DKC – Chapter 853

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Chapter 853 – Convergence of Experts (4)

So heavy!

In a mere split second, Su Luo felt like her whole body was being roasted by a fire. The pressure on her whole body was so heavy that her legs bent. The bones in her whole body made cracking sounds. It was as if in the next moment, her entire body would burst open.

Could it be that she would have to admit defeat just like this? Su Luo’s whole body was covered in sweat mixed with blood. She gritted her teeth to bear the pain!

She clenched her fist tightly. Her heart was extremely unwilling!

Just right at this crucial moment——

A rumbling noise suddenly came from the sky.

The sound shook so much, that fear grew in people’s hearts.

And what was this going to be about?

For a moment, everybody’s gaze looked towards that horizon that was exploding with sounds——

All of a sudden, a navy blue brocade gown suddenly appeared in the sky.

Su Luo, with just one glance, was certain: it was an extremely handsome middle-aged man.

Merely looking at his appearance, Su Luo kept having a feeling that he was somewhat familiar, as if she had seen him before from somewhere.

One could only see him flying fast, hanging in mid-air. He leisurely and contentedly cast a glance at Luo Shengtian, jeering at him repeatedly: “Oh, old fart, is this you lecturing your family’s younger generation?”

Before Luo Shengtian could reply, Zi Yan rushed first to shout out: “Elder Beichen, Su Luo isn’t from the Luo family!”

Originally, rushing to speak before an elder like this was very rude, but the matter was urgent, carrying more weight, so she didn’t pay much attention to it.

Having heard what was said, Elder Beichen’s mocking sneer had an even stronger flavor.

“Oh, whose family does this lively girl belong to?”

Zi Yan hurriedly pointed at Su Luo and said: “She is Grandmaster Rong Yun’s newly accepted young disciple. Don’t know why Elder Luo couldn’t stand the sight of her, and just…”

Zi Yan knew that the Beichen family usually did not get along with the Luo family. These words of hers were something Elder Beichen really liked to hear.

Just as expected, Elder Beichen immediately pointed disdainfully at Elder Luo and burst out in loud laughter: “You old fart, those brats in your family are still so disorderly, and you still have the time to discipline Rong Yun’s disciple on his behalf? It’s truly called nothing to do but eat salty radish while being worried needlessly.”

One could only see this Elder Beichen merely playing it down as he waved his hand. The strong pressure that had been added onto Su Luo’s body suddenly disappeared.

Elder Luo’s complexion flushed red within a short time.

“Get lost!” Elder Luo rebuked angrily. Truly, just seeing this person vexed him.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Just like this, and you would fly into a rage out of humiliation? I say, your several hundred years of self-restraint, have you thrown it all to the dogs?” Elder Beichen revolved around Elder Luo.

Elder Luo was itching to throw a slap across: “Shut up! If you don’t talk, no one will think you’re mute!”

Watching them creating a disturbance while quarreling together, Su Luo felt it was very mystical.

Able to quarrel with Elder Luo, one must be in a similar realm of cultivation.

Therefore, Su Luo was certain, that person who saved her was definitely Beichen Ying’s grandfather.

It’s just that, these two people, who could just stomp their feet and destroy an area of super strong experts, were unexpectedly like children, quarrelling together like this?

Su Luo rubbed her eyes and thought that this was extremely mystical.

Zi Yan saw that Su Luo was alright, and only then did she release a breath. She leaned close to Su Luo’s side and muttered in a low voice: “These two elders have been old enemies from when they were young. I heard they’ve been fighting for several hundred years. Until now, they still haven’t distinguished the outcome of their battle. Therefore, every time they meet, if it’s not a quarrel, then it’s a fight. It’s very lively.”

Hearing what was said, Su Luo nodded secretly in her heart.

“However, although Elder Beichen sometimes handles things somewhat recklessly, but his conduct is honest and upright. He absolutely would not do things like robbing the younger generation.” Zi Yan’s eyes were glancing about randomly as her voice rose slightly.

Su Luo’s water caltrop-shaped lips pursed into a shallow smile. This girl really spared no effort on her behalf. Was this considered tattletaling on something shady?

However, this friend she made could considered to be worth it.

Having a complete mutual understanding with Zi Yan, Su Luo also raised her voice slightly.

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