DKC – Chapter 165

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Chapter 165 – The final craziness (7)

She had a languid expression, like a cat bathing in the sun, and also like a king that had everything under control

The black-clothed man bit his lower lip, hesitating for awhile before finally gritting his teeth and said: “It is your family’s third Miss. This task was issued by her!”

The third Miss? Su Wan?

Sure enough, it was that person as expected.

In fact, Su Luo’s first guess was her but she lacked strong evidence as proof.

A smiling expression slowly emerged on Su Luo’s face. It was an ice-cold and dangerously threatening smile. “The third older sister? How could it be her? You are simply saying nonsense!”

When the black-clothed man heard what was said, he became somewhat anxious. “I have proof!” Saying this, he took out a piece of paper from the Mercenary Union from his clothing. Trembling, he handed it over to Su Luo. “You see, this is your family’s third Miss’s own handwriting for the contract of this task and her signature. If you don’t believe it, go ahead and carefully look at it!”

Su Luo used the weak moonlight to sweep a glance at it. Indeed, the handwriting on the contract was Su Wan’s.

It really was her!

“So what did she invite you over to do? Kill me?” Su Luo calmly slipped that piece of paper into her own bosom. She watched the continuously trembling black-clothed man with a smile that was not quite a smile.

“No, not that….” The black-clothed man somewhat timidly turned his face away.

“Speak the truth, or…” Su Luo took out a red heartbreak pill and waved it in front of his face. That action naturally had a threatening overtone.

A touch of panic flashed across the black-clothed man’s eyes, he stammeringly said. “It is to kill you. However, first, I must rape you before killing you….and also…”

“And also what?” Su Luo’s expression remained unchanged but her eyes had a matchless ice-cold light.

“And also…take your corpse and leave it out in the wilderness for wolf-dogs to gnaw on…” The black-clothed man really didn’t want to say it, but under Su Luo’s menacing and imposing manner, he didn’t dare to hide the truth. He confessed to everything he knew without leaving anything out.

First rape, then kill, and then leave the corpse in the wilderness for wolf-dogs to gnaw on? Su Wan, ah, Su Wan. Originally I thought your heart was a little malicious, but didn’t expect you to have the heart of a snake and the sting of a scorpion!

Which time was it not you who first struck at me while I, Su Luo, only passively counterattacked? In all respects, I exercised forbearance. But on the contrary, I gave you an inch and you wanted a mile. Could it be that you really think I’m that easy to bully?

You were even able to use such a sinister move.

Good, very good, excellent!

If I don’t uproot you this time, then how could I, Su Luo, have peaceful days in this manor from now on?

I’ve only heard of a thousand nights of being a thief, but never heard of every night guarding against a thief.

Since you are so heartless, then don’t blame me for being unjust.

Su Luo’s eyes were full of ice-cold, bone-chilling murderous intent.

This was the first time, she had the urge to kill someone.

“You…” The black-clothed man saw Su Luo’s expression suddenly change. Immediately, he had a bad kind of premonition.

This was a killer’s innate kind of intuition, a type of normally terrible intuition.

Sure enough, he only saw Su Luo’s hand chop down towards him like a knife. In a flash, it knocked the black-clothed man unconscious.

Seeing the black-clothed man softly fall to the ground, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into a cold, bloodthirsty sneer.

First rape, then kill and expose the corpse to the wilderness, right? Su Wan, since these were the rules you drew up for this game, then let us play according to the rules of your game.

But before we start, allow me, your younger sister, to first send you a major gift.

The moon hanged on the tip of a willow branch, the night was as cold as water.

This was a moonless night with high winds, perfectly suited to commit murder.

Su Luo changed into all black clothing, suitable for nocturnal use. She carried the black-clothed man and jumped over the wall.

Her delicate and nimble body rushed with great speed in the vast dim night.

Su Manor’s security was regarded as tight, however, wherever Su Luo went, not a single guard sensed her existence.

Previously, having gone through the process of stealing the Celestial Spirit water, Su Luo became extremely familiar with the terrain of Su Manor.

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