Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – The Glard Wasteland Battle [7]

「Now then, why don’t I have you answer me now?」

「Well now, what was it again? He’s just the Sacred Sword’s “adept”…was it? There’s no such thing. There ain’t no hero other than “that guy”.」

A deep, deep, dark place.

An abyss that people call a Demonic Cavern. Name of Makai.

A purple mist covered hell where Maryoku so dense that it could be visibly confirmed gushed out as a miasma.

The Demon Castle where the former Demon Lord sat in and where his subordinates knelt in front him was in this place.

A woman possessing blue, long hair that was similar to water flowing in a river, and a woman whose red hair extended out similar to a burning fire.

While both of them had the shapes of people, they had bluish-white skin and golden pupils. ……They were Mazoku.

「It because we know that that he is an adept, isn’t it? And even if you try to change the subject with that, you can’t. ……Why did you return on your own? Even though there weren’t any plans for you to come out from the start, after going because you wanted to, you immediately come back…………What happened? 」

「I just couldn’t get into the mood.」

「It’s pointless to lie to me, you know? Ever since you came back, you, who went to the point of calling upon me, have been in a really good mood, haven’t you. Though I don’t know why you’re trying to cover up for someone, there’s only one person that would make you show such a reaction. ……It’s “him”, isn’t it? 」

The two who were sitting in black chairs, were not in a state that could be called peaceful. Rather, an atmosphere that suggested that they would kill each other at any moment now was being emitted.

「Don’t lay a hand on him! He’s mine! 」

*Gatan* (Clatter). While the crimson haired woman……Agniera stood up making that sound and made her surroundings sway from heat, the blue haired woman scowled.

「Ahh, as I thought. He has been summoned to this world once again, has he? 」

The blue haired woman who understood from Agniera’s attitude laughed with a giggle and readjusted her legs.

「Guh, ……Aquadine!

Bitch, you led me into that! 」

「It’s your fault for getting caught by that, isn’t it?」

In response to the raging Agniera, the woman called Aquadine lightly warded her off similar to how water would.

「I see……He, Yuu Yashiro has come. The preceding hero……No, he’s still the current hero, wasn’t he.」

「Aquadine! If you put a hand on Yuuya, I’ll burn you, got it!? The one that’s going to kill that guy is me! 」

「Though I understand your way of liking him, at least say his name properly.」

Making a sigh that seemed like she was slightly tired of her, Aquadine quietly left her seat and started walking.


「……You can be at ease. I won’t do anything to meddle with him. ……I have my own plans. So long as he doesn’t become an obstacle, I don’t particularly care about the Hero. Do as you like.」

Aquadine, who had the flame axe thrust right before the base of her head, said that with a cool face, removed the flame axe with a finger, and went and left the area.

「………As I like, huh.」

Agniera once again remembered that chance meeting from a few days ago.


Agniera’s chin faced upward. Agniera bent back as if she had just received an uppercut.

Receiving a strong “shock”, while Agniera did have a slight pain, as if it were a time where the world was truly overturned, she took a huge shock.

「Fuu, ……It was only for an instant but, it bought enough time until my revival, huh.」

The head of the man right in front of Agniera that should have exploded, was uninjured. No, that wasn’t the only thing.

「Y, ……you!」

From the interval of the hood being blown away, black hair……and then a recognizable face appeared.

While feeling surprise and delight, Agniera raised her voice.

「Ku, ……Kuhahahah! This is the greatest! The fact that you came back!!」

Brandishing her halberd of flames, Agniera went to slice Yuu while laughing.

While dodging that attack that was fired at god-like speed, Yuu once again made an action of flicking his thumb.

「That won’t work a second time, you know?」

Pulling the halberd with quick movements, Agniera easily blocked the invisible bullet with the halberd’s grip.

「Kuh…For the Invisible Eraser that I worked on mastering from my middle school graduation to my high school entry as well as up to the time of my re-summoning to have no effect……!!」

「As if I’d be stopped by such a cheap trickkkk!!」

As Agniera trampled the ground with her long legs, blowing away the ground, flame pillars spouted up in the area.

