DKC – Chapter 859

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Chapter 859 – An opportunity in an unstable situation (5)

Soon after, his heavy eyebrows scrunched up: “You crazy old man did it on purpose!”

Out of all the younger generation present, only Luo Haochen was wounded, the other three had all dodged it.

Beichen Lin spread out both hands, with innocence written all over his face: “Who knew that the rock wall would bounce it back? It’s not like you said it beforehand.”

Luo Shengtian was so enraged that he directly smashed a fist over.

He saw that Luo Haochen wasn’t mortally wounded, so his complexion looked slightly better now.

“You guys leave this place at once!” Li Xiaofeng’s glance skimmed through the younger generation with a remote coldness.

Especially when he saw Su Luo, his eyes turned even more conspicuously malicious.

Li Xiaofeng, although his name had the ‘xiao’ word, that meant ‘smile’, but his conduct was extremely treacherous, sinister, and gloomily introverted.

Su Luo silently retracted her gaze.

With great masters present, the few of them in the younger generation could never pick up any advantages.

Especially when Elder Beichen’s palm strike that was slapped over had such a strong recoil, if they stayed there any longer, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Therefore, Su Luo and Zi Yan exchanged a glance, both of them nodded their heads and left, hand in hand.

Luo Dieyi, harboring a guilty conscience, supported Luo Haochen, both of them also left together.

Su Luo, who turned her body around to walk forward, suddenly felt a murderous presence behind her. It was as if a scorching hot glare was fixed on her back.

That glare was strong and aggressive with a murderous intent that was breathtaking. It made her heart feel very uneasy.

Su Luo clenched her hands tightly that was at her side, and slowly turned around.

Once she turned her eyes around, it met with Li Xiaofeng’s malicious and grim pair of eyes.

That pair of eyes was distant and heavy, filled with viciousness and venom.

Although she turned back around quickly, but Li Xiaofeng’s strange pair of eyes made Su Luo feel uneasy.

Zi Yan noticed Su Luo’s difference, and she asked, deeply concerned: “What’s wrong?”

Like Li Xiaofeng’s grade of exceptional expert, Zi Yan also had no way to deal with them.

Su Luo, not wanting to increase her burden, laughed: “It’s nothing, only somewhat curious. Don’t know if Master and them can open Ci Ning’s grave.”

“Even if they can open it, so what? Hmph, not a single elder of Purgatory City is present!” Luo Dieyi, supporting Luo Haochen, sneered coldly.

Zi Yan swiped a despising gaze at her: “Using your own elder brother as a shield in critical moments, you vicious girl. You don’t have the qualifications to talk to this miss, scram!”

Zi Yan was obviously driving a wedge between them.

The matter before was all too coincidental. Although Luo Dieyi had dodged it, but Luo Haochen wasn’t so lucky and ran into it.

And even if the consequences created was the same, you couldn’t say that it was because Luo Dieyi gave a push.

At this time, Luo Dieyi was both ashamed and angry. She glared at Zi Yan very fiercely, only then did she softly, in a humble voice, apologize to Luo Haochen: “Older Brother…”

Luo Haochen looked at her with ice-cold eyes.

You had to say, Zi Yan’s words possessed a very strong destructive power.

Luo Haochen remembered that when they were all chased by the murderous Diamond Ape King before, under such a dangerous, tense situation, he, from the start to finish, had protected his younger sister, but she…

Luo Haochen was always good to his younger sister, but this time, to say that he was not a bit disappointed, would be a lie.

“Older Brother… I really didn’t do it on purpose….” Luo Dieyi could clearly see the cold meaning in Luo Haochen’s eyes, her heart was somewhat frantic.

“You didn’t do it on purpose, then that means you did it intentionally.” In her previous life, Zi Yan probably was Luo Dieyi’s nemesis.

“Older Brother, you must believe me, at that time, I was anxious, and instinctively dodged…” Luo Dieyi continued to persist in explaining.

“Since it was due to instinct, then it just illustrates it even more that deep in your heart, your brother is merely a shield to you.” Zi Yan said while grinning.

“You—“ Luo Dieyi was pushed back, sentence after sentence.

Moreover, every single sentence Zi Yan said was exceptionally sharp, stabbing her words until they drew blood, while naked.

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