DKC – Chapter 458

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Chapter 458 – Meeting one’s foe (10)

Recalling those several hundred pieces of crystal stones vanishing in a blink of an eye, Su Luo still felt her flesh in serious pain.

The little divine dragon, having been watched by Su Luo with such interest, somewhat bashfully covered his little face. Through the small cracks in his paws, he stealthily looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo laughingly pulled open his two little paws and poked at his head: “Having swallowed so many crystal stones, you ought to have made some progress, right?”

Once he heard this, the little divine dragon immediately became excited.

She only saw his furry little head fiercely nodding, two huge, black, slippery eyes were full of excitement, repeatedly: “Awoo,awoo——”So great, so awesome.

He was Su Luo’s contract beast, so there was no problem with them communicating mind to mind.

“In what way is it awesome?” Right now, Su Luo was in the midst of being chased all over the place while she fled in disarray. Once she heard the little divine dragon saying he was very awesome and difficult to deal with, she immediately became more spirited.

Oh God, wasn’t her luck rather too good? Over there, she was just being pursued to be killed till she was struggling at death’s door, while on this side, the little divine dragon coaxed her with a mouthful of words?

Su Luo was immersed in the boundless delusions of happiness.

The little divine dragon did not know his master was reveling in delusions, one could only see his little paws open up to count: “One, two, three, four, five——”

Seeing Su Luo ignoring him, he started again to count on the other paw: “One, two, three, four, five——”

Su Luo saw him counting again and again, still up able to go up further, she couldn’t help but to ask in surprise: “This ‘one, two, three, four, five’ what does it mean?”

Didn’t know why, but she had a faint, not-so-good premonition.

The little divine dragon had opened wide his large, limpid eyes that were innocent and adorable, as he looked at Su Luo perplexedly: “Awoooo——” Master, fifth rank, I’m a fifth rank——

“What?” Su Luo suddenly felt things in front of her eyes darken, and she nearly tumbled to the ground on the spot.

Before, she had thought the little divine dragon was really very difficult to deal with, she didn’t expect that he was only at fifth rank!

Su Luo was helpless as well as speechless, with a sad heart that ached in pain, she looked at the little divine dragon. She sighed and said ‘alas’ unceasingly.

It really was that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

The little divine dragon didn’t know why, all of a sudden, Master’s mood became downcast. He somewhat anxiously and on tenterhooks tugged at her clothing.

Su Luo only smiled and rubbed his head: “Wanting to put all the pressure on your body is because your family’s owner is too useless. It has nothing to do with you.”

Su Luo somewhat helplessly sighed.

In terms of talent and opportunity, each point, she was not lacking compared to others, but her only weakness was time.

She arrived in this world too late, when she started, it was much later than others, to the extent that she must catch up to them at all cost.

A gap of ten years’ time, whereas now, she had crossed over for less than a few months.

Wanting her to cut down the gap of ten years in a short while was practically impossible.

However, she firmly believed that as long as she was given time, two years, no, only one year, her strength would absolutely be able to step on Li Aotian’s head.

The little divine dragon tugged at Su Luo’s clothing somewhat restlessly. He still hadn’t told Master about the latest skill he obtained…

Seeing his Master’s appearance of heaving deep sighs, the little divine dragon very smartly sat on the ground with his chin resting on both paws. His pair of monochrome, large, limpid, innocent eyes watched his little Master.

“Awoo——”There was a bad person!

Suddenly, the little divine dragon gave a light howling sound.

At the same time, Su Luo also felt danger approaching.

Li Aotian, this person whose influence still lingered on like a ghost, had actually once again caught up to her!

Su Luo picked up the little divine dragon and immediately turned around to run.

Now, the little divine dragon had a serious expression on his little face.

If you want to discuss danger, then his perceptiveness was still even stronger compared to Su Luo’s. Therefore, he could clearly sense the formidable strength of the enemy.

This time Li Aotian had already nearly gone berserk, his speed was several times faster than before.

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