「Why you…!」

At Yuu who had taken some distance in order to escape from the randomly appearing flame pillars, the flame clad Agniera closed in.

「Element!? You, are you seriously trying to kill me!?」

「Isn’t that only natural? …How many years do you think “I” have waited? 」

Yuu, who promptly drew the crystal sword and defended against Agniera’s attack, raised his voice in surprise.

Her skin red, her hair flickering like flames, her naked body clad in flames, Agniera skillfully manipulated the two ended halberd, and, to not give Yuu the chance to attack, drove in with continuous attacks.

(Tsk………so I can’t stay “selfish”, huh.)

While only defending against Agniera’s attacks, Yuu, who couldn’t find any means of escape, made a large click of his tongue.

「These three years, I’ve want to kill you, just kill you so badly I just couldn’t stand it!

……If you don’t put in some serious effort, I’ll be troubled.」

The two ended halberd joined into one and became a huge flame axe.


「I don’t know why you aren’t getting serious but……if you aren’t going to get serious, I just have to make you.」

Jumping up high, twisting her body in the air, she showed a throwing stance.

「Get blown away, entirely……『Gehenna Flame』!」

That was a flame that made everything into ashes and dust.

That one attack that could destroy a country in just one attack, was fired in this wasteland.

「…………Good grief, I guess the slow life really was impossible for me, huh.」

Yuu, who made a wry smile mixed together with a sigh, put his hand up in the sky. As if something were there, as if something was coming there, he spread the palm of his hand wide.

「Soul Desire」

The vicinity was enveloped in a dazzling aurora.

St. Lonvaldia Calendar, Year 146.

The ground of the Amatel Second Advent, Glard Wasteland.

This year, it was said that the Glard Wasteland would later continue to be the first point of legend for the huge battle that occurred.

『Glard Wasteland Interception War』

The mixed Demon Lord Army of 300,000 versus the Allied Forces of 100,000 that was comprised of the Luxeria Kingdom as the leader, various countries starting with the continent’s largest military nation Valanshel and the great magic country Leezelion, as well as gathered mercenaries from their respective towns.

Though they were forced into a hard fight by the enemy who started off at first with court rank possessor,

the pair of 『Hero Kaito』 and the 『Azure Sky Knight Leonhart』 made a united front and splendidly crushed the Duke-ranked War Soldier of the Wind Sickle, Wintos.

It heavily overturned the state of the war.

Behind the scenes of the Hero and the holy knight’s efforts, the curtains raised here as well on the legend of the mysterious man who called himself the 『Darkness Executioner』.

Knowing no external characteristics other than him using a two ended sword and him being fully dressed in black clothing, he ran through the battlefield with speed like that of a hurricane, and seeing his figure bury the enemy like a storm, for all of those that were together with him on the battlefield,

『Storm Bringer』

is what they called him.

It is said that at the same time that the Hero and the holy knight defeated Wintos, he crushed the War General of the Rock Hammer Terakio, who was known to have the same rank as Wintos, alone.

Also, in this war, the entry of a Six Blade General that would be the fourth one was also confirmed.

It was the one that the Holy Ulquiorra Faith gave the nickname “Agniera the Convicted”.

However, immediately following her entry, it became her retreat. Nay, it couldn’t be called a retreat.

『Agniera the Convicted』 was defeated by the Preceding Hero, who appeared together with an aurora and was dressed in a white armor.

A great man who had once saved the world. The strongest swordsman that repelled the Demon Lord. It was said that with the entry of the Preceding Hero, Agniera challenged him and retreated without laying a hand or foot on him.

Though he had come running for the sake of Sylvia Loto Sheriotto Leezelion, who he had once shared joys and sorrows with, his true reason cannot be said for sure.

Having lost two pillars of the Six Blade Generals that were the summit of the Demon Lord Army, the court ranked classes synchronized with each other and retreated, and the Demon Lord Army that became only monsters was exterminated by the allied forces.

The allied forces had casualties that surpassed 30,000, but though they were the main ones who suffered casualties, they obtained a victory that was enough to be considered a brilliant achievement.

『An excerpt from Saint Tilialuri and the Black Hero, Chapter of Meetings, Section 7』

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