DKC – Chapter 858

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Chapter 858 – An opportunity in an unstable situation (4)

Just seeing Luo Shengtian’s response, made Beichen Lin’s heart bright and smooth as a mirror.

“Then isn’t it all set? Who told you to first bully other people’s precious disciple? So to say, the one in the wrong was you, you old fart.” Beichen Lin concluded after the coffin had been sealed.

Su Luo secretly smiled in her heart.

The nature of this elder from Beichen family was straightforward, outspoken and did not bother about trifles. He had the same go-between temperament as Beichen Ying.

Not to mention that just now, it was he who had moved to save her.

As a result, Su Luo’s first impression of Elder Beichen was pretty good.

Luo Shengtian was extremely angry, yet he could only look on helplessly. He gave a snort, flung his sleeves and then turned his head away. He gazed towards that glossy, jade-like wall.

“Now that is more correct. The most important thing is to unseal this jade wall and enter this fierce-looking tomb.” Elder Beichen said, with hands clasped behind his back. His gaze was luminous and shiny.

“We are still short one person.” Rong Yun’s indifferent gaze swept past.

At this moment, the three super powerful experts had all of their attention focused on that jade wall. The dispute from a moment ago was imperceptibly dispelled.

“Li Xiaofeng’s nose is sharper than a dog, could it be that this time, he is in seclusion to cultivate and didn’t feel it?” Elder Beichen rubbed his nose and muttered to himself.

Just at this moment, the sky suddenly echoed with a rumbling sound.

Su Luo raised her eyes up to look.

It was another person’s figure slowly descending.

Today could be described as an opportunity in an unstable situation. It was the gathering of experts from all directions.

“ Li Xiaofeng, I was just saying it was impossible for your dog-like nose not to sense this fishy smell, and here you have arrived, right?” Elder Beichen laughed out loud.

“Even a crazy old man like you had arrived, how could I not come?” Li Xiaofeng nimbly descended and returned mockingly.

Amongst these four strong experts, Grandmaster Rong Yun was the most senior. The other three all seemed to be Grandmaster Rong Yun’s subordinates.

In front of these famous experts, those few younger generation’s existence seemed extremely weak.

At this moment, a touch of suspicion flashed through Su Luo’s.

Li Xiaofeng? His last name was Li and also on equal terms with Beautiful Teacher. Could this person be… that person from the Jade Lake’s Li Family?

Beichen Lin smiled sarcastically: “My Beichen Palace is indifferent, but do you also dare to step out of the Jade Lake Palace?”

Li Xiaofeng returned with a ridiculing sentence: “Who told the Beichen Palace not to have any noteworthy treasures in it.”

Elder Beichen’s complexion condensed and snorted twice as he placed his hands behind him: “Then your Jade Lake’s Li Family must guard them well. Don’t try to steal a chicken only to lose the rice used to lure it.”

“Brother Beichen is over thinking. The Beichen Palace was never taken notice of by others. So, many things are not known to you, this is also only natural.” Li Xiaofeng’s oral ability was very good. Every word was like a pearl, every sentence was sarcastic, directly forcing Elder Beichen’s complexion to condense into frost.

Rong Yun indifferently swept him a glance: “This matter should not be delayed, studying the inscriptions is the most important matter.”

Once those words were said, the other three exceptional experts’ minds shivered. Soon after, all of their gazes were fixed on that bright and clean, jade-like stone wall.

They had surrounded the jade wall and concentrated fully on studying the inscriptions on it.

The densely-packed inscriptions flashed with divine light.

Beichen Lin took the lead and moved, sending out an attack.

However, that huge energy immediately rolled on like smoke and started to jolt towards the front.

“Pfff——” Luo Haochen, who had been weakened, was jolted until he directly vomited out a mouthful of blood violently.

In fact, that huge energy had shot straight towards Luo Dieyi.

Only, she unconsciously dropped down to the ground and did not pull Luo Haochen down.

As a result, that huge energy, with incomparable accuracy, shot into Luo Haochen’s body and injured him severely.

Luo Haochen’s body was already very weak, and in addition to receiving this attack, his entire body had become so weak to the point of dying.

Seeing this, Luo Shengtian immediately took out a cure all spirit pill and stuffed it into Luo Haochen’s mouth.

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