DKC – Chapter 1343

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Chapter 1343 – A freak combination of factors (9)

Just at this moment, Little Stone, who was controlling Ancestor Mo’s body, opened his eyes from meditation and suddenly stood up: “Trouble has come.”

These several days, the little stone had continuously been cultivating this body of Ancestor Mo’s. Currently, his control was already a lot more skillful, and it didn’t seem as unnatural as before.
“What’s wrong?” Su Luo put down Nangong Liuyun’s large palm and asked in a light tone.

“Someone that is searching for you to settle a debt has come.” The little stone cast an annoyed glance at Su Luo, “If you believe your ability to cause trouble is number two, then on this continent, there certainly is no one that dares be named number one. Moreover, the ones you provoked all have formidable strength.”

“Came to find me to collect a debt?” Su Luo rubbed the back of her head, suddenly, her eyes lit up, then resentment flashed in them, “Can’t be, right? Central Palace’s First Elder? But he had never seen my face ah? He shouldn’t be able to recognize me right?”

After careful thought, if this First Elder didn’t find Su Luo for trouble, who could he find for trouble? She only strolled around Northern Mo’s imperial city once, the result ah? The entire Northern Mo’s imperial palace was destroyed, the whole army camp was buried alive. Xuanyuan family of Northern Mo’s foundation, that was accumulated in a hundred years, was practically destroyed all at once by her.

If it was known by First Elder that Su Luo was the main culprit of all of this, even if he were to die, he would first pinch Su Luo to death, then decide.

“Still can’t be regarded as stupid to the utmost, and is correctly guessed by you.” The little stone laughed with ‘he, he, he’ sounds, “Although this First Elder hasn’t seen your face, but at that time when you teleported, the spirit energy you dispelled out, maybe he had remembered it all along.”

“Can’t be right?” Su Luo scratched her hair at a loss, “If I’m recognized, I’ll certainly be done for.”

“Yeah, you’ll certainly be done for, moreover, it will be that kind considered a dead loss.” The little stone beamingly looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo howled in grief: “Grandpa Stone, beg you to help!”

The little stone crossed both arms before his chest, and proudly raised his chin: “I, small grandpa, currently can only at maximum display the strength of a tenth rank. That First Elder is at the peak of commander rank, at this moment, I, small granda, cannot beat him.”

Therefore, the little stone would avoid the fight? A crafty smile flashed across Su Luo’s eyes. “You are certain you won’t fight?”

“Won’t fight.” The little stone had a proud appearance of ‘quickly come beg me, beg me, and I’ll reluctantly lend you a hand’.

Naturally, Su Luo not only didn’t beg him, on the contrary, she lowered her head and laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” The little stone was being laughed at to the point of being unable to make heads or tail of things. A powerful enemy was almost at the door, yet she still laughed? Laugh, what laugh?

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth rose slightly: “Nangong is currently at the most critical moment of his restoration, it’s not suitable for his body to be move. Therefore, the route of running away doesn’t even need to be considered. Now, the only route remaining is to face First Elder.”

“Uh-huh.” The little stone was noncommittal.

“However, I say, Little Stone, don’t tell me you forgot whose body it is you currently have?” Su Luo indifferently smiled and clearly reminded him, “Don’t you forget, Elder Ancestor Mo is the main culprit that destroyed the imperial palace. Elder Ancestor Mo is the real murderer that buried a million soldiers alive.”

Therefore, First Elder’s attack certainly will be directly at Little Stone, even if he didn’t want to fight, he could only brace himself to do it.

The little stone’s complexion immediately changed.

Just now, he was still laughing at Su Luo, in a flash, he became the person being laughed at. The little stone gloomily looked at this body of Elder Ancestor Mo, originally, it wasn’t good-looking, now again with a pile of troubles, he really disliked it.

“Humph humph, loathsome girl, this time, I’ll let you take a bit of an advantage.” The little stone finished talking, pushed aside the curtain, then directly went out.

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