DKC – Chapter 714

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Chapter 714 – Rong Yun’s Bias (1)

In fact, Su Luo was still waiting.

That morning, the Amethyst Crystal Fish still had not spit out a crystal stone yet. Therefore, she placed all of her last hopes on this last chance.

She hoped the Amethyst Crystal Fish would, at the most crucial moment, be able to spit out the purple crystal stone that she needed the most. Please, please.

Didn’t everyone all say her luck was good, that she’s the illegitimate daughter of the goddess of fortune? This time’s luck must be very impressive! Su Luo was praying secretly inside her heart.

A hint of a sneer flashed across the Jade Lake’s fairy’s eyes: “Miss Su, it’s your turn.”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth contained a trace of a shallow smile: “There’s no hurry. Has the Jade Lake’s fairy already collected them all?”

Li Yaoyao gave a smile that was not a smile: “Waiting for you to hand in the exam. Naturally, I’ll wait to see the results. Hurry and go up, stop delaying for time. If Grandmaster Rong Yun gets angry, the consequences will be severe.”

At this time, Su Luo talking about this and that with Jade Lake’s fairy was just to stall for more time.

There were still ten minutes left before the Amethyst Crystal Fish would spit out another crystal stone…

The Jade Lake’s fairy noticed that Su Luo was still deliberately stalling for time and could not help but sneer: “Miss Su, if you don’t have the purple-colored crystal stone, then you just don’t have it. Even if you wait, it won’t come. How long will you drag this out?”

Su Luo did not pay her any attention. She maintained her I’m-mulling-over-it expression and nearly infuriated the Jade Lake’s fairy to death.

On the surface, Su Luo seemed calm and collected, but actually, inside her heart, she was secretly anxious.

Su Luo had never known that time originally passed this slowly…These ten minutes let her fully experience the torment.

Just right at this time, Grandmaster Rong Yun shot a glance at Su Luo. His clear and cold voice rang out: “Time——”

“Pop–” Before Grandmaster Rong Yun could finished speaking, he saw a little dragon suddenly leap up towards his body.

The little divine dragon, having received Su Luo’s command, ran into Grandmaster Rong Yun’s arms and acted cutely.

Before Grandmaster Rong Yun had treated him well. Now, seeing him run over, Grandmaster Rong Yun also came to like it.

The little divine dragon didn’t just stay well-behaved in his arms and acted cute. He was very lively, leaping up and down.

One moment here, then another moment there. Suddenly, he leapt up onto that table.

As everyone knew, the embroidered pouch that had every color of crystal stone was placed on this tray.

The speed of the little divine dragon’s paws were very fast. Don’t know where he got his courage from, and one paw went into the pouch and grabbed something, immediately stuffing it into his mouth.

Even though his action was quick, under thousands of staring eyes, everyone had seen it very clearly!

As a result, everyone froze, staring blankly.

This… What was this supposed to be… Wrapped inside that embroidered pouch was clearly the items the Jade Lake’s fairy had handed in.

The bystanders were shocked, but how could their shock be compared to the Jade Lake’s Li family’s?

Wrapped inside that was actually seven colors of crystal stone, with one for each color. If it had been something else, then forget it. But the purple-colored crystal stone was extremely hard to come by. Even though they were one of the strongest among the ten great powers, they also had to grit their teeth to bear the pain before managing to gather them all.

Li Yaoxiang got so angry that his face flushed red.

Subconsciously, he wanted to rush up there and examine it. However, before waiting for him to even get close, the two chamberlains at Grandmaster Rong Yun’s side obstructed Li Yaoxiang’s way.

One indifferent voice, like the wind, said: “Stop right there.”

A grim and bloodthirsty voice said: “Courting death?”

The hot blood that rushed up to Li Yaoxiang’s head cooled down in a flash. Only then did he realise that a moment ago, he almost offended Grandmaster Rong Yun.

Even though he realised this point, but due to arrogance, it only eased the tension in his expression slightly: “Grandmaster Rong Ýun, please examine them for a moment, which crystal stones did we, the Jade Lake’s Li family, lose!”

If it was others, then fine. If it turned out to be the purple-colored crystal stone… For Li Yaoxiang, just thinking about it, felt his head hurt.

At this moment, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched slightly.

She somewhat speechlessly supported her forehead with her hand and raised her head to look at the sky.

It was because of her family’s little divine dragon’s treasure hunt ability.

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