DKC – Chapter 1229

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Chapter 1229 – Big operation of excavating a tree (1)

The darkest time before dawn, not a sound could be heard in Central Palace.

At this moment, Central Palace’s disciples were either settled or sunk into deep sleep, it was extremely quiet all around.

Just at this moment, Su Luo began to mobilize.

She didn’t push open the door, nor jump out the window, rather, holding her breath with rapt attention, she enveloped her whole body with spirit power and then silently mouthed a few words: “Transport!”

As a result, our Miss Su Luo, in a flash, disappeared from inside the room.

Her action was neat and tidy, and not a bit sloppy.

Where did Su Luo want to go at this time? In fact, her aim was very simple and also very clear-cut, that was, Central Palace’s forbidden area—— the Divine Spirit Tree.

The Divine Spirit Tree that only bore fruit once a century was about to ripen, how would she possibly look on and let it slip by? Before, she was still at a loss on how to get into Central Palace, the result was good, with Mo Yunfeng cajoling, using both the carrot and the stick, he insisted on dragging them to Central Palace.

Wasn’t this like feeling sleepy and just happened to be given a pillow? It was simply too wonderful. Therefore, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun acted difficult on the surface, but were actually very pleased in their hearts.

The pitiful Mo Yunfeng completely wasn’t aware he had actually invited a nest of thieves, this was called leading the wolf into the house ah.

Regarding Central Palace’s forbidden area, Su Luo originally didn’t know, but Nangong Liuyun knew ah. So, he had already drawn out the entire map of Central Palace and given it to Su Luo. Also, Su Luo’s mind that wouldn’t forget after seeing it once had memorized it long ago by heart.

Su Luo fully used her spirit power and directly went in the direction of the forbidden area.

Because the speed of teleportation was exceptionally fast, she would disappear in place right away, the naked eye simply couldn’t see it clearly. Therefore, on this whole journey, there was actually no one who found any trace of Su Luo.

After she teleported ten times in a row, Su Luo finally steadily stood inside the forbidden area.

After entering the forbidden area, Su Luo clearly felt that the spirit energy here was much richer compared to anywhere else. Moreover, in the rich spirit energy, was still a trace of ‘domineering over the world’ flavor.

Su Luo’s heart moved slightly, this powerful domineering flavor certainly had something to do with the Divine Spirit Tree.

Su Luo’s heart was happy, she relied directly on following this, worldly chaos energy, that was close by. She noiselessly groped about in the dark and walked toward it.

The forbidden area’s gate had strong experts guarding it, especially at this time when the Divine Spirit Fruit was ripening, security was very tight.

But no one had expected a person that could teleport existed ah. They all believed it would be fine to just defend the gate, so there weren’t any protective measures inside the forbidden area. This point greatly helped out our Miss Su.

Su Luo held her breath with rapt attention and quietly walked forwards, displaying the peak of Spirit Dance Steps’ skills. Su Luo, now at the eighth rank, absolutely was like General Lu Meng, that was a model of self-improvement by diligent study. Her current speed was quick as lightning, in the air, only after-images remained. Even if someone saw, they would only think that their eyesight had blurred.

Very quickly, Su Luo, relying on her spirit energy’s sensitivity, arrived in the center of the forbidden area.

Relying on the faint morning light, Su Luo opened her eyes wide, her charming face carrying a thread of astonishment.

This was the Divine Spirit Tree ah……

Su Luo originally thought that this kind of ancient tree that had grown for a millennium, would certainly be a huge monster. That the tree trunk would need at least numerous people to wrap their arms around it, with many luxuriant leaves and the fork of the tree criss-crossed.

In order to dig out the entire tree, she had already done thousands of bitter work in preparation.

But what she saw before her eyes completely overturned her knowledge.

The blazing red-colored tree before her eyes was about seven meters high. The tree’s leaves were the size of an adult palm. On the fiery red-colored branches hung a row of six blazing fruits, these fruits were tottering, as if in the next moment, they would drop down.

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