Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – The Preceding Hero’s Old Wound

「That reminds me, I had something I wanted to ask, Baba-chan.」

「I thought I had told you not to call me Baba-chan………well, it is fine. What is it? The secret to eternal beauty? That of course is unceasing diligence.」

「You’re just stopping your own time. That’s not it, it’s about the Demon Lord.」

When I said that, Baba-chan nodded with an “I see” and changed her posture.

―――Or perhaps I should say rolled over.

「Aren’t your manners a bit too bad?」

「Shut it, you imbecile disciple. Once you get to my age, the pain in the body’s joints makes it a pain to even run or sit –nano jya yo.」

「So the only thing you’re sustaining is your appearance!?」

「Kaka, well, let us put the joke to the side for now. ………I am sure that you have already noticed, but the Demon Lord has not revived. In the first place, if the seal were to have become unfastened, you should have known -jya. The lynchpin that blocks him, is connected to you after all.」

While rolling around, Baba-chan spoke. So in the end she won’t fix it.

「……Why is it that it became that the Demon Lord was repelled once and not sealed? ……And also, why did it become that he appeared again? 」

The Luxeria princess said it, but it’s become that the Demon Lord has appeared again.

「He has not revived. But, the Six Blade Generals that are his direct retainers are doing despicable acts for the Demon Lord’s revival. Those activities have probably been mistaken for the Demon Lord’s revival –jyaro.」

「Then, this time’s war was, the Six Blade General’s judgment?」

「Of course it is –jya rou. ……It is mostly because the Hero was summoned and they want to destroy him. After all, for those guys, he is the sworn enemy that had sealed their master –jya kara na.」

As she said that, while scratching the back of her head with one hand, she began the extremely disappointing behavior of using one leg to scratch the thigh of the other leg.

Although her appearance is a young lady, the inside is a middle-aged woman, going by the way that she acts.

「Therefore, here is the main subject –jya. ………You, participate in the war.」

「Could you please not decide such an important matter in that appearance! And also, what do you mean “therefore”, what the hell.」

The second name meant for lowbrows, “The Eternal Fairy”, would weep, you know, seriously.

「The present day Heroes are very diligent. They have shown growth that makes you want to praise how well they have done without the sacred sword. Well, unlike you, they do not have certain cuteness to them.」

「Wh, what’s with you, suddenly praising me like that…Actually, don’t go calling a man cute.」

「See, as cute as a dumb child.」

「So you were speaking ill of me!? ……So? 」

When I asked while responding with whatever works, Baba-chan suddenly stood up from the bed.

「Their ability is still insufficient –nano jya. They have just begun to master their massive Maryoku, and it would seem that their absorption of combat skills is much faster when compared to you. ……Let me see, they might be able to be on par with you “if you were without the sacred sword”, that would be around where they are at.」

「Without the sacred sword………Hell, that’s enough to be at a monstrous level, isn’t it?」

Having become the bearer of the sacred sword “Alto Vreede”, my body’s structure went under a huge change.

That’s right, it was mostly enough to be able to slaughter monsters.

But, at that degree, you still can’t defeat the Six Blade Generals. To obtain the “Transcendence Class” power that is on par with the Demon Lord, who greatly surpasses the generals, I can’t go without the sacred sword.

In the sacred sword itself, there are various divine protections and unique abilities attached, and one of them is a body strengthening function.

Even in magic, there is a body strengthening magic, but, there is a huge difference in how it raises the abilities.

With the body strengthening with magic, it would be a level where a normal person would be able to break a rock. However, with the strengthening due to the sacred sword, they’d be able to smash a mountain, or split the ocean in two from the shockwave of the swing. It’s at that kind of level.

And then, when I, who is hugely separated from the ordinary person, uses the sacred sword, that is when you could literally say that the strongest power is obtained. …………Well, only to the point of stopping the Demon Lord that is.

Getting back on topic, saying that they’d match me without the sacred sword, they must possess enough power to easily kick about the ordinary monsters.

In the several weeks since coming to this different world, they must have rapidly leveled up.

