DKC – Chapter 856

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Chapter 856 – An opportunity in an unstable situation (2)

“Shut up!” Elder Luo glared very fiercely at Elder Beichen.

“Even if I shut up, it’s useless. Him being a master is now investigating what you were responsible for, how do you see it?” Elder Beichen was berated but was still smiling happily.

This elder’s temperament was the same as Beichen Ying’s, a happy-go-lucky kind of person.

Elder Luo looked towards Rong Yun and saw his apathetic gaze filled with a menacing, murderous aura.

His heart trembled with fear, then he lifted his eyes to signal to Luo Haochen.

Luo Haochen saw his own grandfather being taunted, and a gush of fury appeared in his heart, his expression becoming severely cold.

But his grandfather’s order, he dared not disobey. So he unwillingly threw those several treasures towards Su Luo.

It seemed to him, that Su Luo would definitely reach out her hand to catch them.

But, Su Luo did not cooperate with him. She was pretending to talk with Zi Yan.

Consequently, one could only hear the three “bang” sounds, and everything fell to the ground.

“Oh, my treasures——” Su Luo cried out in surprise, raised her eyes and glared at Luo Haochen, “Luo Haochen, what do you mean by this?”

Luo Haochen had a very annoyed expression.

Already returned your things and still so troublesome! In the end, do you want it or not?

Now, if she wanted him to go pick it up and then return it to her, this was absolutely impossible.

Therefore, Luo Haochen cast cold, sidelong glances at Su Luo and turned his body away.

Rong Yun’s eyes narrowed dangerously, but one also didn’t see how he moved. One could only see his sleeve flip over.

And in the next second, Luo Haochen had already been lifted into his hands.

It was similar to lifting a chick up. He was hung upside down, carried up by Rong Yun.

This unforeseen event immediately shocked everyone.

“Rong Yun, what are you doing?” Luo Shengtian had never thought that Rong Yun, with that sort of good disposition, would actually become so hostile so quickly.

Rong Yun leisurely cast a glance at him and indifferently said a sentence, “I’m disciplining your disciple and grandson in your place.”

Didn’t even know what Rong Yun did. His disposition could still be considered as good, but Luo Haochen unexpectedly gave blood-curdling screams.

Luo Shengtian’s complexion tensed and he berated: “Quickly release him!”

Rong Yun laughed faintly and played it down: “Release him, then I’ll release. There’s nothing difficult about this.”

In passing, he threw Luo Haochen towards Luo Shengtian.

Afraid of Rong Yun doing something else, Luo Shengtian caught Luo Haochen steadily in his hands, but he himself had to take ten steps backwards.

Every step left a deep footprint in the ground.

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s things weren’t easy to catch.

Only with great difficulty, did Luo Shengtian get rid of that enormous powerful pressure, in order to stabilize him and Luo Haochen.

It was also at this moment that Luo Shengtian suddenly discovered that the gap in strength between himself and Grandmaster Rong Yun was actually so huge…

However, Luo Haochen, at this moment, had a in-poor-health expression, and his body was dispirited: “Grandpa, Grandpa… It really hurts… Am I going to die…”

Although Rong Yun had just pinched him in passing, but he had actually abolished a whole level of Luo Haochen’s cultivation.

From the summit of the seventh rank, he had returned to the beginning of sixth rank.

This was already more than one rank…

“Rong Yun, you!” Luo Shengtian got so angry that even his beard was sticking up.

Hateful, simply too hateful. He actually abolished his precious grandson’s cultivation in front him!

In front of his face, he had abolished his grandson’s cultivation! Luo Shengtian did not only feel regret for his grandson’s cultivation, at the same time, this was Rong Yun thrashing his pride!

Luo Shengtian was itching to rush up and wage three hundred rounds of battle with Rong Yun. But what Grandmaster Rong Yun had displayed just now was only the tip of the iceberg of his strength. Yet, it had already scared him unbearably. He was absolutely not Grandmaster Rong Yun’s opponent.

Rong Yun cast an apathetically sidelong glance at him: “Returning politeness for politeness. No need to be thankful.”

Luo Shengtian was immediately choked off!

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  1. Iceiceice says:

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