DKC – Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – His Highness Prince Jin (5)

Nangong Liuyun pretended that he had been wronged. “If I didn’t use these tactics, then how could I get Luo girl to notice this king?”

Su Luo gritted her teeth, itching to skin him alive. “When did you regain consciousness?”

She should have realized it earlier. Why else would Ling Feng have become so talkative all of a sudden, forcing her to stay behind to take care of Nangong Liuyun? If he didn’t have Nangong Liuyun’s order, how could he dare?

Nangong Liuyun knew he could not fool such a clever girl, so he tried to change the topic. “Extremely smart girls are not cute. Luo girl, help this king take a bath, okay?”

“When have you ever seen this miss being cute?” Su Luo coldly smiled.

Act cute? Help him bathe? Did he want her to take a knife to scrub him with during his bath? It’s amazing that he had the gall to say this!

Sure enough, he had already regained consciousness in that ruined manor. He deliberately pretended to be weak to deceive her!

“You are even more cute like this.” Immediately after he finished speaking, Nangong Liuyun’s abruptly closed his hand. In the next moment, the steps that Su Luo had been standing on disintegrated. She didn’t even have time to evade when her entire body suddenly flew backwards. Su Luo fell into the hot spring pool with a loud splashing sound.

By some strange coincidence, both of her legs ended up wrapped around Nangong Liuyun’s waist with their eyes facing each other.

With such a posture and such an environment, if others were to enter, how could their imagination not run wild?

“Sharp mouthed and soft hearted girl, look around. Your body doesn’t lie. It already threw itself at this king.” The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth turned up into a demonic and flattering smile that was extremely hateful.

This Nangong Liuyun! Su Luo gritted her teeth. She felt that being together with this man, if there was a day she was not infuriated with him, then that meant she had already died from being mad at him! In short, she would eventually die from being continuously angered by him.

Nangong Liuyun’s enchanting face was rosy and shone like gems from being steamed by the water. With a demonically charming smile, he said. “Obedient Luo Luo, what are you mad about? Could it be that what this king said is wrong?”

“Release me.” Su Luo clenched her teeth to calm down her emotions and indifferently opened her mouth to speak.

“It was you who threw yourself into my arms and refused to let go.” Nangong Liuyun hoisted his chin and said this with a straight face. Instead of releasing Su Luo, his hold on her became even tighter.

Su Luo grabbed a snow-white ice-cold dagger from her space. She pressed the dagger against his ivory white chest, coldly smiled, and said. “Keep your hands to yourself, okay?”

“Then it’s okay for this king to use his mouth, right?” Nangong Liuyun blinked his beautiful eyes innocently at her, seeking her approval.

From their first meeting when he had set the betting terms with her of victor would become king and loser had to warm the bed, she knew that Nangong Liuyun’s words had a double meaning. He absolutely did not mean he intended to use his mouth to speak.

Su Luo’s complexion darkened and she threateningly said. “Don’t assume that I wouldn’t dare to take action, since this miss can hit you until you spit out blood. I’m not afraid to use this to kill you!”

God knows why, Nangong Liuyun started to smile. His smile was exceedingly enticing to all living things. That smile on the edge of his lips made his entire body even more enchanting. His smile drew people’s gazes to him, making them unable to look away.

Nangong Liuyun completely ignored that ice-cold dagger at his chest. He extended his slender white hand to pick up Su Luo’s ink black hair that was soaked by the hot water. With a sinister air that had the power to make people tremble, he said. “Adorable Luo girl, this king likes you more and more. What’s to be done? From now on, I will never be willing to part with you.”

Nangong Liuyun paid no attention to the sharp dagger pressed against his chest. It was as if he was ignoring the fact that with just a little push, the dagger would thrust into his heart, piercing it like paper.

He merely unhurriedly moved his lower body, slowly approaching Su Luo.

Both people met face to face, nose to nose and red lips to red lips.

They were so close, each could feel the air that the other person was breathing out.

An ambiguous atmosphere started to solidify in the air.

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!! 🙂

  2. Just another reader says:

    Eeeek! I wonder what will happen next?! Suo Luo busting out some move or Nangong Liuyun coming out on top?

