DKC – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – To come back from death’s door (2)

The Jade Lake’s fairy pulled on Nangong Liuyun who was the tottering on the verge of collapse. Her beautiful eyes moving cleverly around, her voice sounded justifiable and honest as she said. “Third senior brother, looking at how badly injured you are, how can you go search for her? Even if you could find her, if she really was in danger, would you be able to save her?”

The Jade Lake Fairy’s words were reasonable and irrefutable. She had hit the nail on the head.

Nangong Liuyun truly had suffered severe injuries.

In order to save the Jade Lake’s fairy, his abdomen had been slashed heavily by the king vulture’s claws and had bled profusely. Once he was able to finally stop the bleeding, Nangong Liuyun had rushed here to look for Su Luo, only to find that she had disappeared.

“Third senior brother, right now your first priority is to recover from your wounds.” The Jade Lake’s fairy gazed at him in concern, “Believe in me, okay? I’ll send people to look for her right now. I trust they’ll find this Miss Su and bring her back quickly.”

Nangong Liuyun struggled to get up, his wounds that he had worked so hard to close had re-opened. Suddenly, fresh blood spurted from the wounds like spring water wildly rushing forward.

Due to excessive blood loss, Nangong Liuyun’s lips had turned white as paper while his face displayed a haggard appearance.

Nangong Liuyun firmly grabbed the hand of the Jade Lake’s fairy. Although weak, he maintained his dignified manner and very seriously stated. “We must find her!”

“Okay.” The Jade Lake Fairy squeezed out a smile and solemnly nodded her head.

Even Nangong Liuyun failed to notice the flash of frost that passed through her eyes.

After he finished speaking, Nangong Liuyun sat down cross-legged and began exercising his powers to heal himself. He needed to nurse his body back to full health, his Luo girl was still waiting for him somewhere.

The Jade Lake’s fairy had successfully appeased Nangong Liuyun. Seeing him begin the healing process, her beautiful watery eyes showed a look of deep anticipation while her red lips displayed a slight superficial smile.

Then, she turned to leave.

Beside a cliff covered with a bottomless drop covered in dense fog.

The magnificent Jade Fairy stood on the edge of the cliff. Her long hair which flowed down to her ankles was dancing in the wind, giving the illusion that she was on the verge of taking flight, like a fairy. However, at this time, she had an indifferent and icy expression on her face.

Behind her stood a row of four young women led by a woman named Qin Ning. Qin Ning was the magnificent Jade Fairy’s most trusted attendant.

The magnificent Jade Fairy’s beautiful, simple, and neat face had a shallow smile, “Did all of you hear third senior brother’s words? Now, the only task for you is to look for this Miss Su.”

Qin Ning’s reply was very direct. Glancing at the magnificent Jade Fairy’s beautiful, cold, and expressionless face, she murmured. “Yes.”

“Remember, if still alive, I must see the person. If dead, I must see the corpse.” The magnificent Jade Fairy unhurriedly spit out those words while stressing the last four. She continued to smile gently and gorgeously as before, so otherworldly beautiful that just a glance could drive all living things mad.

Qin Ning had grown up together with the magnificent Jade Fairy, so once she heard the words she immediately understood their hidden meaning.

A barely perceivable treacherous chill flashed in Qin Ning’s eyes as she responded. “This servant will not fail to comply with the Young Mistress’s command, if living then must see the person, if dead then must see the corpse!”

The master and servant simultaneously laughed together, with mutual understanding.

Qin Ning led the other three people and quickly walked away while sneering in her heart endlessly.

A toad that wants to eat swan flesh! An insignificant idiotic girl dares to try to snatch a guy away from the Young Mistress. Is she looking to court her own death?

That little slut! If she is dead, then it was over. If she wasn’t dead, hehe, when the time comes, they will torment that slut until she wished she was dead. They will make her regret that she was ever born into this world.

Qin Ning and the three women flew through the mountain range, following the crushed plants while flying as fast as lightning.

When the divine dragon had previously chased after Su Luo, it had left behind a trail of destruction, making the route fairly obvious.

Qin Ning moved along this road, continuously searching.

Qin Ning and companions were rather lucky as they soon ran into Liu Ruohua.

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  1. Light says:

    Can’t wait to see how Su Luo gets revenge

  2. chronos5884 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Oh dear, here comes trouble!

    I can understand their perspectives since Su Luo appears like a commoner at the moment but… still hate them.

  3. lasiefo says:

    Nangong Liuyun is such a fucking annoying shit
    i hope the author of the story is male and lets that trouble-bringing good for nothing run on a road full of trouble to obtain her heart
    i hope he thinks she died and escaped somewhere and gets op and then revenge on all those douches
    in my opinion he doesnt deserve her
    he made his choice and is only bringing more and more trouble to her

    • Ratatoskr says:

      True dat. I don’t know how he could trust the jade lake whatever in the first place. And he clearly abandoned su luo when it gets the most dangerous. If su luo did died then everything was on his hands. He did bring a powerless human in a forest of monsters. Everything after that is his responaibility.

      • RoflCat says:

        Well, he left her in a house on a tree, which would normally be safe from anything in that area…normally. (I’m certain that house was meant to be a safe spot for anyone who ventured in there)

        At least I don’t remember the place being known for commonly having tornado flying around or divine dragon fighting phoenix show down.

