World Record Chapter 16

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16. Rumor

Tokyo, Japan.
That is the model of a super-modern state in the world. The street not only has the necessary minimum greenery, but the town is optimized in every possible place, and at the same time, it’s maintained in order.
Thanks to that, the police organization holds a great force. This town is one of the most superior towns in the world for sure.
In such town, there’s a rumor spread among the polices.

[Hey, do you know that rumor~?]
[Ah, the black haired boy who lives in Sapporo? The one about the incident at the Force Academy on the first day…]
[…Wait, that’s the first time I hear that. Well, I’m not referring to that, but it’s about the whereabouts of Black Pandora has been confirmed!]
[Eeeh!? W-Why now!?]


That’s right, the surprising truth that Isakai Manabu once told that the one who defeated the chain dragon was the 『King of Black Coffin』. Then that rumor started to spread and at the same time, the rumors about Iwato also spread due to the relation of 『Black』.

“Black Pandora” and “Black King”.
Leaving aside those who lives in Sapporo and knows about it, for the people who only heard about the rumor, they can only doubt that the two have relations. The rumor of the relation of the person without powers and the Number One started to spread slowly.
But in fact, the contribution off the King of Black Coffin is rising, and from the fact that Unknowns start to appear at Sapporo, it’s normal to think that the Number One is not there anymore.
And above all, it’s unthinkable that the weakest and the strongest are acquaintance.
Therefore, even if the polices are interested in it, they only think that it’s only a rumor. So there’s no one who went to Sapporo to question the person without powers directly.

–Except one person in Tokyo.

[Can I get the permission to go to Sapporo’s Force Academy with the pretense of guarding the prime minister who continued to stay at Sapporo?]
[What are you saying?]


The girl, Sumikawa Ayame talked to her boss directly.
The weaved silver hair that’s close to white and the red eyes peeping from the bangs.
She is a C rank member affiliated to the Tokyo branch Special Forces, and she’s called as the highly expected rookie.
Although it can be guessed just by seeing her hair color, she’s not treated as an excellent personnel by the boss, but she’s treated as a problem child.
The reason is–

[Isn’t there a talk that the 『Black Pandora』 is infesting at Sapporo!? Then, I can’t waste my time in this place!]
[No, aren’t you off duty today? And also, something like 『infesting』, he’s not a wild animal…]


That’s right, she is an extreme 『King of Black Coffin Fan』.
If she heard that name, she will go anywhere. If she heard an insult from her boss, she will beat up her boss no matter what.
And she has the superpower enough to do that much. In fact, her superpower rank is SSS. She’s even said to be a 『new Absolute prodigy』 by the society.
Well, in fact, the Number Four is a monster that has EX rank, but the girl who don’t know about it, was full to the brim.

However, her boss not only controls the Special Forces, but also controls the police organization. That’s why, her boss knew a lot of things.
Of course, that includes Iwato’s identity, and what this girl’s recent actions.
He sighs and flips the documents at his hands.

『What powerless Black King! Isn’t the Black King stronger than that person!? I will kill him as soon as I found him!』

『That person is also the same! Why he never go and punished the Black King who used a similar name as him!?』

『Fufufu……kill him and pretend it as an accident…seems to be easily found out. Let’s use superpower to assassinate him』


It’s a disgraceful remark as a Special Forces.
From what he heard, 7 years ago, one part of Tokyo was destroyed by a Sacred Beast class Unknown, and at that time, Ayame was 7 years old and she managed to survived from the collapse. But unluckily, she was found by the Unknown.
Although she resisted against the Unknown desperately with her superpower that she got a year ago, even if it’s SSS rank, if she can’t handle it, it’s only SS rank, S rank, no, maybe lower than that.
And just like that, her power didn’t work on the Unknown, and when she was on the verge of giving up–he appeared.

『Sorry, I’m late』


She opened her eyes wide by the voice, and what she saw was a white-haired boy who wears black clothes, charging towards the Unknown.
He muttered one word, and swung his hand down at the approaching Unknown.

–In the next moment, the Unknown became blue light and vanished.

After that, the boy disappeared before she knew it, and as a result, the Number One, King of Black Coffin’s contributions rose sharply at that time because the Special Forces announced that he did that.
Apparently, the girl who heard that, told everyone about it, but in the end, no one believes her saying that 『There’s no way you seen his superpower before because no one knows about it』.
In fact, the boss in front of the girl now doesn’t know about his superpower, and what he knows is only his whereabouts and his identity.
That’s why, she admires the Number One, World Recorder and at the same time, she has a certain dream.
–Well, that’s

[I want to meet him once more. I want to thank him for saving me at that time! For that reason, I will even quit the Special Forces and go there!]


