DKC – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134 – To have come about with no effort (2)

This time the adorable little dragon still used that pair of dark colored eyes to look at Su Luo. Only this time, the sympathy in his eyes was even more obvious, to the point that even Su Luo could almost see it.

The result, when it was peeled, she checked.

Su Luo nearly knelt down, almost giving up!

What kind of shitty luck did she have today? Her luck was simply disastrous to possess!

The results had gotten worse each time!

The first time wasn’t bad, a yellow-colored crystal stone came out. The second time, she had peeled out an orange-colored crystal stone, and the third time… turned out to be a red-colored crystal stone! It was such a big piece of red colored crystal stone too, she really wanted to cry but lack the tears.

Su Luo thought, if she picked another one, would it end up with nothing inside of it?

Su Luo’s hand supported her forehead, she sat there looking depressed. She dispirited looked at her pair of hands that had bad luck.

The adorable little dragon looked confusedly at his dispirited master, crooked his head pondered for a bit. He had a feeling that he couldn’t help, consequently he sat on top of the pile of source stone to obediently play by peeling more stones.

That lovable appearance was like a little child playing in must, just looking at the scene would make anybody’s heart soften.

Su Luo was in the midst of being depressed, when suddenly, a piece of green thing appeared in front of her. She subconsciously lifted her eyes and looked up, and was surprised to see a piece of green-colored crystal stone. Moreover it even turned out to be as big as a fist in size!

Su Luo looked blankly at that piece of green-colored crystal stone, then following the stone she looked up. She saw a pair of furry little paws, and further up, was the adorable little dragon’s cute little face.

Okay, Su Luo felt jealous.

Why was it, that when she had spent so long picking stones, she couldn’t even get a single green-colored crystal stone. However, the adorable little dragon soon after would grab one? And how come it was even such a big piece?

It really made people feel jealous, don’t you think so?

But, just being able to find it was great! Su Luo excitedly rubbed the adorable little dragon’s head. Her mood immediately lifted like the clear skies after the rain. “Quick, help master find a few more pieces of these.”

Su Luo felted her luck was terrible, so she would just not use her own hands. She let the adorable little dragon to directly pick and choose.

Making her happy, but also a little depressed was that the adorable little dragon’s luck was simply too good.

Good luck couldn’t even be used describe it, he was simply bursting with luck!

The first piece, when peeled out, was a green-colored crystal stone!

The second piece, when peeled out, was a green-colored crystal stone!

The third piece, when peeled out, was another green-colored crystal stone!

This-this-this…..this, what kind of luck was this? Su Luo was excited that her cheeks were streaming with tears, both eyes were red.

Suddenly, Su Luo’s mind flashed with an idea. She realized that previously, she had missed something!

Previously, when the adorable little dragon was looking at her with his clear watery eyes, they were full of sympathy! He was full of sympathy towards her.

What could this mean? This meant that even when he picked up the source stone, he had already known if there was a crystal stone inside or not. He could also tell what color the crystal stone inside was thus he would use that perplexed and sympathetic eyes to looked at Su Luo.

To have been pitied by this little guy, Su Luo felt like she wanted to cry again.

Whether or not this was true, there needed to be proof. However to prove it, was actually really simple.

Su Luo smilingly placed the adorable little dragon in front of the pile of source stones, coaxing him, saying. “Good boy, help master look for a cyan-colored crystal stones, okay?

Cyan-colored? The adorable little dragon wrinkled his nose a bit from the difficulty of it, but he still strictly followed the orders of his owner. His pair of petite little paws seemed to contain strength to lift five hundred kilograms. Piece by piece he threw aside the source stones on top, digging straight to the bottom of the pile.

Finally, he accurately grabbed a small, fist-sized source stone and handed it to Su Luo.

“Inside this is a cyan-colored crystal stone?” Su Luo half-believed and half-doubtful while pondering about this piece of source stone.

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