DKC sponsored chapter 123 by Siobhan and 124

Please welcome her Ladyship Siobhan who arrived from the land of fairy and myth. Her ladyship sponsored chapter 123 translated by June, edited by Brian. Chapter 124 is a regular chapter translated by June and proofed by Ninja. Author is still immersed in emotional pathos but this should be the … Continue reading

DKC regular and sponsored chapter 121-122

Chapter 121 is a regular chapter translated by Neverim and proofed by Ninja… Followed by chapter 122 sponsored by Goddess Dewi S.  translated by Neverim and a little by June edited by Brian. The author is trying to milk some emotions from our reader, unfortunately I’m the only one buying it … Continue reading

DKC sponsored chapter 119 and regular 120

Chapter 119 was sponsored by her immortal goddess Dewi S, translated by trauma_kmart and edited by June with Ninja’s help. Regular chapter 120 was translated by TheMuffinMan, Jun and edited by Brian. Okay, I figured I may as well release these two chapters together since he will be unconscious. We will … Continue reading