To be honest, you could say that is the highest level as a human.

「Umu. In particular, Kaito Amagi is amazing, you know?

He is able to use Drago Lore (Dragon Language). Without the sacred sword, even you would not win.」

When Baba-chan walked for a bit, the miko-sans appeared and began working on things like placing a coat on top of her sleep-wear and tying up her long hair.

But, not worrying about that, I yelled.

「Did you just say Drago Lore!? Uwah, seriously!?」

Drago Lore. Just as the name says, it’s the language that dragons use. Having power exist in every single word, magic spun with those words would allow you to wield power like that of a dragon.

The Ancient Dragon that I had a “hard fight” with the sacred sword preferred to use magic and that was pretty much Drago Lore.

It’s strong, but, it boasts an absurd Maryoku consumption rate that a normal person would run out of Maryoku in the “middle of the aria.” Even for Baba-chan who is the highest level sorceress in mankind, to use one Drago Lore, she would need careful preparation and a super high-grade magic formation like the one that was spread out on floor in this room as a backup before she could start to use it.

Pretty Boy-kun’s Maryoku amount was that of 7000 Imperial Court Magicians, wasn’t it?

With that amount, he certainly might be able to use it.

This is………seriously amazing, you know?


「But even with that, they’re only at a level where they squarely compete with a section of the Six Blade Generals, huh.」

If Pretty Boy-kun really can use Drago Lore, he is tremendously strong.

But, even that degree is only able up to a degree to rival the Duke class.

「Umu, if it were only one Duke class, they might be able to do something. ……But, however, if it is against several of them, it would be “bad”.」

The miko-sans having left, Baba-chan began to walk.


「Follow me. You guys too –jya, Tre, and also, the one from the same village.」

Baba-chan did not glance at us and faced a different direction, and we followed her.

「About the continuation of the conversation –jya ga, ……Beyond this, I do not know what will happen –no jya.」


Having left the room, when we went down a pointlessly long staircase and went down a pointlessly vast hall, Baba-chan informed us of such. Somehow, she looked insecure.

「What do you mean? You don’t know what will happen…you say. Baba-chan, you know the future, right? 」

「Umu. Although several blinks ahead is in perfect form as usual –jya ga, in regards to the distant future from now, I have become unable to see it –no jya.」

In the place that became the shadow of the staircase we had just came down from, there was a staircase that went even further underground, and Baba-chan, without showing any hesitant behavior, went down it.

「If I were to say it more accurately, ……I have become unable to see the future that is more that several months from now –no jya.」

While progressing down the staircase that led underground, Baba-chan continued.

「Become unable to see it………Can it be cured?」

「I do not know. It has been a thousand and several hundred years since I had gained understanding of Time Magic, but……this is the first time this has happened –jya. ………Even this war, although I can see the future, I do not hold any positive proof.」

*Kotsu kotsu* (Tap, tap). Continuing down the staircase, only footsteps resounded.

And then, we arrived at the lowest level. What was there was several chains, clinging to the wall, and made the door behind it look un-open able.

It was as if it were saying “It must not be opened, it must not be opened.” Such a……

「Therefore, I will have you fight. ……I also understand that you wish for a peaceful lifestyle. But however, only for the war this time, I will order you as your master. ……I am sorry.」

「What the heck, that sure is commendable coming from you, Baba-chan. Please just act all high and mighty as you usually do.」

As I said that while making a bitter smile, Baba-chan only showed her back.

Those shoulders, were faintly trembling.

「So that others would not know that you were the Hero, we had made something that hid your face. …………However, I had committed, a huge sin –no jya.」

When Baba-chan touched the chains, the chains made a sound and tumbled down.

「This may, terribly torment your heart.」

*Gii* (Creak)…The door opened.

Slowly, it opened very slowly.

「Your old wound, ……This may have been a deed that will gouge the old wound that you had finally recovered from.」

And then, the door having been opened, what was within the door was made known.

「Forgive this worthless master………」

What was there was………――――――――

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