DKC – Chapter 883

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Chapter 883 – Fairy Yan Xia (15)

“Want to drink some water?” Li Yaoyao swayed the water kettle that she had added three drops of Celestial Spirit Water to.

This three drops of Celestial Spirit Water simply made her flesh hurt.

“…..” Su Luo’s eyelids still did not lift up as before, and continued in the state of staring blankly.

Added three drops of low grade Celestial Spirit Water to contaminate the water quality, who would want to drink it? She had always directly poured out high grade Celestial Spirit Water, okay?

Li Yaoyao suddenly had no more tricks.

“Humph! Su Luo, don’t forget. You only have one day to live. Next year’s tomorrow will be the anniversary of your death!” Li Yaoyao, seeing her stratagem didn’t work, directly became hostile.

Su Luo still felt disinclined to pay any damned attention to her.

But that green vine in her sleeves slowly crawled out.

From the corner of Li Yaoyao’s eyes, she saw that green vine, and unconsciously, she jumped away.

The so-called once bitten twice shy, now, Li Yaoyao was really very afraid of this green vine.

“Good, good, good. Since you yourself want to be a starving ghost. Then, become one! Don’t appreciate the good intentions of people!” Li Yaoyao coldly humphed a few times. And saw that green vine become restless again. Finally, she icily glared at Su Luo, then turned and returned to her original position.

Seeing Li Yaoyao leaving, then Su Luo faintly sighed.

She still remembered the first time she saw Li Yaoyao, that was what kind of immortal fairy-like aura?

Dressed in white that was purer than snow, exquisite without being touched by dirt, appearing like a fairy that was above the common people. As if just glancing at her was blasphemy.

But the her right now…gave off a strong aura of smoke and fire.

Su Luo slowly sighed again.

It had already been two days.

Because she had collected the Red Acacia Seeds, moreover, it was Variant Red Acacia Seeds, as a result, Su Luo started to attack the rank of an Advanced Apothecary.

Because Su Luo’s soul had entered her space, therefore, from Li Yaoyao’s point of view, if Su Luo wasn’t staring blankly, then she was sleeping.

Through two days of practice in unbroken succession. When Li Yaoyao disturbed Su Luo, Su Luo had just so happened to be promoted to the ranks of Advanced Apothecary.

Because of Su Luo’s equipment and body’s special nature, when she just got promoted to Advanced Apothecary, her strength was already equivalent to the rank of someone at the summit of Advanced Apothecary.

As a result, Su Luo started to prepare to refine the Concentration Restoration Pills.

A very coincidental matter was that the most precious herb in the Concentration Restoration Pills was Luo Yi Grass.

Luo Yi Grass was divided based on years.

Ten years, one hundred years, ten thousand years….

Naturally the older it was, the better the effect of the medicine would be.

The Luo Yi Grass in Su Luo’s hand dug out by the little divine dragon was at least several thousand years old. The medicinal effect would be very good.

Su Luo only grabbed some meaty leaves of the Luo Yi Grass and used it as a main ingredient, placed them into the medicinal cauldron.

After approximately two hours had passed.

Su Luo’s first time refining Concentration Restoration Pills, and she actually directly succeeded!

Good, very good!

Su Luo was simply pleased beyond her own expectations!

Tomorrow was the last day, then today, she must escape.

Su Luo secretly boosted her own morale in her heart.

If she remained behind, it was definitely a dead end. If she escaped, there was still a thread of hope.

Night, gradually, it darkened.

Because these few days, Su Luo had always behaved very calmly. Therefore, Li Yaoyao’s guard against her had dropped to the lowest point.

The darkest moment before dawn.

At this moment, it was the darkest time in the world. Also, the moment when people slept the deepest.

Previous life, Su Luo was used to going out to kill people at this time. That was a one hundred percent success, never had she failed.

Today, this moment had finally came.

Su Luo’s hand held a pipe of sleeping smoke, and blew in the direction where Li Yaoyao was.

Because she had already made preparations to escape, so Su Luo had already searched once through her space. And finally, found that huge box of medicine that Senior Brother had given her from before.

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  1. admiralen says:

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    Even papa Su did better than that

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        After Su Luo got advanced to Intermediate apothecary, Zi Ran stopped teaching her, and from then on it was Rong Yun..
        Also, in case you haven’t noticed, he tried desperately to hide his real intentions towards her, and almost succeeded too – if only not for the devil (LYY) constantly whispering in the ears of FYX and brainwashing her into believing something LYY herself didn’t think was true..
        In the end, FYX decided that better safe than sorry, and decided to kill her either ways.

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