DKC – Chapter 1359

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Chapter 1359 – Eastern Ling’s army camp (4)

“No, not that, what I just said…” The news was too shocking, to the extent that this stately Great General swallowed his saliva with great difficulty. Only after a long while was he able to organize his words and excitedly open his eyes wide. “You just said, that otherworldly, extremely beautiful Miss is precisely that Su Luo you admired?”

“Yes.” Nangong Liuyun nodded his head deadly earnestly, and returned to ask a sentence, “Is there a problem with this?”

Seeing this outstanding and extraordinary nephew’s aristocratic face looking unperturbed and calm, Mu Zifeng hated his expression until his teeth itched, “How could there not be a problem? That Miss Su Luo was never this beautiful!”

“At that time, she was still young, now, she has grown up.” His Highness Prince Jin’s tone was as though this was to be expected.

Where would you find someone that changed so much ah? Mu Zifeng simply did not believe Nangong Liuyun’s nonsense explanation. Moreover, his main focus was not on that matter. He asked, full of curiosity, “That person, that exceptionally strong expert, is he really your Luo girl’s people?”

“Uh-huh.” Nangong Liuyun crossed his hands over his chest, leaned against a pillar and casually nodded his head.

“This, how is this possible?” No matter what, Mu Zifeng didn’t believe it. He tried to explain, “You don’t know, that day, this strong expert stood high up in the sky, a turn of his hand would cover the clouds and another turn, it would rain. This whole region of heaven and earth was all under his control. If I didn’t guess wrong, then this is absolutely a Saint-ranked expert. How could he listen and obey a little girl’s words ah?”

It’s not because Mu Zifeng looked down upon Su Luo, rather, that old man’s strength was too much in defiance of the natural order.

“If you were to say his venerable person was an Ancestor of a certain family, then uncle would absolutely believe you.” Mu Zifeng patted his chest and said with confidence.

Nangong Liuyun sighed, and patted his Little Uncle: “You really guessed right.”

“Huh?” Mu Zifeng’s face was full of puzzlement.

“This person really is the Elder Ancestor of Central Palace.” Nangong Liuyun gave a thumbs up, “Little Uncle not going to become a diviner really is a waste of your talent ah.”

“Central, Central Palace’s…Elder Ancestor?” Mu Zifeng was almost choked by his saliva.

“Uh-huh.” Nangong Liuyun noncommittally crooned.

“This, this….” Mu Zifeng incredulously robbed the back of his head and kept going in circles around that pillar.

Nangong Liuyun continued to lean against that pillar indifferently, the corner of his dark red lips hooking into a demonically charming smile.

“How could it be like this? That Su Luo…is just so amazing like that?” Mu Zifeng, with great difficulty, calmed down. When he opened his mouth, those words came out. He really couldn’t understand it ah. He couldn’t come to a realization ah, that was Central Palace, one out of the ten strong powers ah!

“Maybe…My family’s Luo Luo has outstanding character.” Nangong Liuyun unhurriedly squeezed out such an answer.

“What…” Mu Zifeng speechlessly rolled his eyes at him.

“It’s true, my family’s Luo girl looks good, has good character, also has good luck. She is all kinds of good, there isn’t anything not good about her.” Nangong Liuyun raised his chin and an eyebrow, praising with an air of complacency.

“What…” Mu Zifeng turned silent, he really didn’t know. This person, his nephew who had been stuck with the label of being cold and cruel, could actually be complacent, like a child showing off his own toys.

In the end, Nangong Liuyun half-narrowed his eyes from being pleased with himself: “If you want Eastern Jing’s army camp to be safe and secure, then you must fawn upon my family’s Luo girl properly.”

Finished speaking, Nangong Liuyun tossed his sleeves and leisurely walked to Su Luo’s side.

At this moment, Mu Zifeng used a bright and shining gaze to look at Su Luo, that look made Su Luo’s hair stand on end.

“Why… is your uncle looking at me as if I am the goddess of salvation?” Su Luo was looked at until her heart felt uneasy, “In addition, is this considered me meeting your family’s older generation? Should I behave a bit more dignified? A bit more clever and cute?”

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