DKC – Chapter 1413

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Chapter 1413 – Roaming Dragon List (11)

“Where would you find such good luck ah.” Su Luo’s mouth twitched.

“Other people definitely won’t have it, but you will certainly have it.” Beichen Ying said as if making a solemn vow, “Want to win crystal stones, must take advantage of this time. Next time, I’ll still bet on you to win.”

“This time, how much did you win?” Su Luo smilingly asked.

Not mentioning that Beichen Ying had become a banker himself, he even ran over to Jade Lake’s Li family to make a huge bet. The results of the bet bore fruit in piles, making people extremely envious.

“Not a lot, not a lot, hehehe.” Beichen Ying complacently smiled.

He had collected all those money and crystal stones that people lost through betting on Su Luo losing. He bet all of it at Jade Lake’s Li family to bet Su Luo would win. Because Beichen Ying knew that those who bet Su Luo would lose, were just coming to deliver money to him. If he took it out earlier to use, it was not some alarming matter ah.

“Now, it’s already the top one hundred competition, the ones that ought to enter have all entered. Some that shouldn’t enter have also entered.” Beichen Ying half-narrowed his eyes, “Next competition, luck is very important once again. If you’re not careful and draw Luo Haoming….”

“Sister-in-law, you say, what number do you think Luo Haoming will get next time?” Lan Xuan, in a lively manner, bounced at the side.

“You really think I’m a god?” Su Luo gave a sigh in annoyance. How could she know things that hadn’t happened yet?

“In any case, you are also half a god ah.” Lan Xuan laughed happily and moved close to her.

But before he could get close to Su Luo, he was already lifted aside by Nangong Liuyun, who then tossed him aside.

Anye Ming had his fist before his lips, his lips pursed into a smile.

“Did you guys watch Luo Haoming’s match?” At that time, Su Luo had ran over to ask for her betting debts, so she simply didn’t see it.

“Watched it, is still useless.” Lan Xuan spread open his hands, “This kind of early stage competition, Luo Haoming is like Second Brother, he didn’t even use a single move before the opponent was sent flying far away.”

“It’s only in the competition for the top ten, before you can slightly scout out his base.” Anye Ming’s phoenix eyes flashed slightly, “However, Luo Luo won’t enter the top ten experts, so this mission won’t land on your shoulders.”

Their meaning was to help Nangong scout out Luo Haoming’s hidden trump cards.

But Su Luo helplessly hanged her head down.

Anye Ming’s gaze was insightful, calculations were accurate. He said Su Luo won’t enter the top ten strongest, wasn’t because he was speaking without thinking.

Alas, second place…How remote of a target. Even if Su Luo’s space could slow down time by ten times, that was also of no use ah.

Lan Xuan curiously looked at Su Luo with her head drooping down: “What are you so broken-hearted over? Your strength simply won’t reach the top ten ah. Able to enter the top twenty experts will depend on whether you bring out your power well or not.”

It seems to Lan Xuan, not to mention top ten, Su Luo wouldn’t be able to enter even the top twenty experts.

“Request not to struck more psychological blows.” Su Luo buried her head in Nangong Liuyun’s shoulder. She rubbed here and there in his embrace. The exam Master gave, was excessively too difficult right?

Look at what these two were saying, even top twenty was only barely up to the task and still depended on how she brought out her power.

“Maybe our Luo Luo’s luck will be awesome. The whole way, she would end up facing nobody, advancing triumphantly until she sat at second place ah. At that time, where will the two of your faces be? It would be hit until the pitter-patter sounds echo.” Beichen Ying, this clown, always liked to liven up the mood.

These words of his, you could tell by hearing it that he was talking nonsense.

Zi Yan saw Su Luo suffering heartache, then gave them a glare: “Who said Luo Luo won’t enter the top twenty or the top ten? I’ll bet she’ll sit on the number one seat!”

“Zi Yan, you are crazy.” Suddenly, everyone laughed until they rolled into a circle. Nobody took Zi Yan’s words seriously, even Zi Yan thought the same.

Time passed very quickly.

In a flash, ten days passed.

This day came, in an instant, it was the competition of one hundred to enter the top fifty.

Author’s note:

Tired, today I’ll write to here, tomorrow will continue. Another book 《邪女王逆天重生》, author 凤梧天一 People interest could go have a look oh.

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