DKC – Chapter 1227

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Chapter 1227 – Divine spirit fruit (8)

Beichen Ying hesitatingly opened it, and soon afterwards, cried out in surprise: “Wow! This really is it……No way right? When did your Central Palace become so generous?”

Beichen Ying repeatedly shouted with disbelief.

Zi Yan also had an incredulous expression across her face: “This Divine Spirit Fruit isn’t a fake, right?”

Mo Yunfeng proudly raised his chin: “Do you want it or not? If not, then return it to me.” He finally got some of his dignity back.

“Want, why wouldn’t we want it? Even if it is a fake, we’ll still want it.” Beichen Ying had some strongly discerning eyes, with a glance, he knew this Divine Spirit Fruit was real.

Not saying anything further, he directly stuffed it into Su Luo’s hand, “Here, hold it firmly, don’t let Mo Yunfeng snatch it back. This kind of thing, others might not do, but Central Palace might, otherwise, they wouldn’t be so despicable and shameless as to come snatch your blood.”

Having heard what was said, Mo Yunfeng’s complexion immediately darkened: “Beichen Ying, you shut up.”

Beichen Ying coldly raised his eyebrows: “Don’t tell me I said something wrong? You say, which part of what I said was wrong, point it out ah?”

Mo Yunfeng lowered the hand pointing at Beichen Ying in rage. Consider him as being unlucky, how did he provoke Beichen Ying, this fearless person who stepped in for others?

Su Luo didn’t need to check to know this Divine Spirit Fruit was real.

At this moment, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun exchanged a glance, in their eyes, flashed a deep meaning only the two of them understood.

A pity Mo Yunfeng simply didn’t see their exchange, at this moment, his gaze solemnly stared at Su Luo as he seriously explained: “The Divine Spirit Fruit has already been handed over to you. Take it as soon as possible so the injuries on your body will quickly heal.”

Beichen Ying unhappily gave him a push: “This still needs you to explain? Our Luo Luo had lost so much blood, naturally will need to make up for it. Words have been said, stuff has been delivered. Now, you can beat it right?”

Young Master Beichen never treated Mo Yunfeng with good temperament, even though Mo Yunfeng’s strength was one rank higher than him, but our Young Master Beichen’s nature was always that of a fearless young master. No one could deal with him.

Mo Yunfeng originally thought to watch Su Luo eat it, but being urged by Beichen Ying like this, he got angry, directly swung his sleeve and left.

The Divine Spirit Fruit ah, was just given out to an outsider in vain like this, saying he didn’t regret it would be bogus, but once he remembered, the sacrifice of one Divine Spirit Fruit and Central Palace’s whole strength would be promoted a grade…… Mo Yunfeng felt, this transaction was still very much worth it.

After Mo Yunfeng left, Su Luo’s face was full of an enormous smile.

“Take it.” Su Luo, smiling happily, handed the Divine Spirit Fruit over to Nangong Liuyun, and Nangong Liuyun also straightforwardly accepted it.

Beichen Ying looked slightly distracted: “This Divine Spirit Fruit……”

Su Luo saw that he and Zi Yan’s eyes were full of doubts, so she smilingly explained to them: “In fact, before, you guys didn’t look careful enough. In that half a bowl of blood, more than half of it was Nangong’s blood, mine only made up a small portion.”

Beichen Ying was usually clever, being reminded by Su Luo like this, he swiftly realized: “So, they believed that your old injury hadn’t been healed yet, therefore, they delivered the Divine Spirit Fruit over. The goal was to completely cure your injury and then resume the slaughter?”

What ‘resume the slaughter’? It’s not like she was a pig. Su Luo unhappily rolled her eyes at Beichen Ying: “You guessed about right. In fact, I also put a poison in that blood. Also, only the Divine Spirit Fruit can cure this poison.”

“It’s no wonder the other side obediently delivered the Divine Spirit Fruit. So, it turned out there was still such a big reason in that bowl of blood.” Beichen Ying suddenly realized.

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