DKC – Chapter 149

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Chapter 149 – Secrets revealed (1)

Therefore, even as murderous intent surrounded them and under circumstances where a moment of carelessness could prove fatal, Su Luo was completely protected within Nangong Liuyun’s embrace. Confused from the lack of air and with her vision blocked, Su Luo was completely unaware of the truth despite sensing that something was not quite right.

It was only after the battle had settled that Nangong Liuyun unhurriedly released her. Seeing Su Luo repeatedly inhaling large mouthfuls of air, he smiled with demonic charm. “Do you like this king kissing you?”

Su Luo was infuriated to the point that she was speechless. In the end, she just glared at him and picked up her dagger to leave. However, all of a sudden, her figure stood still.

When did such a large amount of fine powder accumulate in the hot spring pool? Moreover, it looked like the powder was actually black iron?

Additionally, its original shape could be vaguely seen to resemble that of an arrow.

Su Luo’s line of sight shot towards the window.

A finger-sized hole could be seen there. Its notch was smooth and round, not too big or small and just the right size for an arrow to enter.

Su Luo rolled her eyes and fixed them decidedly on Nangong Liuyun. She stared at him coldly and solemnly, yet she did not speak a single word.

Nangong Liuyun stood up from the hot spring pool, completely exposing his slender and youthful body before Su Luo.

Conspicuously messy long hair as pitch black as ink draped over his broad shoulders, dripping rivulets of water droplets. Crimson Cornelian cherries decorated that refined white porcelain-like chest. Broad shoulders, narrow buttocks and a pair of straight and slender legs drew a perfect outline, tempting others to sin. He was so captivating that it was almost criminal.

His unique and incomparable face bore an enticing smile that could only have been made by heaven and beautiful profoundly mysterious eyes as pitch-black as an abyss. When these orbs gazed into Su Luo’s eyes, they were filled with intense tenderness that was hard to describe. It was completely intoxicating. He caressed her white and porcelain-like face and with a charmingly deep voice and demonic smile carrying a touch of playfulness, he said. “ Are you satisfied with this king’s body?”

He had changed the subject!

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth perked up into a shallow smile of distinct meaning and lightly pushed away his hands. “What does it have to do with me?”

Nangong Liuyun’s expression sunk and become slightly dark. His eyes carried a hint of cold-blooded cruelty. “Luo girl, what are you angry about? This king will give you justice, okay?”

Simply hypocritical!

A taunting and sarcastically cold laugh flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

He clearly knew that the opponent had been aiming for her, but persistently pretended nothing had happened right to her face and tried to mislead her. Did Nangong Liuyun think that she was an idiot? Did he really assume that she could not see that the arrow launched through the window had been shot at her? Did he mistakenly deem her as a good-for-nothing that understood nothing?

Who was he protecting? Who was he defending? Did he really believe that she knew nothing?

“Nangong Liuyun, right now I won’t look into this because I don’t have the ability. However, don’t you dare go overboard with bullying me!” Su Luo did not want to be entangled with this issue.

He could protect that person without distinguishing between right and wrong, but he should not assume an adoring manner in front of her to lure her in.

Nangong Liuyun’s complexion momentarily darkened and although those eyes contained a callus and stern expression, they could not conceal that passing flash of doting. Why couldn’t his Luo girl just be slightly stupid, a little less intelligence would be good?

“Luo Luo, do you trust me?” They were tender and soft words that though cruel, carried a hard to describe hopefulness.

Nangong Liuyun stared at Su Luo, his deep and bottomless eyes contained so many words he wanted to say but couldn’t.

Nangong Liuyun knew this proud and independent woman in front of his eyes was strong. She was proud and aloof. She clearly distinguished between love and hate with a non-sentimental cold-bloodedness. She was intelligent, wise, and farsighted. She had thorough and careful observation skills. Her pair of eyes shone too brightly, as if she could see through to a person’s heart. All secrets in front of her would be exposed.

Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun. His pair of bright eyes revealed too much, too much information, almost too much for her to bear.

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  1. admiralen says:

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    Also, asking her to trust you when you didn’t even stop that person from sending the 4 maids out despite knowing her feelings is kinda stupid/mean depending on the context. Gamble your own life if you want to, don’t gamble other people’s :/

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    Are you an idiot of course trusting you is very hard… look at the last time she trusted you with her life it almost lead to her death fortunately she’s very luck to survive i mean if i myself is in her situation giving second chance is out but be thankful for your charms she might think other wise

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