World Record Chapter 17

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17. Bribe

The evening on that day.
Sumikawa Ayame who used up a large amount of money from the Special Forces Tokyo branch to take the airplane, inhaled in the airport and said this.

[Haa… T-This is! This is the air that person breathe……!!]


She’s a pervert.
Although Iwato’s shampoo maniac was quite something, this 14 years old black coffin maniac is greater than him.
The people around her who saw her taking deep breathes over many times while smiling, get away from her, and after a few minutes, not a single person is at her surroundings.

[…Oh? Why is this place unmanned?]


And Ayame who noticed it at this time of moment.
She’s not particularly a pervert to this extent normally.
She has good looks, high wisdom and ability, and all kinds of things.
She even finished her university at 14 years old, and if she uses her superpower, her strength will be equal to a B rank member.
So-called, a prodigy.
The only thing that she’s poor at is physical training. Other than that, she don’t have any thing she’s poor at, and she also don’t have something that she hates.
If I were to name one–

[This town where the Black King lives…… I will definitely not forgive him. Although Boss threaten me to not make him 『mad』, that guy is just an ordinary person, after all. I won’t kill him because he’s too pitiful, but by the time he comes to the Special Forces for the internship, I will make him regret to have named himself “Black”…]


After saying that, she laughed splendidly. “Fufu, fuhaha, haahahaha!”.

[Hey…can you come with me to the police station?]
[…….Eh, huh?]


She was arrested by the police in the airport.




The evening in the Nagumo’s house.

[Nii-san…internship…where you going?]
[Un? Of course a shampoo company]


Ayame’s strategy was smashed into pieces.
Although those who knows the circumstances would want to say 『You should do your best in conquering new heroine candidates a little more…』, unfortunately, for Iwato, such thing has nothing to do with him.

[It’s that one. I picked that place at the moment I saw the letter 『Sh』. My whole body cells were telling me to pick that one]
[Hahaa, Tsumu is a tsundere as always!]


Well, seeing it objectively, Tsumugu’s melon soda maniac is also quite something, but because the number of words used by those two differs a lot, Tsumugu doesn’t stand out a lot.
When Iwato stood up from the sofa, he moved his sight to Tsumugu who looked like wanting to be care for.

[So, what’s wrong, Tsumu-chan? You look like wanting to be cared for unusually]


Tsumugu said so as she walked to the sofa and sat. At the same time, she strike the side as if asking Iwato to sit beside her.
Iwato who obeyed obediently, sat next to her with leaving a few fist space between them. But Tsumugu who saw that closes the distance while having a displeased face, and she grabbed Iwato’s right hand with both of her hands.

[Nii-san…popular period. I have such hunch]
[Popular period?]


When Iwato became puzzled by Tsumugu’s ambiguous words, he looked at Tsumugu who’s clinging his arm tightly.
Then, Tsumugu who noticed it, blushed and she covers her face with his arm.
Although it looks as if she’s insisting that Iwato is hers, at the moment Iwato wanted to ask her intention, a name came put from her mouth.



Komauchi Karen.
That big eating Ogre who’s hiding as a Mahou Shoujo. In addition, a super muscle-brain.
At that moment, Iwato didn’t understand why Tsumugu said Karen’s name.

[Karen…Nii-san’s soul…she saw it. And…she finished persuading her parents. That’s why, this time…she will move…alone]


Iwato became shocked due to the truth that he first heard.
Certainly, it was said that Iwato’s soul is too big to the level that it can’t be seen unless from outside of the town.
That’s why, Tsumugu’s hint was a great help, but it’s 50/50 whether Karen saw his soul from the airplane or not–No, that’s a gamble less than that.
Therefore, Iwato was also interested in his heart, but unfortunately, he didn’t have Karen’s contact address. Hence, he thought that [Let nature take its course], but–

[I see…… In other words, Tsumu think that because Karen is coming to Sapporo, the time when only the two of us are together will decrease. So, you’re behaving like this]
[…I don’t know. Stupid]


Although Tsumugu felt a little anger due to Iwato who saw through her heart, she embraced Iwato due to the embarrassment.
Iwato and Tsumugu have already been together for almost 3 years. Furthermore, they spent those 3 years together in this house without their parents.
That’s why, Iwato knows well of Tsumugu, and Tsumugu also knows well of Iwato.
Tsumugu is adult-like even though she’s a child, but she admired adults as expected. A spoilt elementary school student who’s stronger than anyone.
Iwato is childish despite being practically an adult, indulgent to kids and lenient to his stepsister. A shampoo maniac high school student.
Iwato slowly embraces Tsumugu who pressed her head on his chest, and lightly stroke her head.