The boss permitted her to go but with a few conditions.

–Don’t cause a problem.

–Even if you met him, don’t tell anyone.

And–don’t anger the black-haired boy.




A few days after Ayame’s negotiation in Tokyo.
A few weeks have passed since Karen left Sapporo.
A few days after Karen’s departure, the girls who usually bought sweets for Karen looked lonely, but it seemed that the girls have received e-mails from Karen, so their loneliness faded.

And just like that, it’s already May, and it’s almost the first day of summer.
The students started to get used to the new environment gradually, but Iwato’s feelings on shampoo is as usual, and finally, the school got used to Iwato’s weirdness.
During the lunch break, Iwato heard a groan from the front seat, so he looked in front. Then, Eita turned around as if he perceived it.

[Hey, Iwatooo! Where do you plan to go on the internship……]
[Well, I already have my own (shampoo) company]
[Dammit! Why you’re the only one who have a secured future!?]


Eita shouted so.
By the way, because of no one has the name in between of Nagumo Iwato’s 『Na』 and Hiragishi Eita’s 『Hi』, Iwato sat at the second window seat from the back, and his front was Eita as if they have some kind of fate. For Iwato, it’s intolerable that he has a fate with a guy.
However, even if he leave that aside, the problem is the internship.
When Iwato took out a handout from the clear file he took out from his bag, he scanned through the words written on it.

[Police, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Special Forces. The others are also good, but there’s a lot of choices… Aren’t all of these civil servants?]
[Of course it is. The Force Academy is the world’s greatest school that only has one in one city. And it will be strange if the students who graduated from there will not be very popular]


When Iwato ignores Eita who said so, at the same time, he starts to check about it by himself with his status application.
Well, even if it’s an internship, the people who came to this school, are people who aim to be the Special Forces. It’s unthinkable that anyone will go somewhere other than that, and all of the students this year will pick to go to the Special Forces for sure.
That’s why, Iwato searched for the impressions of people who went to the Special Forces in the past, but–

[Regarding the Special Forces internship in each generation. 『It’s not worth it』『It ended with us beaten up by the elites』『Their face after they beat us was super-annoying』『Even though they say that it’s a part to learn the Special Forces’ strength, they are just venting their stress』 and etc. The Special Forces seemed to be called as shit]


Iwato said so and when he takes off his glasses, he raises his bangs that became long.
Tsumugu who’s Iwato’s stepsister who works as the top leader of the Special Forces, prefer that they don’t lower the impression on the Special Forces, but even if Tsumugu told the higher-ups of the Special Forces, this probably something like an annual event for the Special Forces. It might stopped temporarily, but it will definitely come back after a year or two.

[Hmm, although this may be an extreme remark, it seems faster to just purged all the Special Forces small fries]
[Scary!? You’re scary, Iwato……Huh?]


The classmates who starts to shake their head at full speed by Eita’s words for some reason. In other words, although they usually speak ill of Iwato, to be honest, they were looking at Iwato’s right eyebrow.

[And also……when I see properly, your right eyebrow has a Chuunibyou-like wound]


The classmates who shake their head at full speed again by Eita’s words.
The current classmates’ impression on Iwato is 『A quite strange and gentle powerless monster』.
To be honest, because they can buy the valuable 『Overdye SRB』, it was not viewed as a problem, but he sometimes combine shampoos while in the class. Of course, everyone pretend to not see it.
In addition to that, he has a very gentle personality. Even if he’s criticized of not having any powers, he doesn’t mind about it. From the fact that he smiles without minding everyone, he’s quite popular at the back.
Of course, there are opinions on 『What is he thinking…』, but when they see that shampoo maniac, everyone will think that 『He don’t think about anything』. That’s what they wished for.
Well, as for Eita, he did see Iwato get angry before, but that’s only to the extent of a shampoo being crushed. No a great anger.

When Iwato touched his wound with his finger, he looked at the empty space with lonely eyes.
Everyone will think “That wound must be related to his past that should not be asked” if they see him.
Iwato then said this to Eita.

[In the past, when I’m making shampoo, I got hurt on my face because of the machine that has sharp blade attached to it. At that time, the shampoo was spoiled by fresh blood…]


The classmates who heard that, felt anger.

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