DKC – Chapter 1027

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Chapter 1027 – Attack from the strong (3)

Su Luo, who was inside the carriage, was knocked dizzy, swaying eastwards and falling westwards.

The pitiful her had just vomited out a mouthful of blood, she hadn’t even taken a breath yet before she encountered such misfortune.

The Dragon Scaled Horse’s speed was very fast, its four hooves madly rushed about in the snow!

With Su Luo’s body’s current condition, she simply couldn’t steer the Dragon Scaled Horse!

At this moment, she couldn’t even say a word, because when she opened her mouth, it would be another mouthful of blood.

Fortunately, at this critical moment, the little divine dragon dashed out.

The little divine dragon rushed out and slapped one of his claws towards the Dragon Scaled Horse!

The Dragon Scaled Horse’s four hooves that were originally raised immediately paused, afterwards, its whole body softly collapsed onto the snow and laid there motionlessly.

The little divine dragon knew how far to go, so he had merely slapped the mad Dragon Scaled Horse until it fainted. It wasn’t like before when he killed those black-clothed people, one slap and their head would shatter into pieces.

At this moment, Su Luo was finally able to steady her body.

“Cough cough cough–” Su Luo covered her chest and coughed until the sky spun and the ground was obscured.

Just now, there was a split second of time when it was dark before her eyes. The heaven spun and the earth went around, she almost felt like she was on the verge of dying.

This damned broken body, don’t know whether it would ever get better or not.

The little divine dragon saw Su Luo cough out mouthful after mouthful of blood, and he became extremely distressed. His little face tightened into creases and continuously circled around Su Luo.

With great difficulty, Su Luo finally was able to stop her coughing.

She gave a pale, weak smile towards the little divine dragon: “It’s nothing……I won’t die yet……”

The little divine dragon’s pair of big, clear monochrome eyes were misted over with water, standing, his two little paws grabbed Su Luo’s sleeve.

“Awoo awoo–” Very painful, very painful!

“Not painful.” Su Luo shook her head while smiling weakly.

“Awoo awoo–” How could it not be painful!

There was a lot of blood on the ground…… The little divine dragon’s heart ached so much that he nearly cried.

Su Luo shook her head, forcing a smile.

Master had previously explained that in the extreme north, there was a type of Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, although its blood couldn’t revive a dead person, its medical effect was still pretty good.

However, this type of spirit fox’s natural disposition was very crafty, it never roamed about in areas where humans lived.

Moreover, their population was sparse, and their speed was quick as lighting. Even a tenth-ranked expert might not necessarily be able to catch a living Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

And only a living Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s blood was useful, there was no medical effect from a dead one’s blood.

But…… Su Luo raised her eyes to gaze at the boundless snow in the distance, where Nangong Liuyun was still fighting with those three snow lions.

The fight there was so intense, it was even more unlikely that a crafty, cautious Nine-tailed Spirit Fox would appear……

Su Luo shook her head and, with great difficulty, suppressed her rolling qi and blood: “There’s no Nine-tailed Spirit Fox……We haven’t arrived at Xian’s Wood Residence……Maybe it will be over……”

The little divine dragon could understand human language.

These disheartened words of Su Luo’s made him increasingly anxious. His little tail swung back and forth, wishing he could immediately go somewhere to grab a Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

Just at this moment, a very small white fox suddenly appeared before Su Luo.

In a cautious and guarded manner, it quietly approached.

Just now, Su Luo had coughed up a trail of blood, and now, this small fox had actually followed the blood trail, licking clean the bloodstains.

It even swallowed the ice and snow with the blood.

“There really is a fox, this fox is also very bold……” Su Luo weakly sat in the snow, leaning against the carriage’s wall. She looked at this palm-sized small fox, finding joy in her sorrows.

Suddenly, Su Luo felt that this was somewhat strange.

This fox……When it had pushed the snow aside to dig for blood to consume, that tail stuck up really high–

Unexpectedly, it wasn’t one tail!

One tail, two tails, three tails……

“Quick! It’s a Nine-tailed Spirit Fox!” Su Luo was so excited that she almost couldn’t breathe!

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