DKC – Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028 – Attack from the strong (4)

Was there anything more coincidental than this? Just now, she had kept saying that the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was difficult to find. Now, a Nine-tailed Spirit Fox had just approached her?

Moreover, couldn’t this Nine-tailed Spirit Fox eat other things that were better? It actually dug out the blood she had spit out to eat?

However, even though Su Luo was excited, she also hadn’t lost her senses.

Those words of hers were spoken to the little divine dragon with her mind.

The two people had signed an equal contract and could communicate with each other in their minds.

The little divine dragon, having heard what was said, those two damp eyes of his were suddenly like ignited candle flames, in a flash, they shone.

“Awoo!” The little divine dragon was like a legendary giant bird spreading his wings, with speed quick as light, he suddenly attacked towards the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox!

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was already very cautious, its perception for danger completely stemmed from instinct.

Just at this moment, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s two small claws had clasped a lump of blood, sitting on the ground, chewing it with relish. It raised its head to see a black shadowy thing pouncing towards it.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox immediately used that half lump of blood it was biting on as a weapon and fiercely tossed it towards the little divine dragon!

Afterwards, its palm-sized small body quickly dashed away.

How could the little divine dragon allow it to run away? He hurriedly dashed up while shouting and waving a paw.

As a result, in this world of ice and snow.

There were two shining white small magical beasts, one in front and one behind, one running and one chasing, with speed so quick that it was astonishing.

Both of these small magical beasts’ forte was speed, both were Heaven’s favorite and their innate skill was superior from birth.

Momentarily, it was unexpectedly difficult to decide who was winning.

Su Luo, looking on helplessly at those two small things dashed about, for a moment, she was somewhat speechless.

At present, this wasn’t good.

In this land of snow, the Dragon Scaled Horse had fainted, laying there motionless.

She was tossed out of the carriage, leaning against the carriage as she sat on the ground. She also couldn’t move.

By chance, Su Luo’s position allowed her to see the battle in the sky.

The two sides’ battle was very intense.

Seeing those fast after images of their figure flashing by, Su Luo’s eyes narrowed slightly. Her gaze was fixedly watching, not moving a bit.

Suddenly, a divine light quickly flashed through her mind.

So quick that she couldn’t catch it with several steps.

But this was very important!

Extremely important!

Because seeing those figure’s after images flashing by, Su Luo could faintly understand a bit of the real meaning behind teleportation.

Su Luo forced herself to recollect everything bit by bit.

However, that divine light was like throwing a stone into an ocean, sinking without a trace. She didn’t get the slightest reaction.

Su Luo gloomily slapped her own head.

If she lost this opportunity, don’t know when the next opportunity would be for her to understand it.

The Spirit Dance Steps’ law, she had already cultivated from beginning to the end. Although her speed was a lot quicker, but it still had not reached the teleportation stage.

Just at this moment.

On the snowy vast expanse of whiteness by Su Luo’s side, suddenly, an area of white snow stood upright!

A long sword drilled out ghostlike from the ground, noiselessly slicing towards Su Luo’s throat!

That area of snow was not real snow at all.

Rather, it was a person.

A person that was completely white from his hair to his clothes, to his shoes and socks.

His whole body was white, on top of this area being pure white as snow, it was extremely easy to miss him.

Even Su Luo only realized it after seeing the reflective light from that cold double-edged sword!

This clearly was an assassination after some careful deliberation!

Su Luo’s body had already been seriously injured, after the incident when the Dragon Scaled Horse went mad, her body was even weaker to the extreme——

Confronted with such an ice-cold double-edged sword, how could she avoid it?

At present, she couldn’t even move.

Nangong Liuyun, right now, was in the midst of battling three powerful magical beasts, too occupied to attend to other things.

The little divine dragon had already left in vigorous pursuit of the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, leaving absolutely not a trace behind.

The Variant Acacia hadn’t recovered from its serious injury, the little stone was still unconcious.

What was Su Luo to do right now?

Would she be able to avoid this calamity?

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