DKC – Chapter 416

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Chapter 416 – Two-faced bamboo (2)

Beichen Ying, Lan Xuan, Anye Ming, the crown prince, Li Aotian, the Jade Lake’s Fairy….

There were no less than ten spherical objects, and altogether they imprisoned more than ten people.

It seemed as if they were stuffed into a sack and hung high up in the air, being blown by the wind and thus swaying back and forth. It looked comical and also very distressing at the same time.

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth stiffened slightly: “This…” In the end, what had happened?

Nangong Liuyun smiled tenderly and in a bewitchingly charming manner: “This is just the consequences of them fighting for and scrambling to come in first.”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed a little and speechlessly took a glance at Nangong Liuyun.

In order to put on a play to act out the entire set, this black-hearted man went as far as not telling Beichen Ying’s group about the trap mechanism inside…. Alas, with this kind of friend, it was really their misfortune.

Su Luo was able to see Beichen Ying, naturally, Beichen Ying and them could also see Su Luo through the transparent sphere. Only, he was isolated from the world, and any sound he made couldn’t be transmitted outside.

Beichen Ying’s eyes were gleaming with tears as he mournfully looked towards Su Luo, the two of them. His expression could be described as extremely pathetic and miserable.

Now, Beichen Ying finally realized, when did Nangong ever eat a little loss from childhood to adulthood? How could he let the crown prince snatch away the fruits of toil that he had worked towards for a long time? Once he carefully thought about it, he knew that this bastard was certainly scheming something.

Hatefully, they had been too concerned about the disorder and followed right behind the crown prince to rush into the stone room. And what was the result?

The result was that not long after he stepped into the stone room, a mist suddenly welled up from the ground. Very quickly, the mist enveloped the stone room.

At that time, they had only focused on seizing hold of some secret books and didn’t pay mind to much else. Who would have thought that in the split second when they reached out to grab the secret books, all of a sudden, a huge transparent bag with mouth spread open would appear underneath their feet and envelop their entire body. Afterwards, with a ‘whoosh’ sound, when there wasn’t even enough time for him to react, he was already tightly tied up in the bag and suspended in mid-air.

The speed of this transparent bag was astonishing, there simply wasn’t enough time for an ordinary person to react. They, as sixth rank in strength, in front of this transparent sphere, were just like weak infants, completely lacking the strength to resist.

Now, Beichen Ying had both hands pasted to the transparent sphere, pitifully looking at Su Luo. This image was very similar to a convict locked in prison waiting for someone to visit him. He looked extremely pitiful.

Seeing this scene, Su Luo very heartlessly covered her belly and burst into loud laughter.

This kind of Beichen Ying was too cute, very adorable, too adorable.

Nangong Liuyun’s smile was gentle and alluring, as he raised an eyebrow and then asked her: “Are you satisfied with this show?”

In order to obtain a smile from her, just a moment ago, when he removed the seal on the stone door, he deliberately activated the trap mechanism inside the stone room. The first batch of people that went in naturally would suffer a calamity.

Su Luo, with both hands crossed behind her back, walked beneath them, laughing happily while watching these people constantly struggling within the transparent spheres. Suddenly, she was extremely happy, and having heard what was said, she hurriedly nodded, saying: “Yes, yes, very amusing. For just this scene alone, it was not a waste to come to the Amethyst Fish Palace today, hahaha.”

Especially for the crown prince, having been stared at by Su Luo as if observing an animal in the zoo, it made him extremely embarrassed.

He continually struggled, wanting to jump out. However, the very regretful thing was that he didn’t know what kind of material the transparent sphere was made from that when he was just about to stand up, he would slipped back down again. He fell sprawled on his back, that appearance was especially hilarious.

Su Luo covered her stomach and immediately started to laugh uproariously again. Very amusing, simply too amusing…

The crown prince was so infuriated that he started to curse out abuse in the transparent sphere, but not a thread of sound could be transmitted outside. One could only see his mouth constantly opening and closing, rapidly flipping up and down.

Su Luo’s gaze swept towards the Jade Lake’s Fairy.

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