DKC – Chapter 656

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Chapter 656 – Crafty plots and machinations (7)

Madam Su’s body trembled and she didn’t dare to look at Apothecary Leng again.

Su Zian, on the other hand, completely did not notice any of his wife’s abnormal movements. He looked at that piece of medicinal pill, a touch of excitement flashing across his face: “This is……”

“Advanced level medicinal pill, you may not recognize it.” Apothecary Leng carelessly flung the medicinal pill into Su Zian’s hands, then turned around to leave.

Su Zian solicitously caught up: “It’s already deep into the night and the illumination is bad. It would be better for Apothecary Leng to stay at Su Manor and wait until tomorrow……”

Apothecary Leng cast a sidelong glance at him, enigmatically tossing out a sentence: “No matter how great the illumination is, it’s still useless to a blind person.”

After saying this sentence, he turned around and entered the carriage, returning to his own residence.

Only leaving behind Su Zian who was staring blankly and helplessly at the original spot.

He scanned his brain at a loss. What was the meaning behind Apothecary Leng’s words?

No matter how much he thought about it, he could not understand and could only drop the subject.

Returning to the courtyard, after he had Su Jingyu eat the medicinal pill left by Apothecary Leng. As expected, his complexion had returned to a rosy glow, unlike the lifelessness from before.

Su Zian’s entire face was filled with gratitude: “Apothecary Leng truly deserves to be called Apothecary Leng. Having taken just one piece of medicinal pill, it immediately had the desired effect. In all likelihood, Jingyu will wake up very soon.”

Seeing Su Jingyu lying on the bed with his complexion restored to a rosy color, Madam Su’s fists at her side clenched tightly.

Now that Apothecary Leng had unexpectedly inserted in like a wedge from the side, what should she do?

“My lord, the night is already so dark, tomorrow morning, you still have to wake up early to go to morning court. Quickly go and rest. This place will be taken care of by me, your concubine.” Madam Su squeezed out a smile on her face.

Today, Su Zian was anxious and worried at the same time, indeed, he was somewhat exhausted.

He recalled the recent matter with the Jade Lake’s Li family in the imperial court, those officials, in order to curry favor with the Jade Lake’s Li family, deliberately set out to oppose him, pestering him beyond endurance.

This was all because of Su Luo.

Sometimes, he truly suspected that this daughter seemed to have come to demand repayment from him in this lifetime, making him repeatedly lose face.

Su Zian faintly groaned: “Then Jingyu will be left in your care, take care of him well, by all means, do not let any mishap happen to him again.”

“Jingyu is birthed by this concubine, how could this concubine not properly take care of him, my lord, quickly go and rest.” Madam Su smilingly sent off Su Zian.

After waiting for Su Zian to leave.

Inside the room, it was quiet and noiseless.

Slowly, Madam Su became somewhat tired, and she gave a drowsy yawn.

It was unknown how much time had passed, before a shadow leapt in from the window, coldly standing in front of Madam Su.

When Madam Su saw that figure, with a quiver, she immediately stood up, “Why did you come?”

Jade Lake’s Li family.

Located in the outskirts.

Within a radius of five kilometers, it was remote and uninhabited. But at the center of this region, a splendid and magnificent courtyard was constructed.

The entire courtyard was planted with fiery red maple trees, from afar, it looked like the burning flames of a phoenix, strongly battering the eyes of people looking.

This was the Jade Lake’s Li family’s courtyard in the city capital, everything was arranged based on the Jade Lake’s Palace’s Princess’s tastes. It was constructed based on the Jade Lake’s Fairy’s preferences.

Under the maple tree, was arranged a table full of exquisite food.

Jade Lake’s Fairy, Li Aoqiong, and there was also their second uncle, Li Yaoxiang.

Right now, the three people’s moods were very good, lifting wine and drinking face-to-face, talking and smiling quietly.

“Aoqiong’s plans this time are not bad, very soon, that girl will kneel in front of our Li family’s doorway.” Li Yaoxiang delightfully drank his cup of wine.

He remembered that day when he went to Su Manor, with Nangong Liuyun appearing halfway through to attack, destroying his plans and making it fall through. The petty Li Yaoxiang still bore a grudge even now.

Li Aoqiong laughed out loud: “Second Uncle flatters me too much! Honestly, it’s that girl who is overestimating her own abilities. This nephew merely arranged a small scheme and nothing more.”

“Indeed, one small loathsome girl dares to oppose the Jade Lake’s Li family. If we were to so easily let her go, where would we place our family’s face?” Li Yaoxiang gave a cold humph.

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  1. CNP14 says:

    to be fair, if you are having trouble multiple times by the same girl, and if all your schemes have failed and you resort to undercover attacks I’d say your freakin family have already lost any kind face it had remaining. it means she is that much a threat to you then, with or without NL.

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      Arrogant people don’t like to admit that they were wrong, they’re much more inclined to lie to themselves and convince themselves that the other person isn’t -really- a threat and can be easily dealt with if they actually try.

      The irony is most of the time they’re right initially and it’s not until much later when this is no longer the case that they finally realize just how deep the hole they have dug themselves into is.

      Keep in mind that the Li family has likely never lost before, Su Luo is probably the first person who has ever been able to stand against them and succeed. The Li family has absolutely no experience in dealing with people that they cannot easily crush; they literally don’t know how to deal with a real threat.

    • Richard Po says:

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      I think he is referring to “fear”, instead of what “face” actually mean: “respect”/”dignity”.

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        Ahh must be one of those things that don’t translate well. Out of curiosity, can the word she’s using here actually refer to someone who’s married to him out is she actually calling herself a live in mistress?

        Chinese rhetoric is still such a mystery to me, alas.

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