    Haha thanks to the donor and you guys for translating this. ^

  3. bakaleaf says:

    Sigh* SL should just kill NL end move on…
    This cheesy part only good if both side love each other
    but SL is clearly not yet in the Love zone for NL so I can only be annoyed by this chapter..

    and SL should just mention the B*tchy fairy so she can have a good slap on NL face XD

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. chronos5884 says:

    Su Luo! Stab him!

    Stab that pervert!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. Light says:

    This guy is really starting to piss me off. Until this point, although he was completely overbearing it was somewhat justifiable (he’s basically used to getting what he wants) but now he’s basically about to rape her

  6. moridain says:

    I like him.

    Keep in mind that he knows for absolute fact that she is unwilling to hurt him.

    Also she really could kick his ass at this point, especially with that dagger, but isn’t.

    99.99% of the time ‘she could have fought back harder’ is a terrible excuse, but in this one situation it is just true. 😀

  7. libraryrocker says:

    I… don’t understand how the atmosphere was ambiguous at all!!! This was clearly an atmosphere of sexing…. XD Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  8. RoflCat says:

    Still waiting for Meng Meng to jump out of her space and slap his face.

    Then Su Luo will praise it, just to taunt Liuyun by implying “I like this ‘dog’ more than you”

    And in a way Liuyun owe his life to Meng Meng finding all the crystal stones.

  9. Ratatoskr says:

    I just skim through this chapter. Didn’t even take 2 minutes. Seriiusly either she stab him or strip, but we all know what she will choose. All this are plainly theatrical play.

  10. kewpified says:

    I like their love hate relationship. Thank you for translation. This is one of my favorites right now.

    • Lombax says:

      I’m pretty sure this is not a love-hate relationship.

      My 2 cents: I really thought the novel was starting out quite well, the setting was good and characters were developing at a good pace.. Overall a good story but the way the author is handling the relationship between Su Luo and NL right now is honestly becoming worse chapter by chapter.

      It makes no sense that she would go to such lenghts for NL. She got betrayed in her previous life, yet was starting to build up trust towards him slowly, which is understandable. But what little trust she had, got smashed to pieces by this guys actions.

      He still has the audacity to call himself king, etc.. If he actually liked her he would definitely care about her feelings and not try to take her/make her like him by force all the time like some mindless fuck. EVEN with his spoilt upbringing.

      Hello? I thought you were being an intelligent and shrewd person. I guess it’s true: love makes oneself blind towards everything. Meh.

  11. Wilkin says:

    Some people are hating at every chapter, it may be time for you to understand that you are reading a romance, and here come a shocking truth, they will end up together … it’s almost said by the author in the title, so will you keep hating at every chapter ?? For those who say that she is a cold blooded assassin and should be emotionless, her death proved that she is far from being emotionless. And for those who hate Nangong Liuyun so much that they cry it at every chapter, yes that guy is a bastard (i hope he will evolve in good, we will see) but he truly care for a few people and he did help her a LOT (without him, i think she would never had the opportunity to unlock her space magic, let alone knowing she had that magic locking her talent in other magic).

    • aarsiz says:

      Still, if it will be a romance at LEAST do it properly and don’t make your readers curse for the death of the love interest. She was emotionless and then betrayed, this gives a much bigger reason for her to not fall into this horny ass’ traps, Without HER he would be fucking dead, also you can’t ignore what he did to her.

  12. Midori says:

    thanks a lot!
    ah—!! nangong liuyun—-! -shakes fist- what the heck’s happening, si juch tension in the air, seriously!

  13. Kaiser says:

    I have to confess that I felt in love with this history, so decided to go raw and although knowing that some 50% of understanding using google translator tool I’ve arrive around chapter 830. I won’t spoil this history, but to say that it’s amazing, romantic, full of emotion, wars situations and lots of magics.
    Thanks for your good translation, it makes me go thru with the other 50% I just couldn’t imagine rightly.

  14. ming says:

    Somehow I really want Su Luo to level up swiftly and face him more evenly, oh!

  15. aarsiz says:

    Im on the verge of dropping this hypocritical desperate novel. Ill skip these annoying horny chaps and search for when that fairy ass bitch gets spanked.

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