DKC – Chapter 857

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Chapter 857 – An opportunity in an unstable situation (3)

“Aren’t you afraid that I might also cripple your disciple’s cultivation!” Luo Shengtian was extremely angry, but still smiled. However, in fact, his heart was hollow.

Rong Yun smiled indifferently: “You can do that, only if you hide the entire Luo family, otherwise…”

The words he didn’t finish speaking was meaningful…

Otherwise, the entire Luo family would be buried with Su Luo!

Curses! Luo Shengtian’s complexion was ashen from fury and his fist was tightly clenched.

If he could win against Rong Yun, then fine, however, he simply could not do so!

Also, he had reasons to believe that Grandmaster Rong Yun would truly do this. His words were not just hot air!

Rong Yun’s face was cold as he indifferently looked at him: “In the future, just manage your Luo family better, my disciple can only be managed by me.”

“Bullying intolerably!” Luo Shengtian clenched his fists tightly.

“I will allow you to challenge me once.” Rong Yun flung his sleeves with an indifferent expression.

Hearing what was said, Luo Shentian’s throat closed. If he could beat Rong Yun, why would he waste so many words?

Luo Shengtian, panting with rage, looked away! People that accomplished great things did not bother with trifles, he would bear it!

“Grandfather……” Luo Haochen, who was supported by Luo Dieyi, weakly yelled.

Luo Haochen expressed his dissatisfaction… How was it that this time, Grandfather was this weak. Unexpectedly, he did not help him take revenge… Could it be that he would simply lose a level of his cultivation like this in vain?

Luo Shengtian unhappily sent him a glare.

He never thought that Rong Yun would have a complete fall out with him over a loathsome girl. Also, his methods would be this ruthless and absolute.

Now, Luo Haochen could only swallow this grievance, otherwise, what else could be done? He couldn’t win in a fight, then curse him? You dare to curse, he could continue to cripple your cultivation, what could be done?

In truth, Elder Beichen was also astonished by Rong Yun’s methods.

From his impression, this Grandmaster-ranked Apothecary was always gentle and indifferent, standing completely aloof of worldly matters. He had not imagined that when he made a move… he would truly kill so decisively…

Thinking up till this point, Beichen Lin looked at Su Luo curiously.

This little girl was truly not that simple.

His own grandson usually did not put any attention to women. However, he would often write back home and always mention this extremely lucky little girl.

Beichen Lin was experienced in the ways of the world, how could he not understand his own grandson’s thoughts?

He looked at Su Luo and rubbed his chin in deep thought: This girl was truly not bad, don’t know if he could snatch her away and raise her as his grandson’s wife.

At this moment, the situation became a deadlock. There were no benefits to anyone, as a result, they could only let Beichen Lin come out to smooth things over.

“Luo Shengtian, what are you so angry about. Their healthy young miss was almost pressured to the point of having her flesh lacerated. Destroying the cultivation of your grandchild by a level is still considered light. If you had injured my family’s Little Shadow, see how this granddaddy will waste your grandchild!” Although Beichen Lin smoothed things over, he was still very partial towards the other side.

“My grandfather did not know she was Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple!” Luo Dieyi had a dissatisfied expression.

Zi Yan coldly snorted: “Bullshit! A while ago, Su Luo had revealed her identity. It was you guys who did not believe her, who are you blaming?”

Luo Dieyi choked and very fiercely glared at Zi Yan! Would Zi Yan die if she didn’t oppose her? Would she really die!

Beichen Lin patted Luo Shengtian’s shoulders: “I say, you old fart, you truly did not know that she was Rong Yun’s disciple?”

“Humph!” Luo Shengtian looked away.

Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi might not have believed, however, he believed it.

Only, Rong Yun would rather receive this girl instead of the Luo Family’s younger generation. His heart was unsatisfied, thus, he intentionally pressured her.

Who could have thought that Rong Yun actually came. Moreover, he would immediately become hostile. This point was completely outside of Luo Shengtian’s expectations.

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  1. Iceiceice says:

    “Raise her as his grandsons wife” lol it’s like he’s talking about livestock or some vegetables in his garden. And this master Rong Yun, I’m starting to fall for this old man. Phew.

    • Sachiko says:

      Remember he looks young and really hot ;D

    • Gohankuten says:

      What are you talking abut I love the Beichens more lol. Both the grandson and grandfather are awesome and funny. Su Luo needs to keep ahold of Ying and just make a harem of them all lol.

      • SUNOFA says:

        Good luck making a harem with Nangong Liuyun’s temperament…

      • Riger says:

        Ying and his grandfather are pretty entertaining… But you have to love the monster that everyone fears being so sappy towards her. I always got a huge kick out of that. Rip someone’s arm off, then make sure none of the drops hit Su Luo 😛

      • Iceiceice says:

        I love the beichen family to shreds! Like seriously if I had to pick a hubby, it would be the little beichen. But that sentence from grandpa just made laugh ^^

    • June says:

      Don’t worry Beautiful Teacher and another powerful guy is part of Su Luo mother’s harem… Her mother has really good taste 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a play on a practice during the one child only years in China. Every family wanted a son to pass on the name and take care of them when they are older…the wife joins the husband’s family, so having a daughter was basically giving someone else your child to take care of them.
      So, some of the wealthier families would actually go out and purchase/adopt little girls from poor families and raise them alongside their sons as their future wives, to insure that they had grandchildren and the family line continued.
      Boys really, really outnumber girls in China right now, and the girls have their pick of husbands.

    • Kia says:

      isnt that how they are always treated back then though? im not surprised

  2. midori says:

    thanks a lot—!
    woo, rong yun, so cool! haha, this beichen lin is really amusing! but i like his thoughts! i also ship su luo and beichen ying, nyahaha! though she and nangong liuyun are cute too,hm…luo shengtian had purposely made things difficult for su luo?! how dare he! make him suffer some more, rong yun!

  3. Sakuraflower says:

    Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love SL!!!!!! I am the team SL_NL <3 <3

  4. 66Ocelots says:

    I didn’t care about any of these people. My only concern is that my MengMeng gets his treasures back.

  5. Chicken says:

    I didn’t read for almost a month. The flood of chapters was wonderful, but now I’m back to the normal wait.

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