DKC – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Cut off at the wrist

Because of her rattled emotions, Liu Ruohua was tightly clutching Su Luo’s hands with such strong force, that she looked like she was about to rip off Su Luo’s wrist from her still functioning arms.

Su Luo’s expression darkened, and out of the corner of her eyes, she shot a quick glance at Nangong Liuyun. All of a sudden, she let out a muffled groan.

Nangong Liuyun’s facial expression became brash and ruthlessly tyrannical in a flash. His sharp, hawk-like eyes erupted with a dense air of fury and a penetrating, icy-coldnes. If one were to look at him in that instant, they would not be able to tell what he did but would only see the overbearing shadow of his sleeves as they flew past——

As for afterward, well… there really weren’t any afterwards.

Because at this time, Liu Ruohua was already gone from this private room on the second floor.

The only thing anyone could see was her meager, thin body, similar to a feathered arrow being shot, jettisoned towards the first floor lobby. She crashed hard and tumbled in excess to the ground, diving face first from the sky. All four of her limbs were tangled together, as she almost passed out from the pain.

It was not known if Nangong Liuyun intentionally did it. But when each and everyone of Liu Ruohua’s school companions attempted to perform a mid-air interception, with both of their hands extended, not a single one of them was able to catch her.

Moreover, at the time that Liu Ruohua was hurled down; she, by chance, landed on top of young master Zhao’s corpse. She opened her eyes and meet eye to eye with young master Zhao’s wide, open eyes that were full of grievance and a sinisterly twisted expression.

“AaahhhHHHH——.” Liu Ruohua was so frightened that she shrieked. Her entire persons jumped up, forgetting about her foot, which was engulfed in fresh blood; delayed her from being freed from its viscous and stickiness.

So it came to pass that the sole of the unfortunate Liu Ruohua’s foot kept on slipping. Once again, having awful luck, she fell to the ground….

At the time she was falling down, a long double-edged sword just happen to be standing there, at her side…..

Presently, her whole body, face, and hair were covered entirely with blood…Filthy and with a putrid odor that made people very unwilling to be near her.

“Ruohua, are you okay? Are you hurt?” Three to four young man immediately rushed forth and surrounded Liu Ruohua in a group, like the stars that cup themselves around the moon*. Each and everyone of them was nervously twitchy.

“My hand….hurts so much….” Liu Ruohua was in so much pain that her face blanched pure white, as she was almost about to pass out.

“Heavens, the hand….” When Liu Ruohua’s good friend, Li Wan, saw her hand, both of his own hands covered his mouth and nose. His eyes were completely filled with shock.

Currently, Liu Ruohua’s right hand was severed off at the base of the wrist, and fresh blood continuously gushed out of the wound. It was extremely frightening to look at.

Su Luo’s beautiful eyes were serene and deep. A trace of bemusement flashed across her pupils. With a smile that was not quite a smile, she glanced at Nangong Liuyun. “Oh… How terribly cruel, neatly severed at the wrist. This way… isn’t it too extreme for not having any tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex?”

Despite her comments, Nangong Liuyun’s sophisticated scheme were much deeper than he led on.

When he had thrown Liu Ruohua down from the second floor, without exception, all of the subsequent reactions were within his calculations.

Including when she had sprung up from being frightened, fell, and had her own right wrist fail toward the cold double-edged sword….Every single step, was all superlatively accurate and it was practically calculated without a flaw.

This kind of Nangong Liuyun was, no doubt, supremely terrifying.

To chose him as an enemy, was the most stupid decision one could make.

A secret trace of concern flashed from the bottom of Su Luo’s heart….If he sincerely must have her, then how should she deal with it?

“Simple, kindhearted, good girls should not take joy in other people’s misfortune eh?” Nangong Liuyun’s fine white fingers gently stroked her right wrist. A trace of pity flashed through his eyes, and his devilishly charming voice sounded downcast. “Does it still hurt?”

His deep eyes were only fixed upon her. The depths of his pupils were like the an untouched spring pool on top of a snowy mountain: lustrous and translucent, permeating with a desire towards her that was almost too hard to bear.

Su Luo was afraid to look into the deeper meaning in his eyes and very quickly turned her face away while faintly saying. “It has already stopped hurting.”

She want to draw back her hand, but Nangong Liuyun, in one grasp, had already restrained it. Taking her fair-as-jade hands and tightly clasping them between the large, warm middle of his own thick and broad palm. Slowly and gently he caressed them as if touching a matchless treasure.

The hollow between his palms felt deep and profound, giving Su Luo a sense of security that she had never experienced before.

Everything around them seemed to be very quiet. So quiet, that it was as if they were the only two people in the whole world.

However, at that very moment, the door to their private room was kicked open!


*stars cup themselves around the moon- Chinese idiom describing a group around a revered leader.

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