DKC – Chapter 1016

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Chapter 1016 – Traveling to Xian’s Wood Residence (10)

A young lady stood next to him.

This girl wore a golden silk dress, she was clear as ice and clean as jade, just like a fairy.

She had a pair of sparkling and clear, jade-like eyes. Her skin was like congealed amber, white but penetrated through with a touch of pink. Her smile was fresh and touching, so beautiful that people would be infatuated.

When she saw this young lady, Su Luo’s hands that was holding the porcelain bowl paused slightly.

The Jade Lake’s fairy….

Why would she be here?

Li Yaoyao recognized Nangong Liuyun in one glance, without being called over, she automatically approached close to him on her own.

“Third Senior Brother, such a coincidence to actually encounter you here.”

Li Yaoyao usually had an aloof and cold face, when she saw Nangong Liuyun, it lit up like the fireworks in March, so bright and dazzling.

Nangong Liuyun’s sharp eyebrows knotted coldly.

He did not forget the agreement he had made with Su Luo from before.

Among them, Li Yaoyao was a typical example. Her name was specially pointed out and warned against.

Li Yaoyao’s smiling expression was sweet-tempered and amiable, as if all the previous unpleasantness had vanished completely.

“Third Senior Brother, it smells really delicious, did you personally make this congee?” Li Yaoyao acted as if no one else was present, stepping close to Nangong Liuyun’s side in an intimate and enthusiastic manner. It was as if their relationship was very intimate.

Nangong Liuyun frowned, he carried Su Luo and took a step away from her.

Li Yaoyao’s expression darkened slightly, but very quickly, her fighting spirit was once again ignited.

“Ah, Third Senior Brother, who are you carrying?” A sharp light flashed through Li Yaoyao’s eyes.

It was because Su Luo was bundled up like a small plump bear, and the hat on her head hung very low, nearly blocking her whole face. In addition to the illumination right now being low, so Li Yaoyao momentarily didn’t recognize her.

Nangong Liuyun scanned her with his eyes in annoyance, with a brittle, cold tone, he said straightforwardly: “You’re not welcomed here.”

Li Yaoyao’s body suddenly stiffened for a bit.

She looked like she wanted to sob from being wronged, almost about to cry but did not cry, appearing extremely pitiful.

The man behind her came forward and was about to say something, but was stopped by Li Yaoyao.

Li Yaoyao looked at Nangong Liuyun and forced herself to look happy: “Third Senior Brother, the matter before, Yaoyao was wrong, Yaoyao knows she is wrong…”

Nangong Liuyun’s eyebrows knotted even more deeply.

Because now, that little gal in his arms, precisely that Su Luo, who looked like a small plump bear, had just pinched the meat on Nangong Liuyun’s lean waist.

“Enough, knowing you were wrong is your thing, whether I forgive or not is my thing.” Nangong Liuyun impatiently waved his hand, and turned around, wanting to put the troublesome little gal in his arms back into the tent.

At this time, having heard what he said, Li Yaoyao’s beautiful complexion became increasingly pale, and her body seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

She quickly stepped up to Nangong Liuyun, reaching out to pull him to a stop.

“Third Senior Brother, you, how could you be like this? In which place am I not better when compared to that Su Luo?” Two distinct teardrops rolled down Li Yaoyao’s eyes, “Never mind the rest, at least, I look a hundred times better than her, right? How could it be that you refuse yo even to glance at me?”

However, before her hands could even touch Nangong Liuyun’s robe, one could see him pulled a distance away from her, so she came up empty.

Previously, Third Senior Brother was so close and intimate with her, now, he refused to even look at her. He wouldn’t even let her get close to him?

Once she thought about these changes, Li Yaoyao felt extremely wronged, her eye sockets filling with tears.

“Why?!” Li Yaoyao yelled bitterly in anger, “Third Senior Brother, why did our relationship change to be like this? I’m not reconciled, really not reconciled!”

From when she started to understand stuff, she was determined it would be Third Senior Brother. She had firmly believed he would ride on the Dragon Scaled Horse as the groom to escort her marriage litter.

However, why did it now change to be like this?

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