DKC – Chapter 1238

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Chapter 1238 – Entering the forbidden area again (1)

First Elder’s eyes were full of anger, and he swept an imposing glance at Mo Zixu.

Mo Zixu still didn’t know what had happened, and he took a step forward to hastily ask: “Don’t know what Yunfeng did to anger First Elder? I’ll go bring him back right now to apologize to First Elder.”

First Elder glared at Mo Zixu coldly: “Bringing up a child without a father’s teaching! Mo Zixu, it’s all your fault! I order you to kneel before me!”

First Elder was Mo Zixu’s uncle’s generation, it was reasonable to tell Mo Zixu to kneel, he barely had the qualifications.

But the problem was that nowadays, Mo Zixu was the Central Palace’s master ah. The stately palace master could only kneel to the sky, the earth and his parents. He was not allowed to kneel to anyone else.

Mo Zixu was struck dumb on the spot.

Seeing that Mo Zixu didn’t move, the anger in First Elder’s heart grew even stronger. He directly smashed the letter in his hand towards Mo Zoxu’s head: “Raised such children who disgrace family’s traditions, how do you, Mo Zixu, still have the face to go see Mo clan’s successive generations of ancestors? Mo clan’s face was all lost by you guys!”

Mo Zixu was pelted by First Elder’s abuses until he was stupefied by the cursing. After returning to his senses, he hurriedly unfolded the letter in his hand.

Having only seen the first word, Mo Zixu’s head started to feel dizzy.

When he finished reading the first paragraph, his body was on verge of collapse.

After he finished reading the second paragraph, he directly spit out a mouthful of blood.

“This… this…” Mo Zixu wanted to say that the matter was impossible, this absolutely was not real. How could Mo Yunfeng and Mo Yunqing do something like this? He wouldn’t believe it even if you killed him!

But… at this time, his mind recalled the rumors he had heard from not long ago.

At that time, the people in the Manor was abuzz from the spread of this siblings’ rumor. Back then, he had taken it as someone intentionally framing them, and pulled out several people, killing them as examples to others. Thus, the rumors also disappeared.


But now, this letter…

Could it be that the baseless claims might not necessarily be without cause… could it be, that these two siblings really did….

Mo Zixu only felt his head going dizzy and becoming completely blank. His body trembled continuously because of extreme shock, he seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

At this time, Mo Yunfeng had already crawled up from the ground and walked back.

He felt he was beaten without reason, naturally, he came back to have this matter clarified.

“First Elder, don’t know where Yunfeng was wrong? You didn’t even distinguish right from wrong before using such a ruthless hand, you need to have a reason right?” Mo Yunfeng used the calmest tone he had to speak. But he couldn’t cover up the resentfulness and bitterness in his voice.

“Didn’t even distinguish right from wrong?” The rage on First Elder’s face overflowed, “Mo Zixu, you tell him why!”

“Dad?” Mo Yunfeng’s face was full of innocence as he looked at his father. In reality, he really was innocent ah, he really was framed by a certain two-faced Miss.

Mo Zixu used an ice-cold gaze to look at Mo Yunfeng. Eyes were intertwined with emotions like anger, shock and remorse etc. All these emotions mixed together, looking at Mo Yunfeng until a shiver ran down his spine.

“You, this unfilial bastard!” Mo Zixu directly sent a heavy slap towards him.

Mo Yunfeng momentarily wasn’t aware and this slap directly turned him over in place.

“Father!” Mo Yunfeng covered his cheek, and looked at Mo Zixu with rage.

Just a moment ago, he was beaten by First Elder for no reason, now, he was ruthlessly slapped by his father, who exactly did he provoke?

“Look at it yourself!” Mo Zixu directly flung the letter at his head, “Don’t tell me that this letter was not written by you!”

Mo Yunfeng received the letter and immediately scanned it.

He only scanned it quickly and his whole body froze in a flash. His face revealed an incredulous disbelieving expression.

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