DKC – Chapter 1225

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Chapter 1225 – Divine spirit fruit (6)

Normally speaking, a poodle would definitely not eat blood, but don’t know what kind of magic this Su Luo’s blood contained, this poodle unexpectedly very happily drank several mouthfuls in a row.

The father and son duo sat in place, staring unblinkingly at this poodle before them.

“Eh.” Mo Yunfeng suddenly cried out in surprise, “Father, you look!”

At this moment, the poodle had rapidly become large, in a speed visible to the naked eye, becoming strong. A faint gap of time, and it even had a touch of imposing inviolable dignity.

This common dog was a house pet ah, not even a magic beast, after drinking this blood, it suddenly transformed!

Ecstasy appeared on Mo Yunfeng’s face: “Honorable Father! This poodle transformed, it actually turned into a first level magic beast!”

This was sufficient proof, that Su Luo’s blood, for cultivators, was very useful.

If Central Palace used this blood reasonably, very quickly, they could use the blood to amass a powerful secret army. At that time, why would they still fear that Central Palace couldn’t become the top figure among the ten huge powers?

The more Mu Yunfeng thought about it, the more excited he got, finally, his eyes shone like moving flames.

Mo Zixu was also very excited, but he maintained an unperturbed expression on his face.

Just when the father and son duo were excited repeatedly, suddenly——

The figure of this lively poodle whose body had become big suddenly stopped, and then, it suddenly violently spurted out a mouthful of blood!

Immediately afterwards, it vomited mouthful after mouthful of blood.

Very quickly, the entire floor was like a river of blood, the strong smell of blood stinging the nose.

The most important thing was, this poodle finally trembled once, and then its body slowly collapsed——

“Not breathing.” Mo Yunfeng stretched his hand toward its nose, at this moment, he already couldn’t feel the slightest trace of breathing from this poodle.

“It died just like this?” Mo Zixu’s words had a faint trace of regret. He thought he could have succeeded, yet it failed at the last moment ah.

“So it turned out what Su Luo said was true. Her blood really is highly toxic!” Mo Yunfeng clenched his fists tightly and his face became grim.

“This blood can strengthen cultivation, let the experiment’s body transform completely, this part is true. As far as the highly toxic……This needs to be carefully research.” Mo Zixu waved his hand to send Mo Yunfeng away quickly, “These several days, you must properly stabilize those several people.”

“Yes, Honorable Father.” Mo Yunfeng accepted the order and left.

How Mo Zixu would research this blood, no one knew, but after several days, Mo Zixu called Mo Yunfeng over.

Seeing the smile on Mo Zixu’s face as if having a great weight lifted off his mind, Mo Yunfeng’s heart was delighted, “Has Honorable Father researched out a way to remove the poison?”

There was a trace of paleness on Mo Zixu’s face, but his mood was nevertheless extremely good. He nodded his head and said: “After discussing with all the elders, we decided to let this MIss Su Luo eat a Divine Spirit Fruit.”

“A Divine Spirit Fruit?” Mo Yunfeng cried out in surprise.

The Divine Spirit Fruit could cure hundreds of poisons, this was a certainty, but the most important thing was that the Divine Spirit Fruit could restore the health of a wounded body. What was most important was, now, the entire Central Palace only had one Divine Spirit Fruit stored ah, such a precious treasure would just so easily be given to that Su Luo to consume?

“The Divine Spirit Fruit Tree can only produce fruits every century, each time, it can only produce six fruits. This year, just so happens to be the year the Divine Spirit Fruit can be picked. After another few days passes, this Divine Spirit Fruit can be plucked, so you need not be so unwilling to part with it.” Mo Zixu faintly smiled.

Unable to be parted with a child couldn’t trap a wolf, such precious blood, if they don’t pay a price, how could they so easily obtain it?

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