DKC – Chapter 860

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Chapter 860 – A glimmer of hope (1)

“Am I wrong? Didn’t I just dissect out the hidden meanings in your words? Could it be that in your impression, your brother would be this stupid? That he couldn’t spot such a clumsy lie?”

“You—!” Luo Dieyi clenched her fists, face flushed red from anger.

Just at this time, Su Luo suddenly pulled Zi Yan away, shouting: “Careful!”

Su Luo subconsciously dragged Zi Yan down to the ground, at the same time, Nothingness of Space momentarily enveloped them both.

An incomparably formidable wave of terrifying power spread from the jade-like wall!

For a moment, the whole world exploded with loud crashing sounds that shocked the heavens!


The whole mountain range shook and rocked violently!

The heavens rumbled as if there were continuous claps of thunder!

Su Luo and the others were currently in the valley, twice, it was the mountain peak, now——

Both sides of the mountain peak exploded and burst out, and a countless number of huge rocks fell down from the peak!

The momentum was so turbulent like a surging sea, with huge waves soaring to the sky!

Wherever one went, the heaven and earth would change color, with vegetation turning into ashes!

Under the scattered rocks, even the great masters at the top were also in danger of dying.

“Go!” Su Luo grabbed Zi Yan and, with extreme quickness, dashed forward.

Both were enveloped in Nothingness of Space and were also extremely fast. Therefore, they only received minor injuries.

Compared to the two people’s calmness, the Luo family siblings were in a much more difficult situation.

Luo Haochen’s injuries were really the worst kind of timing.

The instinct to survive made his speed very fast, but how could it be compared to Su Luo and Zi Yan’s?

The pair of siblings continuously suffered hits from the countless number of boulders. Momentarily, they were simply so weary and couldn’t dealt with it anymore.

“Oh—“ A huge rock smashed towards Luo Dieyi’s back!

The Luo family siblings, with one on the left, and the other on the right, were supporting each other.

However, this rock came too quickly, too urgently, too violently, Luo Dieyi was basically unable to block it!

Luo Dieyi couldn’t avoid it, unconsciously, she turned and ran to Luo Haochen’s side.

She was already used to having her older brother’s protection.

“Bam——“ That huge piece of rock smashed towards Luo Haochen!

Burying his lower half in a flash!

“Ahhh!” A violent cry of pain left Luo Haochen’s mouth.

The lower half of his body was crushed under the huge rock, causing him so much pain that his entire body felt numb.

After his pained cries, he fiercely glared at Luo Dieyi.

This. Was. The. Second. Time!

“Luo. Die. Yi!!!” Luo Haochen bit down on his back teeth, stressing each word, so regretful that he almost spit out blood!

He was so trusting in giving his other side to Luo Dieyi, but she, time and time again, betrayed him.

“Older Brother, I, I didn’t do it on purpose…” Indeed, Luo Dieyi really didn’t do it on purpose, it was all subconsciously done…

Seeing Luo Haochen’s gaze that was about to eat someone, Luo Dieyi felt scared and also horrible: “Boo hoo… Older Brother… I really didn’t do it on purpose~~”

“Luo Dieyi, you really are bitterly disappointing! I really regret always saving you along the way!” Luo Haochen clenched his teeth, so furious that the veins in his forehead popped out.

If it wasn’t for Luo Dieyi, then Luo Haochen would never have ended up in such a dangerous situation.

“…” Luo Dieyi could only bow her head, not daring to annoy Luo Haochen any further.

“I order you to get lost! Roll away as far away as you can!” Luo Haochen really did not want to see Luo Dieyi’s pathetic, ‘being wronged’ face!

“Older Brother…” Luo Dieyi, with weepy eyes that wanted to sob, looked at the extremely furious Luo Haochen.

She originally wanted to beg for forgiveness, but seeing those waves of huge rocks surging towards Luo Haochen, she immediately changed what she wanted to say——

“Older Brother, I will find people to save you! You wait here!” Luo Dieyi had hardly finished her sentence, when her figure ran so far that it vanished….

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  1. Alex says:

    I’m confused, how is it Luo Dieyi’s fault that the boulder hit her brother? Was the boulder following her?

    • Hime-sama says:

      She accidentally pushed her brother on to the boulder’s trajectory when she was trying to avoid it..

      • Anonymous says:

        No what happened was that they were side by side and the boulder came towards her right and her bro was on his right. When she saw tje boulder coming she switched sides with her brother and the boulder hit him

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