DKC – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133 – To have come about with no effort (1)

Looking at those eyes, even Su Luo’s heart softened.

“Okay, okay, that piece can just be your payment, but for the rest of these, you are not allowed to eat them on the sly.”

Su Luo looked down at the scattered pile of source stone waste products, and her heart felt a dull ache of pain. She directly knocked on the adorable little dragon’s head, “You spendthrift!”

Those weren’t melon seeds or peas, but green-ranked crystal stones, okay? Ling Feng had announced that one could be traded for a hundred thousand gold coins.

The adorable little dragon was completely oblivious as to why his master had a painful expression as he chewed on his gourmet food with ‘crunch, crunch’ sounds. He was bouncing up and down, looking very cheerful.

Su Luo picked him up and placed him into her arms. Then, she made him sit cross-legged in front of her .

Looking at the pile of stones in front of her, Su Luo wanted to try her luck. Therefore, she selected carefully and chose a stone to give to the adorable little dragon. This baby’s manual labour skills was much faster than the tools used for cutting. Not utilising free labour was such a waste of resources, and it was also a shame.

The adorable little dragon acted as free labour on his own initiative . He received that piece of melon-sized stone, and suddenly, he turned his head, using those pair of large eyes, which were clear as water, to look at Su Luo. It was as if he was a bit confused on why Su Luo would choose this piece of stone.

Su Luo rubbed his forehead, urging him. “This piece will certainly be able to produce a green-ranked crystal stone. Okay, stop dawdling, just like how you peel oranges, open it, it will be fine.

Ok. The adorable little dragon was still a little puzzled, but with his master’s command, he firmly carried out the order.

Su Luo sucked in a breath, her eyes wide and unblinking as she carefully stared at the piece of source stone in the adorable little dragon’s hand.

She watched that slightly brown source stone being peeled apart piece by piece, slowly revealing the crystal stone within.


Su Luo couldn’t believe it, she snatched it with one hand and studied it carefully. Confirming that, it really was a yellow-ranked crystal stone!

Although yellow-ranked was pretty good, it was useless to Nangong Liuyun.

Su Luo depressingly threw the yellow-colored crystal stone aside. After looking around for quite a while, she picked a striped, grayish colored source stone. She solemnly handed it over to the adorable little dragon.

“Come, good boy, put a little bit of effort into your little paws, peel out a green-ranked crystal stone.” Su Luo coaxed little Meng Meng. Whether or not a green one would come out, would all depend on those cute little paws.

Poor little Meng Meng was unconsciously weighed down with a heavy burden.

Little Meng Meng accepted the source stone, suddenly lifting that pair of big, limpid eyes. The depth of his eyes which were clear as waves with Su Luo’s inverted image in them. He bafflingly looked at the source stone, and then looked back again at Su Luo.

“What is this little kid confused about? Hurry up and peel it.” Su Luo patted his head.

The adorable little dragon was looking at Su Luo as if she was an idiot. He lowered his head and resolutely began to peel the piece of source stone Su Luo had picked.

After it was peeled, with a single look at that color, Su Luo’s face immediately fell.

Her luck was really bad! It was even worse than the first time.

At least the first time she had gotten a yellow-colored crystal stone, this time it wasn’t even yellow, but orange.

Su Luo rubbed her temples, she was a bit annoyed, but finally, she managed to cheer up. “I don’t believe my luck can continue to get worse and worse! Come, peel this one!”

This time, Su Luo did not carefully pick and choose, she directly picked up the nearest source stone, that was about as big as a watermelon. She energetically handed it over to the adorable little dragon.

Since it depended on luck, then there was no point in picking carefully. If there was luck, you could even find a good one with closed eyes, if there was no luck, even if you had a piece of purple-colored crystal stone in your hand, it would be swindled by somebody else.

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