DKC – Chapter 457

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Chapter 457 – Meeting one’s foe (9)

With Li Aotian’s nature, he was merely temporarily deceived by her, when he became clear-headed, he would definitely find the clues in this ancient tree.

There wasn’t enough time for Su Luo to think further, and she climbed up the rock face of the sheer cliffs.

Aside from the waterway, she could only climb up this precipice, then she would have a chance to live.

Su Luo’s speed was extremely fast, her movements were also well-hidden, the places she jumped to was secretive and covered up. With her heart and soul, she rushed forward while Li Aotian unexpectedly hadn’t sensed her.

Li Aotian had set all his heart on top of that dead tree.

He concentrated his spirit powers onto the wood under his feet, the surrounding wind power pushed the floating wood to advance forward rapidly.

Very quickly, Li Aotian was about one hundred meters away from that dead tree.

One could see the corner of Li Aotian’s mouth hook into an ice-cold, malicious sneer. His eyes produced a sinister radiance.

“Loathsome girl! This time, let’s see where you will run to!” Li Aotian’s body sprung up, separated by a distance of one hundred meters, he directly leaped across the distance and onto that dead tree.

“Loathsome girl, roll out from there!” Li Aotian sent a heavy palm strike towards the dead tree!

In order to prevent the loathsome girl from escaping by diving into the water, he condensed almost all of his spirit power to surround that dead tree.

Now, this dead tree was trapped in an net he arranged, not even a housefly could fly out.

But what made Li Aotian despair was that after his palm smashed down, that yellow piece of skirt immediately become dust.

But he still couldn’t even see Su Luo’s shadow.

Li Aotian looked at the destroyed skirt that was now dust, and his heart immediately became infuriated!

He was once again played by Su Luo, that loathsome girl!

Evidently, that loathsome girl hadn’t been on this dead tree for a long time, but she had deliberately left pieces of her clothing behind to draw him here!

Having been repeatedly cheated and taken in, moreover, every time suffering the loss at identical places, Li Aotain was furious to the point of bursting into mad howls and cries. He was so angry, he smashed this dead tree into fine powder in just one strike.

The loathsome girl was not here, then where did she go?

As long as he thought of Su Luo, this loathsome girl, hidden on the side, watching him chase after the fake article, he would be so enraged as to want to kill someone.

Li Aotian aggressively rushed back to the path he came from.

Along the way, he seemed not to pay the slightest to his spirit power, using it extravagantly while traveling.

Under this kind of circumstances, Li Aotian very quickly found traces of the scent Su Luo left behind in that willow tree.

This place he really did walk by a moment ago, and also when he accelerated his pace was in this place.

As it turned out, at that time, that loathsome girl was actually hiding here, watching him doing something stupid. Very likely, that loathsome girl, at that moment, had even mocked him for being stupid.

Li Aotian was simply infuriated to an extreme degree.

He released his spirit force, followed Su Luo’s scent and unceasingly searched. Finally, following the road she walked past where she left behind some traces, tightly pursued behind her.

Speaking of Su Luo.

She had temporarily shaken off Li Aotian, but she still hadn’t relaxed a bit because she knew how much stronger Li Aotian was compared to her. At any time, he could catch up to her once more to kill her.

Su Luo hid her scent as much as possible as she traversed through the forest at high speeds.

She passed the fourth day unscathed.

The fifth day, half of the day had already passed.

Su Luo secretly sighed in her heart, wishing that the fifth and sixth day both would pass and arrive more quickly to the seventh day, that would be best.

Just thinking of this, suddenly, a trace of spirit force movement could be felt by Su Luo. Su Luo’s heart was delighted and her consciousness searched inside to see.

She saw the little divine dragon that had originally been lying on his back on top of the lawn, giving off little snoring sounds while sounds asleep, at this moment he had started to wake up after already being asleep for a long time.

One could only see his rotund little body sit up with his two little paws rubbing his drowsy, sleepy eyes. His little face was bewildered and innocent at the same time, with a blank and foolish appearance, simply so adorable she was about to burst.

Su Luo immediately stretched out her hands to fish him out and cheerfully poked his little head: “Hey, this time, you finally woke up. See if next time you would dare to pilfer food.”

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