DKC – Chapter 1244

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Chapter 1244 – Entering the forbidden area again (7)

Right now, not only did Su Luo’s blood contain the medicinal properties from the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, at the same time, it also contained the Purple Lingzhi Mushroom, Millennium-old Ningpo Figwort and other similar medicinal effects. These were all very fantastically useful toward Su Luo’s cultivation and for restoring her body. But Su Luo definitely wouldn’t be able to absorb it all right now, in such a short period of time.

Just when Su Luo was slowly blending the drugs in her body, the little spirit fox and the little divine dragon tried to grab a Seven-flavored Absolute Colored Flower, and they actually started to fight.

“Boom——” The little divine dragon, in a moment of desperation, directly sprayed out a streak of flame.

The treasure storage pavilion that was originally pitch-black and lacked light, because of this flame that arose abruptly, immediately became incomparably bright and dazzling.

Su Luo opened her eyes, her head full of black lines!

These two little brats really needed a spanking! Who would go to other people’s family to steal and still play with flame? Wasn’t this directly telling those people that there were thieves, quickly come and catch them ah?

At this time, the experts guarding around the treasure storage pavilion were immediately riled up!

“There are movements inside the treasure storage pavilion!”

A cry of alarm rolled up thousands of waves into a pile. As a result, a group of people, like wolves and tigers, threw themselves over here.

A not-so-good premonition flashed through Su Luo’s heart.

“Quick, all of you return!” Su Luo issued the summon in her mind.

Immediately, one after another, the spirit pets that had eaten their fill, drank their fill, and grabbed and robbed everything until it was empty, gathered together. With one wave of Su Luo’s hand, all of these spirit pets entered Su Luo’s space.

At the same time, a formidable, powerful spirit force struck heavily towards the treasure storage pavilion.

“Friend! Since you dare to come to Central Palace’s treasure storage pavilion, then I ask you to come out and chat!” First Elder’s tone was ice-cold, as if it came from hell.

First, it was the Divine Spirit Tree being dug out, then, closely following it was the treasure storage pavilion being visited by thieves. These repeated provocations, angered the First Elder, whose temperament wasn’t good to begin with, until his five viscera and six spleens were about to burn with rage.

Although Su Luo suffered the effect from First Elder’s powerful pressure, she still escaped at the critical moment.

The First Elder, bringing a group of people, flying over in a rage, finally arrived!

The door was still locked, there were no marks indicating that it was pried open before.

However, First Elder and Palace Master Mo exchanged a glance, both of their expressions weren’t good.

Just now, the flame that was produced inside, the odds that it was produced by a spirit treasure was very low, the greatest possibility was that it was man-made.

“Bang——” sounded, and the door was heavily pushed open.

After seeing the circumstances inside, First Elder’s body swayed, directly spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Palace Master Mo’s reaction wasn’t that much better than the First Elder’s.

His entire person seemed to have been hacked by lightning, standing in place in a daze. His eyes were blank as he stared at the entirely empty treasure storage pavilion, his entire body didn’t feel good.

Central Palace’s treasure storage pavilion!

So many years’ accumulation!

Just, in a blink of an eye, were all emptied by a person!

The scene before their eyes were like mice having passed through, not even a stalk of rice or straw was left behind.

“Pfff——” Palace Master Mo violently spurted out a mouthful of blood, sprinkled over ten meters before him.

“Chase! I order all of you to chase!” Palace Master Mo frantically shouted.

Right now, his eyes were bloodshot, he looked malevolent and terrifying. His entire face was twisted like a madman, the spirit force in his body was on the edge of breaking out frantically.

In fact, you really couldn’t blame him, first, it was this palace’s treasure, the Divine Spirit Tree, that was dug out by the roots and taken away. Then, there was the treasure storage pavilion that was completely emptied by someone. Each of these matters was digging at Central Palace’s roots ah!

The Central Palace that had the Divine Spirit Tree, among the ranking of the ten powers in the continent, was second only to Purgatory City. However, the Central Palace that lost the Divine Spirit Tree, its strength directly declined to the position counting backwards.

If it was said before that it was still tolerable, now, this matter that just occurred, made Palace Master Mo directly collapse!

The treasure storage pavilion with treasures that Central Palace had accumulated for over a thousand years ah, spirit medicine, medicine, weapons, secret martial arts books…

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