DKC – Chapter 762

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Chapter 762 – News of Su Luo’s Death (10)

Su Luo leaned against the wall and seeing him like this, she hurriedly caught his hand: “Before, I had no background nor a master to take charge of me, but didn’t I still walk the whole journey to arrive here anyway? There’s no meaning in saying these things now. What’s most important is how to get out of here.”

Su Luo, time after time, tossed up that strange spirit stone to amuse herself. Although her expression seemed relaxed, inside her heart, she was actually somewhat worried.


Suddenly, a sound rang out from beside Su Luo’s ear.

Su Luo was suddenly startled and immediately sat up straight. Then, she examined up, down, left, right and all around.

However, in this small stone room, apart from her and Beichen Ying, there weren’t any other people.

“What happened?” Seeing Su Luo suddenly sit up straight, Beichen Ying asked in concern.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t hear it?” Su Luo’s face was full of astonishment. Why didn’t Beichen Ying have any reaction?

“Hear what?” Beichen Ying looked at Su Luo strangely.

“Idiot. There is someone cursing us as ‘idiot’.” Su Luo’s entire face was earnest as she spoke seriously about this matter.

“How is that possible? I completely didn’t hear it.” Beichen Ying said truthfully.

“That’s not right. Clearly there is someone…” Su Luo frowned, remaining puzzled despite much thought.

“Extremely stupid!”

Yet another sound emerged at the side of Su Luo’s ear.

Su Luo suddenly looked at Beichen Ying: “It said something again. Did you hear it?”

Beichen Ying was made somewhat nervous because of Su Luo’s unhinged actions and appearance: “I really didn’t hear it.”

As a result, the two of them opened their eyes wide and examined everywhere within this nine square meters area.

But this place was truly bare. There was nothing here.

Finally, after searching the place once through with no results, their gazes identically looked towards the strange stone that Su Luo had placed on the ground.

“Extremely stupid! Hurry up and pick up this little grandpa!” A proud and pampered voice emerged at the side of Su Luo’s ear.

Su Luo was immediately struck dumb…

She lifted her eyes to look at Beichen Ying but saw that Beichen Ying’s eyes seemed at a loss. As if he had not heard it at all.

Su Luo paused for a moment, then stooped down to pick up that strange piece of fiery red spirit stone.

Speaking of this piece of spirit stone, it had already saved her life quite a few times.

“Is it you?” Su Luo sent out a spirit thought in her mind, attempting to communicate with this piece of stone.

Just now, hearing its voice, it sounded like a proud and pampered five- or six-year-old brat.


From inside the fiery red spirit stone, came the sound of an arrogantly cold ‘humph’.

Su Luo could totally create a mental image of a deadpanning brat with both arms folded across his chest. He had his jaw raised as he shot a sidelong glance at her.

Su Luo had a kind of premonition.

Whether or not she could make it out of this stone room, would depend on this little piece of thing inside her hand.

As a result, the corner of her mouth hooked into a slight smile and she poked that stone: “You’ve been trapped inside this stone, right? Do you want to come out?”

The voice of the brat inside carried a trace of resentment: “With your current slight cultivation, after how many years and how many months can I then be let out?!”

“I can find other people oh.” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth parted slightly. This little thing’s temper was rather large.

“Find other people! You’ve already dripped blood and is recognised as the master. How can I still find other people!” The brat got angrier the more he spoke, wishing he could rush out and clutch Su Luo by the neck.

“Eh… Didn’t I just happen to pick you up?” Su Luo was depressed. The brats nowadays were getting harder and harder to coax.

“Eh, what eh? Who told you to pick me up? Who told you that you can pick me up?” The voice of one who had been driven mad exploded from inside.

There were three black lines hanging on Su Luo’s forehead. She attempted to explain: “At that time, in the Amethyst Fish Palace, I don’t know how you rolled out and were stepped on by me.”

At the mention of this, the brat inside was even more furious.

“Who told you to step on me!!! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!! At that time, there was clearly a formidable existence, that’s why I rolled out! Why is it that I got stepped on by you! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!!”

Su Luo was immediately speechless, but she understood some things now: so, originally, that place should have been Nangong Liuyun’s…

This pathetic baby’s luck was really too terrible. With one roll, it rolled underneath her own foot……

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