        And to save his fellow student was probably his obligation as her senior, without knowing that the bitch probably intentionally caught the vulture’s attention to make that happen.

        • Arua says:

          Are you kidding? A flood of monsters was happening at that time, even if the place was rather safe in a normal situation, during that crisis NO PLACE was safe in that forest.

          • June says:

            I agree with RoflCat… Su Luo has the most dangerous luck. Her tree house was the only one out of many where Nangong Liuyun left her that was blown away by a tornado. Even she cursed about this. When he left her he probably calculated that she will be safe and rescued the one that was in imminent danger. I think tornado was outside of his calculations 😉 Yes he had an obligation to save his fellow students, it will be more clear why in next chapter.

          • Owl says:

            In a stampede, up a sturdy tree is the best possible place to be. Just FYI.

          • Arua says:

            Just FIY Owl, magical beasts aren’t all crawling on the ground.

            Anyway, not talking about her luck, just the fact that there was a possibility for it happening should have been enough for him to reconsider leaving her there alone, especially since he “loves” her.
            Moreover, even if he had a reason to save the others, he’s the one who dragged Su Luo there in the first place… assuring her she’ll be safe. On the other hand, the others went there on their own. So far Nangong Liuyun brought her more trouble than anything else (unveiling her potential doesn’t count, Su Luo might have discovered it by herself).

  4. Licenseless person says:

    If they torment su luo and show him her corpse, it either they will be dead next or liu and da gang is made into scapegoat

  5. Midori says:

    Thanks a lot—-!
    For all his intelligence, can he not see that jade girl doesn’t like su luo…?! Her pretense is really good, but i mean…urgh, su luo, you’ve gotta escape, escape from all of them! And then, kill them! So horrible, these girls…!!

  6. Jaelaun says:

    His inability to see that snake’s real personality is eating away at my last nerve. If another male comes into play the second lead syndrome will be powerful.

  7. Manga Hunter says:

    The main character guy is dense. How can he not see that the Jade Fairy (Witch) doesn’t like Su Luo? I hope that Jade Fairy (Witch) gets her just desserts.

    • June says:

      Man are usually written as dense in romances (let along Chinese ones), but some of the background between the two will come up in the next few chapters that will make Nangong Liuyun less of a fool.

      • JerryHatrick says:

        It just feels forced. So talented and intelligent… Yet fooled so easily to suit the story.

        • Lolli says:

          I think so too. He seems to be able to see thru everyone, yet he can’t see thru the Jade Fairy. Or it could be that he just thinks the best of her since they knew each other for a long time. But it was really hard forgiving him for abandoning Su Luo and some very very STUPID thing he said after they are reunited. I was like “That’s IT! HE CAN NO LONGER BE MALE LEAD!!!” it really made me that furious lol. But I grudgingly forgave him >.> but if awesome second lead appears….. who knows! =)

  8. hipployta says:

    That dude is a complete fail…Su Luo I wish you to torture as much as possible. I also just want her to show back up in 3 months with no problems and for him to have to grovel

  9. Asu says:

    The trouble with LN is, if you have a great female MC the main male will be kind of dense and vice versa. I only hope NL will see through it soon or else SL is going to leave him.

    • Arkeus says:

      You don’t have to fear that Su Luo is going to be the perfect woman MC while Nangong Liuyun will be an ornamental bishoujo.

      One of the good point of this webnovel is that this is definitely not like Descent of the Phoenix where only the woman MC can do anything.

      One of the bad point is that sometimes you’d want her to be a bit more capable in contrast with Nangong Liuyun so that she can be badass even when he is present, AND that some of their conflict in the couple early on are creepy as shit.

      tl;dr: Both Nangon Liuyun and Su Luo will have many, many occasions to shine. Both are supposed to be unfathomably talented and smart.

  10. Kaiser says:

    I’ve already seen she is far more intelligent, skillful and has a treasure of powers, element dominion hatching. Surely she would surpass him whenever.
    But been both the stars of the story, he might drain from her those celestial unique in a millennia strengths. Like a vampire… For now just using romantic tricks she should overcome…i expect so.

  11. jkcdeo says:

    this is getting annoying

  12. EilahD says:

    If NL sees all of the comments about him here, he will for sure vomit blood. LOL

  13. Anonymous says:

    Nangon –> Nangong

    Appears more than once! Thanks.

  14. Random person says:

    Wow. I just had to comment now. Women in this story are vicious. Su Luo is better without the guy. Ditch him. He ain’t worth the trouble if he blind of jade fairy.

    And thanks for the translation.

  15. zskyfish says:

    It is so ironic that Prince Jin’s trip to these woods was to protect Su Luo first and foremost and yet he left her defenseless in order to protect a woman who is as strong as he is. He seemed to forget his quest which I thought meant something to him as well as to Su Luo since she is one of a kind and useful to him. She is one of a kind and yet he was willing to lose her. Oh well, the irony is that she accomplished her task by her lonesome and now it is a secret (yay!). He wasn’t really neccessary after all. Actually, he put her in the place to receive her luck but not because he knew so I don’t know how much it counts.

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