[I’m homeeeee!!]


A very familiar voice resounded at the same time as the entranceway opened.
The owner of the voice ran passed the corridor, and opened the door to the living room. And, she opened her eyes wide as she saw Iwato embracing Tsumugu on the sofa.

[Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you doing!? Are you both stupid!? Just die already!]


The muscle-brain Mahou Shoujo who started making a noise while pointing fingers at the two of them.
When Iwato and Tsumugu make an eye contact, they looked at the girl and said this.

[[…Eh? Why you’re here?]]


The girl there was Komauchi Karen.




As of now, Karen is kneeling in front of Tsumugu.
And, Iwato looks through the refrigerator to gather up as many food as possible while looking at them.

[Karen…don’t you have…something to say?]


When Tsumugu said so while folding her arms, Karen turned her face away and said this.

[I-I just wanted to give you a surprise. So I came without telling…]
[…This? A surprise? Interrupting my time with Nii-san…a surprise? Are you making fun of me!?]
[Uuuu…… Rather than that! Why are both of you embracing each other just now!? I’m not…jealous, but that’s unfair!]
[Karen…shut up]


Tsumugu completely had controls of Karen already.
Apparently, her transfer procedure has finished and she even brought all of her clothes and necessities, but she didn’t think about the crucial place to stay. Karen who noticed it when she arrived at the airport on the evening, thought that “Ah, if I stay at Master’s house again, I don’t need to go to his house with a reason anymore. As expected of me, killing two birds with a stone!”. And as a result, she stormed into the Nagumo’s house.

–However, there’s an incomprehensible problem.

[You……How did you unlock the door?]


That’s right. Although Tsumugu seemed to have completely forgotten about it, Karen certainly unlocked the door to enter this house. Iwato certainly have locked the door when he returned, and above all, there’s a sound of the door being unlocked.
Then, her uncomfortable posture breaks, and she quickly threw something into her coat’s pocket. And of course, Iwato and Tsumugu didn’t miss that.

[Tsumu, go!]


The taijutsu S rank Tsumugu jumped out by Iwato’s yell.
Although Karen stands up as she tries to react to it, unfortunately, it’s impossible because of the long period of time she was kneeling.
When Tsumugu kicks Karen’s leg with full power, Karen screamed and held her leg as if the act was too cruel. And, Tsumugu obtained the duplicate key that has a penguin strap from Karen’s pocket.

[Ah! G-Give me back! I was told to definitely not let you two have it!]


The two of them have already guessed who gave this Nagumo’s house duplicate key to Karen just by those words.



It was a quite different way to call 『Father』.
Iwato’s biological father–Nagumo Youji has a special job. To say it in a brief comment, 『An influential genius who loves woman』. He’s the worst.
It’s strange if such influential person like Youji would not know about Karen, and probably, that Erogappa thinks this, 『Here, just get surrounded by girls』 while producing this duplicate key.
Iwato and Tsumugu who reminded of him had veins in their forehead, and after a short silence, Iwato gave orders to Tsumugu.

[Yosh, Tsumu. Burn this key, and while you’re at it, burn that bastard too]
[Yessir. This time for sure…I will kill him]


There’s no hesitation anymore.
Tsumugu summons her white flame and approaches the key.
Wondering where the burned smell is coming from, the penguin strap gradually turns yellow.


The two was surprised by the sudden sound, and when they looked there, they opened their eyes wide.



Before their eyes was Karen who lined up two objects on the table while shaking her legs. She smiled as if she had won.
–After all, what Karen lined up were the things that Nagumo Youji sent.
On one hand, it’s the PegaHorse oil shampoo which is made from the oil of a Sacred Beast class Unknown that appeared 13 years ago, Pegauma.
On the other hand, it’s the melon soda that won’t go bad which is said that if you’re a melon soda otaku, you need to drink this at least once. A product released before the Year of Disaster.
Their reactions to those are very obvious.

[Did you brought all your school stuffs?]
[Pajamas…change of clothes?]
[Yes! I brought all of it!]


And just like that, it has been decided that Komauchi Karen will be freeloading in the Nagumo’s house.

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