DKC – Chapter 868

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Chapter 868 – A glimmer of hope (9)

“Going or not?” Fairy Yan Xia stood on top of a huge rock and looked down, casting sideway glances at Su Luo.

The sun was setting in the West, the orange yellow color, and the clouds tinged with sunset hues, dyed the blue of Fairy Yan Xia’s clothes. It gave people a strange, cold feeling.

“Since Predecessor generously wanted to invited me, junior dares not disobey, only, I haven’t informed Master yet, so….” Su Luo only felt that her blood was rolling around violently in her throat, so uncomfortable that she spitted out a mouthful of blood.

“No need for wasting words! Immediately come with me!”

Not waiting for Su Luo to speak, Fairy Yan Xia, in passing, picked Su Luo up, just like lifting up a little chick.

After several rise and falls, Fairy Yan Xia’s figure had already disappeared from this mountain range.

Two blooming flowers, each on their own branch.

Speaking of Zi Yan who had chased after that Elemental Elf.

Even though in the beginning, the Elemental Elf’s speed was very fast, however, after running for a while, it actually stopped.

Zi Yan thought that the Elemental Elf was trying to deceive her, so she carefully followed behind it.


Zi Yan discovered that the little thing in front of her had actually stopped to eat grass.

Not only was it eating grass, but it also had its fat butt raised as it buried its head inside…. don’t know what it was doing.

Zi Yan walked up curiously, and picked up its little head to turn it around. Only then did she discover, this little Elemental elf was actually eating the soil!

The corner of Zi Yan mouth pursed, really…..speechless.

“So hungry to this degree?” Zi Yan helplessly looked at it.

“Uh-huh.” The wretched-looking little thing licked the mud in its palm.

Looking at its pitiful appearance, Zi Yan’s motherly instinct burst out vigorously.

“Say, what do you want to eat? This older sister will make it for you!”

The little Elemental Elf, having never seen the world, pointed to the ground and the……grass.

Three black lines appeared on Zi Yan’s forehead.

“The grass is for the cows, sheepd and horses to eat. You are the legendary Elemental Elf, understand? The kind that is very rare. How can you eat grass? This taste is really lacking.” Zi Yan earnestly instructed.

The Elemental Elf’s pair of dark eyes blinked a few times, not really understanding what Zi Yan said.

Before, when it was sealed inside, it was still an egg. This is the first time it had seen the world after being hatched from the egg.

A child not taught by a mother, simply didn’t know what it ought to eat…

Once she thought of this, Zi Yan’s motherly instinct gave out an even stronger flavor.

“Looks like you are a vegetarian.” Zi Yan held it, in a spoiled manner, she stroked its little head, “Let’s go, older sister will take you to eat some delicious foods.”

At this time, Zi Yan had completely forgotten about Su Luo.

Zi Yan knew about the matter between Grandmaster Rong Yun and Fairy Yan Xia. So, when she saw Fairy Yan Xia take Su Luo away, she thought it was the concern from the older generation for the younger generation. As a result, she completely had no suspicions.

Zi Yan held the little Elemental Elf and leisurely strolled around inside the Dark Forest.

With her strength, the surrounding magical beasts were completely of no threat to her.

Her most important goal now was to coax the little Elemental Elf properly. And let it voluntarily recognize her as its master.

After strolling around in a loop, Zi Yan brought the little Elemental Elf to sample the unique fruits in the Dark Forest.

After strolling around a circle, they had collected more than a dozen kinds of fruits.

Zi Yan sat down on the grass and let the little Elemental Elf pick the fruit it liked to eat.

While she herself took out a small paper crane from her sleeve.

In fact, before, she had lied to Su Luo.

This kind of paper crane, she really didn’t have anymore, but her third senior brother had given her a few of them. She had hidden them all on her body.

Whoosh Whoosh, Zi Yan wrote a bunch of words on the paper crane, finally, she muttered to the paper crane:

Paper crane oh paper crane, Third Senior Brother must have waited for a long time, quickly go.

Then, Zi Yan slowly blew a breath of air on the paper crane.

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