknown’s boss.
I’m heading towards your place so……let’s see, about 10 minutes.
Please hang on until I reach.




There’s probably plenty of things to retort.
Like, what did he mean by Unknown’s boss?
Like, where is he now, saying that he can reach in about 10 minutes?
Like, hang on? It’s impossible.
But the three don’t think that Iwato can lose, and the students who saw the mail from the side, started to feel relief.

[Really!? Nagumo-kun is coming now!?]
[Ha!? We’re saved!]
[It’s 10 minutes! It looks like we need to somehow hang on until Nagumo reaches!]


The words, 『Nagumo』『Coming』『10 minutes』 spreads gradually, and motivation and relief spreads gradually.
Upon seeing that, even Ashibetsu is perplexed, wondering why they are full of hope. And also, the [target] that those three said, come to his mind, and he tried to rely on it for now.

However, they still don’t know.
Against the Sacred Beast class that even Nakajima-sensei couldn’t win, the act of hanging on for 10 minutes is–extremely difficult.


All of a sudden, the sound of destruction can be heard from the outer wall, and changes appear on the well-known solid wall.

Dogoooo, Dogoooo, Dogoooo!

The change on the wall gradually becomes bigger, and fear together with the premonition of death tinged with the existence. Everyone in that place, gulped and trembled.


Finally, the wall–has been breached.
A scream raised from the students.
And, white dreadful arms, and red eyes. The students forget that they have to hang on for 10 minutes, and trembled violently.

『Nufufu…… Nice to meet you, subjects of massacre. My name is Ultimate Polar Bear~』


The one appeared from the hole is a huge polar bear.
Walking on two legs, and wearing armor–if one look at its silhouette only, it’s cute.
But it probably have killed several lives before reaching here. It has blood around its mouth, arms and armor. Whether one likes it or not, it brings fear.
Then, there’s only thing that will happen with this much of people.



The students ran away without looking aside as if the scream caused it.




While the students are running away.
There are four figure who stood in front of the Ultimate Polar Bear.

[This……I don’t think that I can even hang on for 10 minutes]
[Then, it’s okay for you to run away, you know, Ordinary Person?]
[No, he’s a B rank member. If he ran away, I will report to Minister Kanekura]
[Ah, I might seriously die]


From the top, Ashibetsu, Karen, Ayame, and Eita.
The average of their Battle Rank is at most about 30.
On the other hand, the opponent is more than 70.
It’s probably good to say that winning is impossible. Of course, these four know it.

[10 minutes. If we can hang on for that long, your 『target』 will come, right?]


Upon hearing those words, the three nod without hesitation.
That’s right. In this match, it’s whether they can hang on for 10 minutes or not. Run away or get caught and devour. Not kill or be killed, but live or die–DEAD OR ALIVE.
Then, if they devote to defence and evasion, it’s possible to buy at least 10 minutes even though they might get heavily injured.

[Then, one person about 3 minutes]


The three nods back upon hearing Eita’s voice.
One person 3 minutes. At most 4 minutes.
If they can do it–then, Iwato will do the rest.
They thought so,



At an instant, Ashibetsu’s figure disappeared.
No–not only him, but also the Ultimate Polar Bear. Several seconds later, the sound of destruction can be heard from the outer wall.



They turn towards the sound all at once.
Then, there’s the figure of Ashibetsu buried into the wall and the Ultimate Polar Bear looking at him in boredom.
–Overwhelming. Totally can’t see it.
Perhaps, Ashibetsu might be able to see it with his superpower, 『Super Vision』, but for sure, his body couldn’t keep up with it. And the result is this.

Even Ashibetsu who’s the most powerful one among them, was defeated. Although he probably is not dead, a few bones are broken for sure, and he probably will not be able to stand for a few weeks.
Can the three of them hang on for about 10 minutes against the opponent who can do such a thing easily?

The answer for it is simple.


『Well then, let’s start the massacre』


The answer is simple and clear which is–they can’t.

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