DKC – Chapter 871

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Chapter 871 – Fairy Yan Xia (3)

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly.

This person’s way of thinking was really exotic, if the other side didn’t love her, then she’d make him hate her.

“However, you should feel assured. Your master would never know that it was I who kidnapped you.” How smart of a person was Fairy Yan Xia? She squinted her eyes and was able to understand Su Luo’s thoughts.

Su Luo’s thoughts became a little sluggish, a kind of bad premonition floating up.

Sure enough, she saw Fairy Yan Xia let out a gloomy, frosty smile: “You are a smart person, naturally, you know that killing a person is the best way to seal their mouth.”

As expected, Fairy Yan Xia wanted to kill her.

“Loathsome girl, afraid?” Fairy Yan Xia smiled strangely at Su Luo.

“Afraid? Who is not afraid of death, you are saying it as if you are not afraid of death.” Su Luo sneered.

If Fairy Yan Xia was not afraid of death, then she wouldn’t have deliberately diverted Master away.

Fairy Yan Xia nodded her head: “You really are an honest girl. However, no matter how honest you are, it’s still useless. This fairy must kill you this time, no matter what!”

A furious meaning immediately burst out from Su Luo’s eyes: “If you kill me, then I have no problem with it. However, let her go! Whatever you want to ask, I’ll answer it!”

“Are you threatening me?” Fairy Yan Xia stared at her coldly. Her gloomy gaze stared at Su Luo frostily.

“I am just haggling with you over the price.” Su Luo coldly snorted.

“No one can haggle with me, also, no one can change my mind. Hahahahah——” Fairy Yan Xia suddenly howled with laughter.

Wind blew her long, mischievous black hair, which danced freely with the breeze. Giving others a crazy and strange feeling.

The hands at Su Luo’s side were clenched tightly into fists.


The circumstances where Fairy Yan Xia was stronger, her strength was too weak, at every point, she was truly at a disadvantage. Su Luo’s heart felt extremely helpless. Her determination to become stronger was getting more and more intense!

“She is from Purgatory City, and her background is not small. Could it be that you are not afraid of Purgatory City’s revenge?” She could not use force, so Su Luo took out Zi Yan’s master of the city, hoping that Fairy Yan Xia would hold back a little.

However, Fairy Yan Xia had already entered a half state of madness ,and only burst out with ‘hahaha’, another howl of laughter.

“Predecessor!” Su Luo’s heart was very worried so she angrily yelled.

“You, this loathsome girl is too noisy!” Fairy Yan Xia sent a disdainful glare at Su Luo. In passing, her hand formed the shape of a knife to chop towards the back of Su Luo’s neck.

Su Luo, who always used this move to chop down others, her body softened and fell down to the ground…

In fact, those words of Su Luo’s had threatened Fairy Yan Xia.

Her strength on this continent was able to let her move unhindered in the whole world. However, that was under the circumstances that the people of the Purgatory City wouldn’t come out.

In fact, Purgatory City’s formidable strength was there for everyone to see. They could send a random person out and he could run amuck on this continent without fear. So, when Fairy Yan Xia found out about Zi Yan’s identity, misgivings were born in her heart.

“Master.” A clear and attractive figure approached from afar and came closer. In the end, she calmly stood in front of Fairy Yan Xia.

If Su Luo was still awake, she would discover that this female’s figure was very familiar.

“Carry her back.” Fairy Yan Xia coldly frowned.

At the same time, her suspicious gaze shot towards this person in front of her…

“It’s best if she is the person I’m trying to find, otherwise… humph!” Fairy Yan Xia gave a heavy snort. She flung her sleeves, turned and left abruptly.

Seeing Fairy Yan Xia’s arrogant backview as she left, the mysterious girl’s hands at her side clenched into fists. A barely contained fury appeared on her face.

Immediately after, she lowered her head to look at Su Luo, who had fallen on the ground. The corner of her mouth hooked into a very fierce, malicious cold intent.

“Slut!” Following which, she sent a kick towards Su Luo.

The sole that was polluted with soil left an imprint on Su Luo’s dress.

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  1. Ping says:

    Quite hate devil Yan xia, don’t know when she got her disaster.

  2. AO says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!!
    It’s exceptionally cold where I live this year so I can feel your pain (-___-)

  3. Kiko says:

    Ugh 😑! Of course it’s jade lake fairy… I am really tired of how su Lou makes enemies across the continent! Even if you disagree, there still were some moments when she could become friends with someone, but instead she chose to have a nemesis! And all of this is because she loves to have grudges! I feel like by the end of this novel all noble families(except beichen laox and aong) even nangong will be dead! And that beautiful teacher , I don’t like him, he doesn’t care about su luo, and always treats her like she is useless! He probably liked her mother but her mother didn’t like him back! Now that he has to teach su luo, he always sighs like she is a burden!

    • Hime-sama says:

      I don’t know, it doesn’t seem that way to me..
      True, she loves to hold grudges, and there were plenty opportunities for her to avoid making enemies where she chose to make them anyways, but definitely no chances to make friends of said people..
      Also, it’s clear (at least to me) that Rong Yun is deliberately treating Su Luo this way in order to hide the connection between them, and consequently Su Luo connection to her mother, from enemies (such as Fairy Yan Xia), and their spies who are lurking around his place on that peak, when he clearly values and cares for Su Luo (seen from his gentle smile after Zi Ran left after reporting about Zi Huo’s cauldron, and also when he was speaking with him after Su Luo left for the Demon Forest)..
      If he acted kind and caring towards her when spying eyes weren’t around, the people around him, who don’t know the situation, would definitely think he had a split personality or something, so why do so?

  4. Hime-sama says:

    Oh, not to mention that Rong Yun went to great lengths so that he would become her master, for example setting that whole trap for LYY so that in the end she would be the one snatched by FYX..

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